Snow!? In Missouri!? Who would have thought!?

By | February 7, 2014

In case you all haven’t noticed, we have some snow outside.

February Snow

We had snow dump on us all day Tuesday, probably 10 – 12 inches. Melissa helped me shovel the driveway twice.

Once Tuesday afternoon. Even though it was still snowing, it was helpful to get that first layer of snow off the driveway.

Shoveling Snow 2

Luckily, we have two shovels now. We got the big scoop shovel for Christmas and it has already come in handy.

Snow Shovels

I felt bad that she was helping because shoveling snow seems to fall in the “Husband Chore” category, but she doesn’t seem to mind being out there with me. And it does help to have two people. Especially since we’re already feeling really slow–all our neighbors have snow blowers!

Shoveling Snow

And once Wednesday afternoon, after the snow was over and the sun had come back out.

February Snow 6

Melissa was pretty excited about the little tips of our shrubs sticking out of the snow… although we’re both really hoping they survive the blizzard.

February Snow 5

There’s quite a pile of snow out there again…

February Snow 7


Kind of like last year…


It’s still fun to see our backyard all covered in snow, though.

February Snow 4

This may have an effect on my stance on owning a snow blower. Watching all three of our surrounding neighbors clear their driveways in about 10 minutes has convinced me they work like a charm.

Do you have a snowblower? How do you like it? Or are you like our parents and have a tractor and a blade? How much snow do you have? Who’s ready for spring?

6 thoughts on “Snow!? In Missouri!? Who would have thought!?

  1. Mom

    I love the pictures. The snow is very pretty…as long as I don’t have to shovel or drive in it! You are still young and can do the shoveling now. Wait till you get a little older and then you should buy one.

  2. mom-in-law

    That’s a lot of snow! I’m a fan of the tractor and blade. I like watching Ted blade the driveway….it reminds me of a little boy playing with a Tonka truck in the sandbox. (Ted says it’s not that much fun.) Come on spring!!


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