Thanksgiving Printable Round Up

Nothing like the day before a holiday for some last minute decorating, huh? Wyatt and I both came down with a cold early this week and we’re doing our best to rest up for a holiday weekend, but I wanted to take a quick minute and share the remaining two printables I’m using on my […]

FREE “Bee” Thankful Printable

Earlier this week I posted my free FRIENDS-themed Thanksgiving printable. (Trifle anyone?) If you missed it, go find and print it here. Today I wanted to share something a little more traditional, but not super traditional. I was inspired by all the “Be Thankful” signs I’d seen floating around Pinterest, and wanted to create one […]

FREE–FRIENDS Trifle Thanksgiving Printable

Because it’s soon going to be Thanksgiving, and because we’re friends, and because Wyatt and I are rewatching all the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes in preparation for this wonderful holiday, I created the following Thanksgiving printable for you all: In case you’re in need of a laugh, or haven’t seen this episode (the horror!), here’s the […]

Let There Be Light! (& Celebrations!)

Why are we celebrating you ask? Because THE KITCHEN IS DONE! Sure, we have some decorating and cabinet organization to do, but after Sunday’s light hanging progress, the remodeling is officially D.O.N.E. Hallelujah, right? It only took us 18 months, give or take. That’s not that long is it? Ha! It’s a lot longer than I […]

Up! Up! And Away! – DIY Nursery Mobile

A post about the nursery mobile! Super late, but it still turned out super sweet and it’s worth sharing with you all. I knew I wanted a cloud mobile because I liked the idea of looking up and dreaming about the sky, so I pinned a bunch for inspiration. I found the ones with balloons even […]

Weekend Rewind: “It’s Awesome Outside” Edition

Can you believe it’s November? I can’t. For starters, Will was just born last month, right? And there’s no way Christmas is only 6 weeks away. And hello, it’s awesome outside. This weekend we finally got around to cleaning out the garden for the year. It was sad because I know we didn’t do as […]

Because I Like You…and Christmas – FREEBIE ALERT

PROMOTION HAS ENDED. HOPE YOU GOT YOUR CARDS! I don’t usually post deals and other such things, but because this is so awesome, I had to share with you all. You can get 35 TOTALLY FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS right now from Minted. Here’s how. 1. Register for a new Minted account which will automatically place a $25 credit on […]

Don’t Forget About The Fiverr Freebies

This post is sponsored by Fiverr in partnership with Kasai Media. All opinions are my own.  Remember when I talked about starting the #FiverrHustle business challenge, here? Well, I’m back with an update: it’s time to order your freebies! “But there isn’t anything that’s truly free,” you say. My answer is that if you sign up […]

How to Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

The seats are easy, comparatively speaking. I went over those steps, here. The back is where we found things to get tricky, so I’m going to attempt to break down what we did. The first step is to make sure your fabric, foam, and support strips are cut and arranged. Then, start stapling one layer […]

Table Touch-ups

Sometimes, projects don’t turn out as well as we expected. In the case of the table, it’s a little mix of both because while we are really pleased with how it all turned out, there were some issues that developed over the past two years we’ve used both the table and the pew. See that […]

Weekend Rewind: Finally Fall Edition

Am I the only one who seems to be stuck in summer? I keep writing August as the month every time I have to write the date on something. I’m not sure why…I just can’t believe we’re halfway through October, maybe. Or maybe I feel like our life sort of stopped when Will was born […]

The Dining Room Chairs Are Done—Finally!

Because it’s been a week since I teased about our dining room chairs being done and I still don’t have our last DIY post on that ready (Will and I have been sick all week so not much has been accomplished (other than lots of snuggling and sniffling, and some crying on his part), I […]

Sweet Seats – ReDoing Our Dining Room Chairs

Our dining table chairs are finished! We already discussed the process of fixing up and painting the chairs, in this post, so you can go there to see all the steps up to this point. We finally got to Joann’s to buy fabric and we ended up going with a single option in a neutral color, […]

11 Years Ago…

Lately I’ve been amazed by life. (If mushy-gushy stuff isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this post. However, there are some gems of old photos at the bottom…) How amazing is it that 11 years ago today, sixteen-year-old-Wyatt asked fifteen-year-old-me to be his girlfriend while we were huddled up together on a school […]

Challenge Accepted! Fiverr Campaign

This post is sponsored by Fiverr in partnership with Kasai Media. All opinions are my own.  Since Will was born, I’ve been working less and “mom-ing” a lot more…but now that we’re STARTING to get into a little more of a groove during our days together, I’m thinking about how I can transition from being a “work-at-home […]

Time is Running Out: Goals for 2015

We only have a few months left in our push to tackle all of our 2015 goals…and things are moving much slower now that Will is around. We expected that, though, so I’m hoping we have a little bit of push left in us for the last few bits. 1. Develop a weekly cleaning routine. […]

How We Like It Now: Paint and Painting Edition

Painting stuff is on my mind (CHAIRS!), and since it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about any of this stuff, I thought I’d share a few quick updates on some other items we’ve painted, or painted with, and let you know how we like them now that they’re out of project mode and into the […]

Three Cheers for Painted Chairs!

You guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to say WE PAINTED THE CHAIRS! Cue the parades and confetti, because it has been a LOOOONG time coming, right? So, now I’m going to write 1000 words on the process. Yay….? To back up, we’ve been talking about fixing up these […]

A Few Little Things…

Life has been a little quiet in the progress department lately….I wonder why? However, I do have a few little updates to share, so today I’ve got a quick little post to keep you guys caught up on some little things. First of all, I picked up a cute new rug for our kitchen, from […]

A Chair Challenge

I’d like an opinion, guys. Please weigh in and share your design expertise…or just your novice preferences. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to paint our dining room chairs all white, all yellow, all green, all teal, or a mix of each. Remember our chair project? I’m learning toward something like this, from […]

Oops… September Garden Update

Today, I’m hanging my head and sharing some sad photos of our garden. I’m also sharing some earlier shots from July, which will serve as proof that at some point this summer, our garden did look pretty good, even if it doesn’t look so hot right now. You can compare the two as before and afters…which […]

DIY Miniature Hot Air Balloons

One of the crafty projects I had wanted to complete for Beanie’s nursery was a mobile. We didn’t end up having time to finish this before he was born, but I did get part of the project finished before his arrival (which you can read about here.) However, I didn’t get a chance to get […]

Babies Don’t Keep ~ FREE PRINTABLE

Hi guys, sorry we’ve been totally MIA. We’re soaking up the time and enjoying our little one as much as we can, and he’s keeping us busy, too. Now that Wyatt is back at work, I’m on full time momma duty at home, not to mention I’m starting back to work myself as I try […]

Will’s Birth Story – Part 2

For Part 1 of this story, see this post. We had arrived at the hospital  at 4:30 pm and spent an hour or so getting checked in and set up with the monitors before being admitted. My doctor was out of town, which I knew ahead of time, but was relieved that the on-call doctor was my […]

Will’s Birth Story – Part 1

You guys, it was hard. To be fair, I knew it would be hard. The labor part, that is. I had read the books and articles. I researched. We had taken classes. I knew labor would be hard. And it was. Still, I wasn’t at all prepared for the emotional turmoil I felt in the hours […]

We Finally Have a Living Room Rug

Three cheers for projects and tasks that take way too long to accomplish but still turn out well… Remember all the way back to when we first started talking about adding hardwood floors to our living room and I excitedly bought a used rug off Craigslist in hopes it would work in our living room? […]

New Clipboard Prints – A Fun Roundup of My Summer Favorites!

Another fun little update to share today – new prints for our living room clipboard wall! Since I didn’t design any of these myself, I figured I’d just go ahead and refer to the awesome designers where you can print these yourself for free. I don’t own any rights to these, nor am I going […]

Our Guestroom Makeover on a Budget – Cost Breakdown

It’s been a little bit longer than I’d hoped it would be since I shared our guestroom makeover reveal, here, but I’m finally ready to share the cost breakdown of what we spent on this room for all the projects we completed in that space. I just shared the cost breakdown for our nursery, here, […]

Our Modern, Gender-Neutral Nursery On a Budget – Cost Breakdown

If you missed it, I shared the full reveal of our nursery, here. Now it’s time to share our cost details! One thing that’s always important to us when redoing a room is to focus on keeping costs as low as possible. This time, we were just finishing a huge kitchen renovation, trying to build […]