Sponsored Post – Flipping Out for Flip the Script

This post is #TargetSponsored but the words and opinions are all our own. Psst! Read all the way through for a chance to win a $50 Target giftcard! A couple months ago, we introduced you guys to the idea that Target has a pharmacy. Today, I’m here to talk a little bit more about that. Specifically, I’m […]

Finally Finished…The Basement Fireplace Makeover

Remember back to several, several months ago when I white-washed our living room fireplace? If you are new, or you’ve forgotten, feel free to go back to the link above and revisit it for the steps we took. Well, that same day, I also did the basement fireplace, although I didn’t get around to getting […]

Birthday Rewind: 25th Edition

Last Monday, I celebrated my 25th birthday, guys. I’m officially no longer in my “early-twenties.” Of course, that milestone isn’t especially significant. Many of my close friends are already in their late twenties, or even starting in on their thirties. And, I don’t feel any older, as usual. So really, this birthday wasn’t all that […]

DIwYatt: Installing the Base Cabinets

Even though we’re in what Melissa describes as the never-ending kitchen project, we finally got the flooring removed and the walls painted, so we were ready to move on.  The next step was to start installing the base cabinets that had been sitting in our living room for a month now. To get ready, we pushed everything […]

No Longer In the Weeds

This post is only about not being in literal weeds. We are still in the weeds if you’re using that as an expression to describe our never-ending kitchen remodel or the amount of clutter on my desk. But, to get back on track, this is an example of what our front yard landscaping looked like […]

Three Years Later…

On Wednesday last week, Wyatt and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Since we’ve both been really busy with work lately, we weren’t able to take a trip or anything. So, we just got ourselves semi-fancied up and headed out to a nice dinner. (As a side note, we did a much better job of […]

DIwYatt: Adjusting the Apron Sink Base Before Installation

If you’ve looked at popular kitchens online or in stores, or in Melissa’s language, on Pinterest, you may have seen some apron sinks. This is one of her favorite inspiration pins: We showed you our new stainless steel apron sink a few weeks ago, but since we just started working on cabinet installation this weekend, […]

Weekend Rewind: A Winter’s Tale and Summer Stuff Edition

This weekend, we enjoyed summer. Not only was it beautiful outside, it was also a holiday weekend, so there was plenty of time to spend enjoying that lovely weather. On Friday, Independence Day, we worked on installing the new cabinets which went pretty well, all things considered. We spent the majority of the time working […]

Polar Stars & Stripes

Happy 4th, everyone! I hope you’re taking the day to celebrate our freedom with your friends and family. Wyatt and I are celebrating the way we celebrated our very first year in this house…with remodeling! Since he gets the day off from his real job, it’s like having a bonus work day for us and […]

Cute Kitchen Prints…For Free!

Hi guys, I have a confession to make. I’m impatient about our kitchen remodel. And now that we’re getting over the hump (ready to start the downhill side of things!), I’m even more ready to start thinking about the fun stuff…decorating! (Not that sanding drywall mud over your head for hours while you’re all covered […]

Chiming In (Another Attempt to Keep the Birds Away)

This year, despite an awesome bird barrier house built by Wyatt, we’re having trouble with birds getting to our berries. Somehow, they’re still getting in. (We think by lifting up the netting and walking under–crazy things!) And yes, they ate pretty much all my blueberries again. I’m pretty angry about it. Ugh. The strawberries are […]

Weekend Rewind: Summer Sun and Fun Edition

This weekend, Wyatt and I took a much-needed little getaway and spent some time just goofing off and having fun. And, we crossed one important item off our Summer Bucket List, floating around in a lazy river. (You can barely see the water behind us. I didn’t actually take my phone with us while we […]

Sponsored Post: Accessorizing the Best Wedding Gift

This post is #Sponsored by Target on behalf of their #TargetWedding program, but the words and opinions are all our own.  It’s wedding season again, and that means shopping for wedding gifts! Always a fun challenge, right? This year, Target asked us to create our ultimate wedding gift using some fun items from their registry. […]

No More Floor

In addition to planting flowers, visiting family, and watching soccer this past weekend, we also ripped out the floor in our kitchen. Yup, we’re now down to the subfloor, in the whole kitchen, not just under where the cabinets were. We had to remove the flooring to make room for the new flooring…remember WAY BACK when we […]

Finally, Some Flowers (And the cutest watering can ever)

With all the work in the garden and the kitchen, I hadn’t had much time to spend on planting any flower pots for our deck. Wyatt thinks potted plants are silly (spending money on something we just have to take care of all summer!) so he’s not one for pushing me to get busy on […]

Weekend Rewind: Family Picnic Edition

This weekend, we did something pretty unusual. We went to a family picnic with Wyatt’s family. And if that wasn’t unusual enough (cheap joke–sorry, guys!), the reunion is for the 4000+ living descendants of the Katherine and Henry Meiners family, of which Wyatt is a fifth generation family member. Sheesh.  (I’ve often joked about Wyatt’s […]

How I Helped With The Drywall

I know we’ve already talked about the drywall project several times, but I wanted to make sure you guys understood this wasn’t a one-person project with Wyatt doing all the work. Plus, it’s a huge part of how we’ve been spending every day around here.  I mean, seriously, we’re drywalling an entire room and ceiling […]

I Can’t Stand to Sand…

Okay, I can stand it, because I have to…but I really dislike it. Still, we’ve both been sanding up a storm, a dust storm that is. Warning, it’s a really, really, REALLY dusty project. After getting it all over my face, we decided we should be wearing masks and not breathing all that dust into […]

More Middle-Of-The-Country Map Pins

I finally got around to adding pins from our Kentucky Wedding Roadtrip (watch the video recap, here!). The process is pretty much the same for doing this every trip, but for a recap of how we made this fun interactive piece of art, go back and read this post. First, I gather the supplies needed, and […]

Garden Growing Pains

This year, we’ve already had a few garden issues to try and overcome. After enlarging the entire area and adding a few new beds, we were left with a garden that looked like this: Then, we had an encounter with Yard Bird. For some reason, the three tomato plants we planted a few weeks ago […]

Weekend Update: Yard Bird Edition

This weekend, we had an adventure of the avian variety. On Friday evening, I looked out to the garden and saw large flapping wings inside our bird netting. I was shocked and angry at first, but after we went out there to check it out, we saw it wasn’t a bird trying to steal our […]

Resolutions 2014 – Halfway Point Progress

We’ve officially made it to the middle part of the year, so it’s time for a little accountability update on how we’re doing with our goals for 2014. To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. You can see our first quarter update, here. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. You’ve only heard […]

Mud and Messes

We’re officially in the mudding/messy stage of drywalling the kitchen. Just a warning, this post is long—and overdue. Sorry for being MIA this week. It’s just been a lot of the same over here. I also know not many of you may ever attempt to tackle a renovation job like this on your own, so […]

Duct Work

To take a step backward from the last kitchen update, here, we need to give you on update on a few more “behind the scenes walls” tasks we had to tackle before we could move forward. For starters, we needed to re-route HVAC vent that is coming up through the wall. You can see it […]