By | April 30, 2012

Sometimes, Hubs and I are lazy.

Usually though, we’re pretty busy.

That’s great, because we love being active and visiting family and friends. But, it means we have lots of long weekends away from home, so sleeping in isn’t usually an option. And sometimes, as newlyweds, our night-time snuggle time interrupts would could be sleeping time. Plus, I have to get up at or before 6am for work since I’m driving more than 35 minutes every morning. Yikes.

So, we’re often tired.

And that means I yawn at work.

Hubs can drink coffee to help wake himself up, but I’m caffeine-free now and am in need of a new way to find a pick-me-up after a long week, or a busy weekend.

Advice is appreciated! Let me know what works for you!


One thought on ““Y”awning

  1. john

    Pull a pencil out of the drawer and lay on the floor at your feet. Place one arm on your desk and lay your head on your arm, let the other arm hang limp with fingers pointing at the pencil. Go ahead and fall asleep, when someone enter your office pick the pencil up. Or, put both hand on your desk and lay your head in your hands. Go to sleep, when someone enters you say Amen and raise up.


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