Weekend Update: O’ Canada Edition

By | April 22, 2014

So, last week was an interesting one for us. Wyatt spent the week in Canada!

He has a work trip that required 13 hour shifts in a hospital in London, Ontario, and since he’s such a good little worker bee, he made friends with the nurses he was working with. In fact, they enjoyed working with him so much they gave him some going away/thank you presents!

Wyatt's Canada Treats 2

One of my favorite little gifts was this pair of coffee mugs, in a his and hers Canadian motif.

Wyatt's Canada Mugs

Wyatt also brought me a couple of other little gifts, including some maple syrup from Canada (yum!) and a little chocolate Easter egg that was filled with a little toy…and considered dangerous to children, making it illegal to sell in the U.S. Isn’t it kind of cute/creepy? It’s supposed to predict the weather with the touch of a button…ha!

Wyatt's Canada Treats 2 (2)

He also brought me a shirt from Chicago, where he was stuck for several, several hours when his flight was cancelled on his way to Canada. (FYI, that is why we prefer Southwest over Delta!)

While he was there, I spent a few days with my parents, and I got to cuddle with this cutie:

Lounging Tiger Cat

He was the smallest of the little kittens my parents bottle-fed after their mother died.


His little eyes weren’t open or anything…so so tiny and cute!


Now there are a couple little black and white kittens around, too. And they are adorable! I mean, oh-my-goodness, this little guy makes me want to roll him into a ball and carry him everywhere with me in a tiny little pocket.

Fluffy Kitten

Of course, it was Easter this weekend, and lovely. You can check out Wyatt’s and my Instagram profiles for a few glimpses into what we did this weekend.

Since we were both gone most of last week, we didn’t have a chance to get much done on the kitchen project. Hopefully, we’ll have a good couple of weeks of progress. Although we do have some personal family things we’re dealing with now, so I’m not sure we’ll get as much done as we’d planned. Still, baby steps are good, and we’re happy to accept small progress as we go.

And, little sweet surprises, like maple syrup from Canada and soft, cuddly kittens, make slow progress a little happier. What little sweet surprises have you enjoyed lately? I know some days can seem like sweet surprises are all that get you through!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update: O’ Canada Edition

  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve had those easter eggs with toys before on our England trips – they are fun. I forget what the name is. Those. Kitties. Are. Cute.

  2. Crystal

    Those eggs with the toys are Kinder Eggs..yum! Also, I live in Canada, at least he wasn’t here when all the snow was!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yes! I couldn’t remember the name so thank you!And yes, he was thankful for missing the snow, but did enjoy his trip there. How fun to meet a Canadian reader! Hi!

  3. Lindsay

    Aww, those Canada mugs are cute. 🙂 And the kitten pic is adorable! I always wanted a kitten but my husband is deathly allergic….sooo I guess that’s a no lol

    1. Melissa Post author

      Oh no! I’d be so sad if Hubs was allergic. He doesn’t claim to like cats, but I think we could get him to come around if we ever found the perfect one…and if it could be outside…I’m a not-pets-in-the-house kind of lady.


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