Weekend Rewind: Time to Trim Edition

By | April 14, 2015

This weekend, we worked on trim. In several different ways.

Wyatt was in the garage building and sanding and prepping trim to install above the kitchen cabinets and at the base of the nook area.

I was in the nursery working on painting the trim in the closet white.

Nursery Closet Trim Before

Then, on Monday, my mom came up and helped me paint trim in the guest room in the nursery. And since I did that instead of working yesterday, I’m counting it as part of the weekend.

So, basically, we worked on trim for three days, as interesting as that is.

We don’t need to get into the details too much since I’m sure you guys understand the concept.

However, Wyatt can get into more detail about the process of working on the custom trim, but I don’t pretend that’s within my area of expertise so I’ll let him handle it.

Basically, he followed the same steps as he talked about in this post, measuring all the specific pieces he’d need and prepping to them to be installed together.

Then, I applied two coats of primer.

And after the final coat of cabinet paint, he was ready to install everything.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do that since the ceiling and walls are so uneven. He has to make adjustments using his hand planer and the sander. It’s a slow frustrating process and he’s very thankful to be done with it.

Kitchen Cabinet Trim Installation

Eventually, everything was ready to go and he was able to nail and putty the boards onto the wall.

Kitchen Cabinet Trim Adjustments

The trim in the bedroom was easier, but also frustrating because I was working around the carpet on the floor which is always really awful to do.

Luckily, it’s not going to show that much since it’s on the inside of the closet.

And no matter what, it’s going to be better than where we started from.

Downstairs, I had to prep the room for us to even be able to paint. That meant getting it from looking like this:

Basement Guest Room Messy Before

to looking like this:

Basement Guest Room Prep for Painting

Much better, although I admit the rest of the basement may have suffered in the process. It’s a necessary evil.

And the good news is that the garage sale is coming up soon so hopefully a lot of the junk down there will be going away soon…very soon.

But, wowza, there’s a lot to do before we’re ready for a garage sale. Like clean out the garage. Yikes.

In other news, the garden has officially begun. I went to clean out the asparagus because I looked out there and saw some exciting things happening out there.

Homegrown Asparagus 1

I think the idea that God gives us food and flowers that come back year after year with no effort on our part is pretty wonderful. It’s like a wonderful sign that spring is here and a new season of life is beginning, even if we haven’t had the time to rake the leaves or clean out all the junk from winter.

Returning Tulips

What did you do this weekend?

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