Weekend Rewind – Memorial Day Memories

By | May 31, 2016

This weekend was a breath of fresh air. After a rough week of Will being sick while I struggled to meet work deadlines, I was ready for a little break. Not to mention, it’s been raining for weeks and weeks, which gave me a serious case of spring fever.

We were able to spend time with friends, spend time outside in the garden, spend time playing with Will, spend some quality time with each other. We even grilled out and baked an apple pie.┬áBecause it’s America and it’s now unofficially summer, so why not?

Memorial Day Weekend Will 3

Also, yes, I bought this outfit for Independence Day, (on clearance over the winter from Target), but I’m not sure it will fit him in July, so we broke it out for Memorial Day. And, I’m glad we did.

We did some spray painting for a few projects I’ll be back to talk more about later.

Memorial Day Weekend Spray Painting

And, we spent some time working outside.

Garden Update Memorial Day Weekend Strawberry Towers

Strawberries also mean it’s summer, right?

Garden Update Memorial Day Weekend Strawberries

And, these burgers…Oh man. I don’t honestly know if I’ve ever had a better burger. Wyatt may share his recipe if you ask nicely, but let me just say that the secret ingredient makes all the difference.

Memorial Day Burgers

And let’s not forget the pie. We spent a couple hours on Monday making crust and filling, but it was worth it.

Memorial Day Apple Pie

Hello, delicious summer. May I have some more please?

Memorial Day Apple Pie 2

We also had friends over for tacos and Wyatt got to use the ping pong table in the basement. And, we made some progress planning some future projects we’re going to be starting on soon. Three cheers for productivity and fun, right?

Of course, we didn’t eat like kings the entire weekend, but we did go to the grocery store which meant we had food on hand. And, I don’t mind a good turkey sandwich every now and then. In fact, I actually think they are pretty great. Wyatt certainly likes them. ­čśë

I even got to do some shopping. My clothes have been a big source of frustration lately, so Wyatt has been great about supporting me as I look for some new things that actually fit and that I actually like. Nothing like some honesty in what we’re wearing, right? #momlife #alwayslate

Late for an important date shirt

All in all, I soaked up every moment of this weekend. And honestly, I didn’t even dread waking up this morning because I felt refreshed. Of course, now it’s back to reality and I’m feeling a little rushed and chaotic already, but I’m going to strive for more weekend vibes during the week as we move through the summer. Life’s too short to be stressed and grumpy.

A few times over the past year or so, I have worried a little about the sort of world we’re bringing Will up into. With the crazy politics and scary news stories, the future sometimes seems pretty frightening, and I found myself thanking God multiple times over the weekend for the fact that we’re here, safe at home, enjoying the holiday weekend. It makes me especially grateful for those who have served to give us that security and freedom.

Memorial Day Weekend Will 2

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. How did you spend the opening weekend to summer?

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