Weekend Rewind: Babymoon Edition

By | June 15, 2015

Okay, so this weekend wasn’t really a big vacation like most people classify as babymoons, but we did sneak away for a few days to relax. We spent some time in our home away from home (AKA: Branson) and did a whole lot of nothing.

For those of you not familiar with the term, a “babymoon” is a like a honeymoon, before the baby comes. I think it’s a new term, but probably an older concept. It just makes sense to try and get away and relax a little with your significant other before all the craziness a newborn brings to life, right?

Actually, we did a lot of things, just nothing really that significant.

For one, we went to Silver Dollar City on Friday morning and spent some time at some of our favorite places.

SDC Selfie

We listened to some music and watched the glassblowers and blacksmiths work for awhile. Wyatt has decided he wants to learn both of those trades. Too bad we don’t have the space for either of them at our current house…

We also got to check out their new family/kids area and I was so excited to think that in a couple years, we’ll be bringing Beanie with us on these weekend adventures.

That afternoon, we braved the heat and the sun and went to the water park. I’m thankful I had a maternity suit borrowed from a friend that I can squeeze into, but I did struggle getting comfortable in the tubes. Usually the lazy river is my favorite thing to do and we just spend a couple hours going around in circles there, but this time, we actually did better just chilling out in the wave pool because I could stand up instead of trying to fit my belly through the hole of an inflatable tube and balance my round shape without tipping over. Yikes.

White Water Baby belly

Still, we enjoyed a lot of laughs that afternoon and honestly, it just felt good to spend some time together without our phones and just having the kind of silly fun we used to have when we were dating and not distracted by jobs, house projects, and technology.

Plus, I was a fan of the water. It felt good to feel lighter without all that gravity weighing on me as my body isn’t used to this extra weight. We didn’t stay long, but enough to get a little sunshine.

white water selfie

As for the rest of the weekend, I did some reading and got in a few HGTV shows (we don’t have cable at home so that feels a little like a vacation sometimes in itself!). Wyatt managed to catch several random movies on TV, a luxury because I usually don’t like to watch those with him.

We also got a little dressed up and had a fancy meal out at a nice steakhouse, which is always a favorite special vacation treat of mine. We didn’t take any photos of the food because it was a classy place and we were enjoying the moment. Plus, it felt a little cheesy to try and sneak a picture with my phone juts for the blog, but just trust me that it was delicious. Wyatt had the filet mignon with blue cheese on top and from the bite he shared with me, it was amazing. I had to order something more well done for Beanie’s sake so I got steak sauteed in a peppercorn sauce with fried spinach, onions, and artichokes. It was also fabulous.

We passed on the expensive desserts, though, and had ice cream on the couch later that night.

Then, after we drove home on Sunday night, we got some free pizza for dinner (thanks, Dominos for the promo code) and chilled on the couch at home. Basically, it was just a good weekend of relaxing with no home projects, no work, and no distractions…just us, doing whatever we wanted.

pizza after vacation

I have to admit I was a little sad when the weekend ended because it meant we had to go back to reality. I’m busy trying to finish up a bunch of work projects before I start my “maternity leave” in a few weeks. We also have to get back on the guest room and nursery projects so we can get those finished up. Not to mention we have some classes to attend, showers to celebrate Beanie with friends and family, and a whole bunch of other arrangements and plans filling the next four weeks or so until Beanie is scheduled to make his or her entrance into the world.

But, we have a lot of busy, wonderful joy-filled days ahead of us, both before and after that day, whenever it may be, so I’m ready for reality, even if it means saying goodbye to our little mini vacation.

How did you spend your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind: Babymoon Edition

  1. mrsecarver

    Wyatt: I realize it would be a bit of a drive and with a baby coming soon the visits might be few and far between to start out, but Matt would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do blacksmithing with you. He’d also probably love to do glassblowing. We don’t have materials or the right kind of kiln (is that what you would call it ?) right now, so that might be a future thing, but Matt and I were just talking this weekend on our own short vacation to the RenFest that he really wants someone to be able to come do projects with him. His grandma has a small forge outside her house in a shed/garage, plus I bet at our new house there will be room to work on other projects! You guys should plan a weekend visit sometime in the future. Even if it has to be a while after the baby is born, Melissa could come down and hang out with me while you guys work, and then we could take you out to dinner/bring home dinner to have and visit with the baby!

    1. Melissa Post author

      I bet Wyatt would take him up on this. He needs some lessons though, as he’s never done it before. 🙂


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