Valentine Rewind: Candle Culprit Edition

By | February 15, 2013

If you follow us on twitter or instagram (or ever give a glance to the fun stuff over in the right hand side of the page), you may already have seen how we celebrated Valentine’s Day, at least during the first part of the night.

This is what Hubs’ present looked like:

honda shirt

Gotta represent the high-mileage Hondas! Only a few more thousand until we hit 300,000!

And my present:


I just love John and Sherry, and can’t wait to dive into their awesome book!


Or perhaps these heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes were really my present?


I wish I could have those every night.

Although, then my bum might turn into a heart shaped pancake…which isn’t pleasant for anyone.

Of course, even if you did already know about the presents and the pancakes, you haven’t heard about the Mess.

We had a little bit of a mishap, which we didn’t catch fully on camera because well, we were busy cleaning it up.

Long story short, we spent about an hour cleaning up red wax from our carpet because Hubs had a little problem blowing out the candle.

It turned out pretty well, considering when I stepped out of the bathroom, it looked like he had been shot (red wax splashed all over his belly, the floor, the bed…and no, he wasn’t burned. I asked that so many times last night, he started to get annoyed at me…) and now there are just a few slightly pink stains on the carpet, if you look really closely…


I kept saying it wasn’t a huge deal, considering we eventually want to replace the carpet anyway, but Hubs was still pretty mad.

(Hence, no “before” picture.)

But we’ve done a pretty good job cleaning it up! Can you spot the pink spots?


You can certainly see the mess we made while cleaning…



And of course, the candle culprit himself, now halfway gone compared to his brother, the brown candle (which of course wasn’t the one that was spilled…of course…) since it was splattered all over everything:


I’m proud of us for not letting this little giant mess ruin our Valentine’s Day, and since it was home related, in the spirit of being honest, and since he approved, we’re sharing our little mishap with all of you.

Now it’s your turn, though. I’ll bet some of you have great date-night mishaps you could share, right? I know some of you must have spilled wax, spilled wine, or spilled spaghetti…now spill the beans!

You can also share any tips for getting wax out of carpet (or quilts–sorry, mother-in-law!). We’ve used the iron/paper towel method a lot, which was super helpful, and regular carpet cleaner and laundry Oxi Clean spray…any other suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Valentine Rewind: Candle Culprit Edition

  1. Lauren

    Hey, Melissa! I was telling your husband today that I accidentally knocked over our cinnamon wax warmer on our hallway carpet after the ugly sweater Christmas party. I didn’t realize how bad it was until the next morning when I saw the dried red wax all over our carpet. At first, I tried to scrub it out with a bristle brush. (I know–pretty dumb. But I was totally flustered and that was the only thing I could think of at the time.) When I saw that it was unraveling our carpet, I started googling some alternatives. I did the papertowel and iron trick and it pretty much got all of the wax out. Luckily, our carpet is a tan and cream mixed together so you can’t even notice. Darn candles: if they didn’t look so pretty and smell so good I wouldn’t own the stinkin’ things!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Thanks for the emotional support! The iron trick worked pretty well, and I guess I can always keep working on it if it bothers me, but I think it will be awhile before Wyatt’s ready to ever light a candle again….
      Next time, we’ll try to spill it on the wood floor! Or not spill it at all?


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