The Dining Room Chairs Are Done—Finally!

By | October 17, 2015

Because it’s been a week since I teased about our dining room chairs being done and I still don’t have our last DIY post on that ready (Will and I have been sick all week so not much has been accomplished (other than lots of snuggling and sniffling, and some crying on his part), I figured I should go ahead and just share the photos of our finished chairs.

Because they are awesome, and you are awesome for reading, and thus, you deserve some pretty pictures of some awesome chairs.

Right now, we have three white ones on the long side of the table with the two blue captains chairs on the end.

Finished Dining Room Chairs

The blue ones are my favorites, even though they were the hardest to finish. That’s the detailed post we’re still working on writing.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 3

I think the fabric we chose ended up being perfect. It’s light, subtle, but also a little fun. And pretty without being overly “floral” or ultra feminine.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 4

Of course, if we want a little more color around the table, we can use the green chairs.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 5

Or a mixture of white and green. We could even use just white and green, or all white, without the blue ones.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 6

We can fit four chairs on that side if we were having a really big dinner, which means we could do four white chairs, or two white and two green.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 8

Can you tell I like the combination of chairs and all the options we have? As a reminder, this is what it looked like before we did the chairs, and the entire kitchen. Ugh, remember those orange floors? Yikes. And my style has evolved a lot since the pale yellow walls…

This room has come a long way.

Finished Table

Going back ever farther, it looked like this when we bought the place. Still nice, but I like it better now.

house8Finished Dining Room Chairs

To say I’m pleased with this project is an understatement, for sure. It’s one thing to have them finished and around the table where we can use them, which is great. But, it’s also great to have them out of the garage.

Wyatt is especially pleased with that part, even though he hasn’t a fan of this project. (He likes the finished result, though.) I don’t think either of us could have taken another winter of trying to squeeze both cars in there before a snow storm and having to stack chairs up in the freezing cold.

Finished Dining Room Chairs 2

Now, imagine three pendent lights over the table and some sort of big art of the wall, and then this room will be done. If I squint my eyes, I can see it, sort of.

Can you? If you can see it, what does the art look like? I’m still drawing a big blank there…

UPDATE: Here is the tutorial on the chairs, and how we reupholstered them, here. And, click here for the lighting we choose for over the table…and here for our giant (cheap!) art installation on that wall! Woohoo for a finished room!


7 thoughts on “The Dining Room Chairs Are Done—Finally!

  1. grandma donita

    Saw them in person today and I will say that they look great. You guys did a great job, and i love the fabric choice. Very classy while still fun.

  2. 4elizabeth

    Love them and all the different options you have! We’ve been painting, too – our kitchen cabinets are going white! Can’t wait to share some pics with you once we get a chance.


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