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Some Unfinished Updates

This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  While in the middle of this basement renovation, we actually ended up with a few other small projects also in progress. To be […]

Bedroom Style Shopping with Kirkland’s

A few weeks ago, Kirkland’s reached out to us to see if we wanted to do some style “window shopping.” Because I like to shop, and because I’ve been feeling totally stuck on finishing off our master bedroom, I was excited to spend a few minutes browsing their website for ideas. I wanted something that […]

Our Modern, Gender-Neutral Nursery On a Budget – Cost Breakdown

If you missed it, I shared the full reveal of our nursery, here. Now it’s time to share our cost details! One thing that’s always important to us when redoing a room is to focus on keeping costs as low as possible. This time, we were just finishing a huge kitchen renovation, trying to build […]

Beanie’s Nursery – Reveal Post

I think we’ve now shared all the projects we completed for the nursery…at least the ones we completed before Beanie’s arrival. So, that means it’s time for a full reveal post full of photos! If you remember, we started from here: Of course, before that, it looked like this: And don’t forget the purple and […]

A Sweet Shelf (And a spot for diapers)

One of the last projects we did in the nursery was to install a shelf above the dresser for a little more storage and place to sit a few little decor pieces. Other than the book ledges, which are just for books, I didn’t have anywhere to sit things, other than the floor or the […]

Wonderful Walls + Free “Hello Sunshine” Nursery Printable

I finally got around to adding artwork to the walls in the nursery. I have to say, I wasn’t sure that would happen before Beanie arrives, but three cheers for a few final pushes, right? Over the crib, I wanted to create a little gallery of some of my favorite prints. Some, I had been […]

Creating a Cozy Sleep Space with Curtains

If there’s one thing I know about babies (it’s frightening how much I don’t know…really), it’s that they need to sleep. A lot. They also need to eat, and have their diapers changed. And when those things don’t happen, they tend to cry about it. So, creating a cozy place to do that is one […]

The Guest Room is Ready – Reveal Post (For Now)

I already shared a little this week about our guest room when I talked about making that space welcoming for friends and family. So, I figured I might as well go ahead and do a “reveal” post for that room. It’s not really done since we still have some furniture tweaks we’d like to make […]


I’ve talked about making our home welcoming for guests a few times. I know I specifically mentioned it in a post about our bathroom awhile back. You can read that here, if you’d like a refresher. With the basement guestroom, I’ve been focused on little ways to continue that idea. I want our home to […]

Putting Up The Puffs (LED Lights for the Guest Room)

Not sure if you guys have heard of these “puff” lights, but I hadn’t until a couple weeks ago when a friend at church installed one in her new office. I laughed a little when I first heard the term puff light at first because I was picturing this: In reality, the one we installed […]

Lights for Late Nights

This weekend, we tackled another pretty big project in the nursery, switching out the lighting fixtures. If you’ll remember, this is what was in there before, the basic builder shade that we had in all the rooms upstairs: Not so exciting. Or very bright. So, we knew we wanted to switch it out. One of […]

Our Guestroom Headboard Reveal

Ok, we’ve been teasing long enough, it’s time to show you our handiwork in transforming our guest room from something that was basically just a storage area for hand-me-down furniture, to a room I considered sleeping in myself the first night it was finished. For a refresher on how we built and upholstered the headboard […]

Treats and Tricks: The Guestroom Window Update

One more post about guest room updates before the big bed reveal..this time to talk about the window treatments we went with for this room. For starters, we put the window blinds back up. We were fortunate enough that all the windows in our house came with these nice, faux wood white blinds when we […]

DIY (Nearly Free) Upholstered Headboard Using an Old Hollow-Core Door

For the basement guestroom, I was really hoping for a nice upholstered headboard to add some texture, color, and “fancy” to the room. But, I wasn’t willing to spend big bucks on one. We are using two twin beds down there, pushed together to make one big king bed (or pulled apart for any non-couple […]

Hanging Up The Headboard: DIY Wooden Cleat

Now that we had the headboard made, it was time to figure out how to hang it on the wall. Go back and read this post for ow we built and upholstered this giant headboard for only $25. We considered several options for this, including building legs for the headboard and attaching them to the […]

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is? … Trim Time!

(In case you didn’t get it, you’re supposed to say the title above in the voice from Tool Time on Home Improvement.) I just have to say, again, how much white woodwork makes a difference. As a refresher, here’s the room before we painted the windows and trim (thanks for the help, mom!) And after […]

Sweet Storage for Sweet Stuff – Beanie’s Dresser and Closet Remake

Now that we have the room all painted, we’re starting to move into the nursery, which is a pretty fun process. One of the first things we needed was a dresser. We’re planning to use a dresser for storage (The closet is small.) and as a changing table. (The room is small, too.) I actually […]

Starting Fresh for Beanie’s Bedroom

When we last left off talking about Beanie’s nursery project, the room looked like this: We finally finished scraping the popcorn off the ceiling, then remudding, sanding, and painting it. The ceiling in there feels so fresh and new. And now, thanks to a few nights of painting, the walls, do too! We made sure […]

Beginning Beanie’s Nursery – Mood Board and Plans

I tend to be a little scatterbrained when it comes to decorating and projects around our house. Being pregnant and semi-overwhelmed about all we want to accomplish between now and then doesn’t help. So, even though I’ve been pulling ideas and thoughts together on what Beanie’s nursery should look and feel like since WAY before […]

Making a Makeshift Guest Room…Again

We have big plans, you all. Big plans. Big plans for before the baby comes. But, until we start to make some progress on said plans, I’m not sure they’ll get done before the baby gets here. I think we just need momentum. Right now, our momentum is pulling us toward the couch at the […]

Cute Fruit, Clean Teddies, and Other Garage Sale Finds/Fix-ups

I realized I forgot to tell you guys about a couple little projects I’ve done over the last couple of weeks, and since it’s Friday and we have a busy, busy weekend ahead of us, I figured now was as good a time as any to share some small progress. After all, I’m feeling the pressure […]

In Case You May Have Noticed…

This week has been all about realizing I’d forgotten to tell you guys about a particular step we took in the kitchen project. First, I filled you in on all the little-shown but big-time spent projects Wyatt’s had to tackle in the kitchen. Things like wiring and plumbing. I also realized that if you were […]

Heads Up! (A Brief Interruption From Kitchen Progress to Score a Sweet Deal)

As promised in yesterday’s post about our cardboard kitchen cabinets, today is a totally non-related-to-the-kitchen post. For this post, we’re jumping all the way from one end of our house to the other–our bedroom! Yup, we bought a headboard this week. It was totally unexpected and totally awesome. To back up and tell the whole […]

A New (Old) Frame for a New (Old) Map

I think I mentioned one of our favorite Christmas gifts several months ago. It’s an old topographical map from our little suburb area from Wyatt’s brother, and we really liked it. It came rolled up, but it has also been folded several times, so there are a lot of wrinkles and creases. Plus, since it’s […]

Where Our Other Chalkboard’s Been

As we go through the process of slowly upgrading a lot of hand-me-down pieces of furniture and freebie artwork, it seems like we’re constantly changing things in and out. All of this switching in and out leaves us with pieces that are in transition. Sometimes, those things get taken down to the basement for storage […]

A Bird in the Dish…

Like I mentioned in Friday’s post, Hubs and I did a little shopping over the Christmas sale season. As part of that, we found this adorable dish at a candle shop in Silver Dollar City. Now, while I’m not sure why it was marked down on Christmas clearance (it isn’t red or green) or why […]

Robot Invasion

Let me be the first to say that I’m not the most girly-girly a girl could be, but that I’m also definitely not all that tom-boyish in my design taste. I generally like classic looks, with eclectic, fun, funky, and sometimes feminine touches. We both like antiques and pieces with a lot of character. That […]

Great Drapes!

Sorry for the absence, guys. It’s been a crazy week. For one thing, I’ve been sick. For another thing, I almost crashed our blog on Wednesday night while trying to make some style changes. We’re still in the process of getting over both, but I have been well enough to finally turn my attention to […]

No Quilt Guilt!

For those of you that are loyal readers, you know that before we found our new Target bedding, which we talked about on Friday in this post, we were using a lovely quilt that was made by and given to us by Wyatt’s mom. Basically, she’s awesome and makes these super intricate, super awesome quilts. […]

Right on Target: A Bedroom for Both of Us

This post is sponsored by Target, but the opinions are all our own.  Today is an exciting day because we finally made more progress on our master bedroom! Target reached out to Hubs and I to talk a little bit about their #TargetWedding Registry program this year. The theme is Be Yourself, Together, which I think […]