Sweet Little Seeds

By | May 7, 2014

I showed you my seed starting project just yesterday, but I’ll admit the planting actually took place several days before that.

Garden 14 seeds planted

Several days meaning… this are what those little seeds look like now.

Seedlings 2014

And, in fact, I’m in hopes of getting these little sprouts into the garden later on this week, or maybe this weekend…depending on how the next couple days of growth go. Just look at those beans already leafing out.

Seedlings 2014 2

In the meantime, I’m pleased with how things have started out…even though I was equally excited last year before every little seedling died.

After all, these look like pretty happy little seedlings, right?

Seedlings 2014 4

Even the corn has sprouted. We’ll see if it actually grows!

Seedlings 2014 3

Also, in the category of garden updates, the strawberries are doing pretty well… but I’ll probably be planting more this year because not all of them came back…

Strawberry plants 2014

And to be honest, I’m showing you the other side of that bed…can you tell I’m waiting to weed until we’re ready to plant? yikes.

Weedy Garden bed 2014

In other news, the blueberries are full of little blooms that I’m hoping turn into berries.

Blueberry blooms 2014

The raspberries didn’t come back like I wanted them to, but there is a nice start at the bottom…still, I’m not optimistic we’ll have berries this year. Bummer.

Raspberry sprout 2014

Oh, and the rest of the things we planted last year are also doing okay. For the most part.

The holly is alive (yay!).

Holly bush 2014

And both burning bushes are going a mile a minute at this point. Please excuse the weeds. We are aware we have a problem…we just haven’t taken any steps to fix it yet.

Burning bush 2014

On the front, most things have come up…

Front landscaping spring 2014

But we did lose a few…

Dead Nandina

(That photo should be subtitled, “Where’s Waldo, the Nandina?”)

And yes, I know we need to add some mulch. That’s normal. It’s also normal we are behind on doing it. No worries, we’re all focused on other things right now so the mulch is just having to chill out there until we get to it.

So,┬áthat brings us back around to the seeds, which I’m crossing my fingers and wishing on all the lucky stars out there that they’ll make it to the garden…because sadly, they also will just need to chill out until we get out there to get them in the garden…

Seedlings 2014

What have you planted already for the year? Flowers? How early do you commit to the summer season and set your little plant babies outside?

6 thoughts on “Sweet Little Seeds

  1. gillian @ Row House Reno

    wow, you have such a great variety of plants (and fruits) – I’m so jealous of all your berries! Our yard is so small so we are limited in quantity. So far all we’ve done is re-seed the lawn and transplant some chives from my parent’s garden. We had basil outside last year but an animal ate it so I’m a bit scared to risk any seedlings…. dreaming of tomatoes and peppers… one day!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Yea, we tried a whole bunch of different seeds. Fingers crossed they all live! You should check into container gardening. Even things like peppers and tomatoes can be grown in large flower pots…and work just fine in small spaces. Good luck!

  2. donita

    Blueberries are really looking good. I am sure the rest will come together soon.


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