Sitting, Still (with more moo-lah in our pockets)

By | January 21, 2013

So, remember how I fessed up about the chair situation in our basement? And how I said all those chairs were going to eventually have a home somewhere else in our house when the time came?

Well, you can add one table for eight to the waiting list.

Yup, we added eight, (two boxes of 4, so count them, 8) chairs to the chair room over the weekend.

Crazy? Maybe.

Crazy good deal?


See, we’ve been popping into World Market every now and then to look at various things and we’ve had our eyes on these wooden folding patio chairs for awhile now. Originally $25 a piece, they were recently marked down to $12.50 as part of the “All Furniture is up to 50% off sale they have going on right now.

That’s a pretty good deal for the majority (and hardest to DIY) portion of an outdoor patio furniture set. (Why is that stuff so expensive?!)

But then, I signed up for the Member’s Club and they started sending me emails with deals and stuff. This was annoying until one containing a coupon for an ADDITIONAL 15% off floated into my inbox last week.

“Oh, hello gorgeous.”

So I printed that bad boy out and we headed over to the store this weekend with our eyes on the prize. Then, two boxes, eight chairs, and a total savings of $114.96 (and a total cost of only $84.96–love that savings!!), we became the proud owners of these beauties:

Of course, since it’s still winter, and very cold out, we won’t be breaking these babies out for a party on the patio anytime soon. Plus, even if it did get warm soon, like tomorrow, we wouldn’t be able to serve a meal to anyone sitting on these chairs because we don’t have a table for them to sit at.

We’re not sure yet if we’re in the market for a big table or if Hubs will be building that as well. (He’s already started on the one for the kitchen eating area.) I guess we’ll just see want we find/decide what we want.

I’d love to have something like this zinc-topped version from Pottery Barn, but at $1500 for just the table, I think you all understand that just isn’t going to happen.

Alternate View

Until we do get a table, though, I’m just going to let these guys get acquainted to all their new distant cousins in the chair room.

I even let this little guy wander out to the big room to gaze longingly out at the patio, dreaming of a warmer day.

Oh wait, maybe that was me.

Anyway, we’re already getting ready for some summer fun in the sun to enjoy this great back yard we have. Any of you already making plans/preparations for spring and summer? Spill the beans!

Oh, and if you want to meet more of the chairs that are currently chilling in our basement waiting for their day in the sun, check out this post. 

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