Our Story

We’re newlyweds. Well, almost. Not really anymore, I guess. But we’re two kids/grown-ups who do a lot of living, and loving, in this house.

We met when we were very young and Wyatt asked me to be his girlfriend when I was fifteen and he was sixteen during a school trip to an amusement park in Kansas City. That was day 1. He asked me to be his wife on day 2,211, and we walked down the aisle on day 2,464. That was July 9, 2011.

On day 3,934, our son was born, and he took over our hearts and our home in a big way!

Now, we’re counting up to day 20,747.

A few months before our first wedding anniversary, we bought a house. A house we loved both for the huge yard and the potential for our own version of perfection that we saw the moment we walked in the front door. A house we immediately set out to making changes and updates to. A house we now live, love, and WORK in almost everyday.

We love to laugh, we love each other, and we love this life together, so we’ve got that going for us. We also take our marriage seriously, in that we are committed to living out the vows and promises we gave each other that day. So, you’ll see us struggle together, snuggle together, and build our family in this little place we now call home.

You’ll also see us build, paint, sand, stain and shape this house into our very own DIY dream home. See, not only are we into the do-it-yourself version of home improvements because it’s friendlier on our bank account, we’re also the type that just love to get in there and get our hands dirty, literally, making something exactly the way we want it.

Anyway, if you want more of the story that led us to where we are now, read this post. And if you want more of the story of where we’re heading in the future and how we’ll turn this builder-basic house into our home sweet home, keep visiting, subscribe, and make yourself at home here with us!

That’s what we’re doing after all.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Our Story

    1. Melissashipman Post author

      Ha! Good! I was going to email you today to check it out! Thanks for creeping! It’s getting better slowly!

  1. Esti Swart Le Roux

    Greetings from South Africa!
    Love your story – especially the bit about your marriage. It is the second important relationship of your life (after God) so it is so important to treat it as sacred and nurture it.
    I’m also newlywed (1 year!) and we recently bought and renovated a house so I can relate!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Hi! Thanks for the lovely comment on our marriage. We agree that it is so important to make our relationship a priority, so we try to do that every day. Congrats on your marriage! The one year mark is so fun!


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