Mirror, Mirror…on the stove…

By | June 19, 2013

On Friday, I received a special delivery from our local FedEx man.

Nambe Skillet package

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should back up a bit and explain.

I like to enter contests. In fact, I usually enter several a day, in some form or fashion. I love to enter contests that aren’t based on random drawings though, because I feel like it gives me a bit more chance of winning.

So, awhile back I saw a post on Facebook from a company I follow (probably because of a blog giveaway or something). They were having a contest to tell who in your family embodied cooking and tradition, in 100 words or less.

I put a few minutes of thought into my entry and came up with a few words about my Grandma and eggs. For some reason I always associate eggs with her cooking (in addition to other things like pie and salmon loaf and asparagus casserole and strawberry shortcake and sweet dill pickles), for a few specific memories especially, one in which I rated her eggs as being secondary (after my other grandma’s) and she put up quite a protest since she didn’t know she was being judged.

Long story short, I was a finalist and received this awesome skillet! Hence the package at our door:

Nambe SkilletIsn’t it sweet?

Nambe SkilletIt’s a Nambe Gourmet CookServ piece, and it’s valued at $200! Wowza! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that having good writing skills won’t ever pay off!

Nambe Skillet 3

It has these “basting nubs” that are supposed to keep the food nice and moist and yummy.

Nambe Skillet 4

I think it’s beautiful and lovely and I’m excited to cook with it soon.

Nambe Skillet 2

Have you won anything recently? What about cooked anything yummy? Feel free to share a recipe of something I can make in my new skillet!

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