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I’ve talked about making our home welcoming for guests a few times. I know I specifically mentioned it in a post about our bathroom awhile back. You can read that here, if you’d like a refresher.

Bathroom Toiletries

With the basement guestroom, I’ve been focused on little ways to continue that idea. I want our home to be welcoming and cozy for whoever stays here.

This time, I created a little basket of goodies and some other fun little items like a vintage Chinese checker game board.

Guest Room Dresser Welcome Kit and Games

Not only is this a nice touch for anytime, I think it will be especially helpful if we have guests in the coming weeks after Beanie has arrived because I may be sleeping or nursing most of the day and not able to talk to or entertain friends or family all the time. This is just a nice way of letting them escape to their room for awhile while I rest. They can have a snack or flip through a book or magazine without me having to remember to offer those items. Sort of a lazy hostess trick, I guess.

You could choose any items, but I went with a selection of magazines, books, snacks, toiletries, and other helpful items, like a pen and paper and gum.

(Also, just noticed the Women’s Health magazine teasing a headline that has something to do with “Your sexiest summer ever” or something like that. I promise, it’s about health & fitness, not some sort of weird relationship advice I’m trying to pass on to our friends and family!)

Guest Room Dresser Welcome Kit Wifi Print

You’ll also notice the wifi print. It will be nice to have that written down and handy for anyone who needs it while staying here. (Good news, you can print your own for free, below!)

One of the things I also wanted to be sure and include was a little information about some fun ideas for things to do around our area. We don’t have a lot of visitors that are coming to stay for multiple days at a time but I just think it’s fun to celebrate the things that make our community great and offer to let guests explore those areas, too.

So, I have been saving a few little booklets and guides from various places. We get a Blue Springs magazine and I picked up a few of the other items online or in various public places (local public offices, etc.). Then, I just gathered them into a folder and placed it on the chest of drawers for guests to look through when they stay. And, I made a fun little printable and sat it there.

Guest Room Dresser Welcome Info Go Explore Print

Feel free to download the following prints for your personal use if you want to create your own little welcome kit. There are three color choices in case you don’t like my original one. Just right click on the image and select “save image as” to save and then print at your own leisure (as long as you don’t sell it to others!) This is a full page print so it can either fit in a document frame or be trimmed to fit in an 8″ x 10″ size frame.

wife password printable 2 wifi password printable 3 wifi password printable

Of course, you’ll have to add your own text for the name and password info, but you should be able to just own this image in whatever program you’d like (even Word or Paint would work!) and then add a text box over the top of it.

Or, if you’d like, I’d be happy to create a custom color combo (and add your own text) for you for $5 for one round of simple edits. Just send me an email at melissa (at) if you’re interested.

Here’s the little “Go Explore” one, too. It’s a small frame 3” x 5″ so it won’t look great it you try to print this in a really large size.


Go Explore Printable

I think these little touches help make a guest room seem extra welcoming. And even if no one actually uses the wifi, eats the snacks, plays the games, or leaves our house during their stay to visit these places, it makes me feel better, and it might give them an idea for a future visit, which is always fun!

What are some of the ways you’ve felt most welcomed when staying at someone’s house! I’m always looking for new ideas to try!

*Remember, these free printables are available for personal use only. Selling my design as your own isn’t allowed. It’s also not nice. Thanks!


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