“Egg”actly: Dictionary Eggs

By | March 21, 2013

Finally, guys, it’s the last type of Easter eggs my good friend Elizabeth and I tried our hands at this year.

paper eggs done 3

Have you been following along? We dyed eggs, wrapped them in yarn, and used a balloon to make hollow ones from twine

I think these may be my favorite, though. (Anyone keeping track on how many times I’ve said that?)

But how can I not love these? They are made from dictionary pages!

It’s super easy, too. And a great way to reuse some of those older, faded, or cheapo plastic eggs the Easter Bunny likes to hide Hershey’s kisses in, am I right?

paper egg before

To make these, we just ripped up some pages of a dictionary into little pieces.

paper egg 3

Then, we used a paintbrush to paint each piece, on one side only, with Mod Podge.

paper egg

Place it on the egg, press it down firmly, and give it another coat with the Mod Podge as needed.

paper egg 2

I’m sure you could do this by painting both sides of the paper before placing it on the egg, but this way worked better for us, and kept more Mod Podge on the egg and less on our fingers, which is a plus in my book.

Also, it doesn’t really matter what kind of Mod Podge you use here. You could actually probably just use any clear-drying adhesive and it would work just as well.

Then, just keep going until the egg is all covered. Easy-peasy. And how cute, right?

paper egg done


Plus, you can still use them to give kids candy. They have to look underneath instead of inside!

paper eggs done 2

And they look so much more unique and cool compared to how they looked before!

Easter Egg Before-After

Which of these Easter eggs has been your favorite? What kinds of eggs did you guys make this year? Maybe just hard-boiled, deviled, or scrambled? That’s totally fine, too!

4 thoughts on ““Egg”actly: Dictionary Eggs

  1. Amy

    Loved all of your eggs and all of your great decorating ideas. You inspire me, now if only I could find the time. Happy Spring to you and Wyatt!!

    1. Donita

      I like the twine ones. They really look cute on the mantle. Maybe I will color some this year


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