Completing the Deck Set

By | June 27, 2016

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Stopping in to share a super quick update on our deck today and tell you about some adorable little kids’ patio chairs I found on Zulily.

Turquoise Baby Deck Chair 2

Cute right?

Awhile ago, I posted about scoring our new deck furniture really cheaply on Craigslist. Read that post, HERE, if you need a refresher.

Turqouise Painted Plastic Deck Chairs

Well, shortly after we finished that project, I got an email from Zulily saying I had some credit that was about to expire. Uh-oh! So, I spent a few minutes scanning their deals to see what I should buy. I started out looking at clothes for myself, but didn’t find anything right away so I was almost ready to get something boring like bath towels (because I was trying to find something in a hurry and didn’t have time to scroll through every collection). Luckily, though, I happened to see this listing:

Baby deck chairs zulily

(Side note: SIGN UP HERE for Zulily, so you can find awesome deals, too.)

Of course, pink wasn’t perfect for us since we have a little boy, but I had just painted our full size chairs and had leftover paint to make this little cutie match perfectly.

Wyatt wasn’t immediately convinced because he said Will didn’t need a little chair. He came around when I reminded him it was free and my credit was about to expire anyway. I even promised to paint the chair myself.

Now, we have the most adorable set of matching chairs for our little family.

Turquoise Baby Deck Chair

I mean, just look how cute he looks in his own little seat?

Turquoise Baby Deck Chair Will

Not that he doesn’t look cute in any seat…

Memorial Day Weekend Will 2

And, let’s just say Wyatt is more convinced now.

Turquoise Baby Deck Chair Will and Wyatt

Ok, enough shameless “my-kid-is-adorable” plugs for one short little post about a kids deck chair. Tell me how your weekend went, friends! I’d love to hear from you!

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