Christmas Countdown

By | December 3, 2012

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Well, not really, because I have’t started decorating yet, but I’m good and ready for it to look that way now!

Yup, I’m a Christmas girl.

Last year, our decorating was fairly minimal, both because we didn’t have many decorations, and because we didn’t have much space in our little one-bedroom apartment.

Here’s a look back at what we did though, just for fun.

If you guys like those paper trees, check out how I made them here and here.

Our tree doesn’t follow a theme, but we loved it anyway.

This year, though, all you Scrooges and Grinches better look out, because I have a¬†whole house to dazzle up in Christmas cheer. That’s right, a WHOLE HOUSE.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’ll be decorating every single room, because let’s face it, that might be a little overkill, especially considering our basement is almost totally empty and that we still have only a few decent decorations.

Of course, I am DIYing some new Christmas stuff this year, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

For the sake of making lists and keeping track of everything that’s still “to-do” for this year, here’s the list of DIY Christmas stuff I’m currently planning to work on.

  • Burlap tree skirt
  • NOEL letters (NOEL)
  • New stockings
  • Buy stocking hangers
  • Burlap Pillow
  • Mistletoe (Real? Fake? DIYed?)
  • Mistletoe pillow (From old shirt)
  • Yarn ornaments
  • Christmas card display
  • Wreath for front door
  • Paper snowflake garland
  • Handmade ornament for Hubs (it’s a secret, shhh!)
  • Garland or banner for the mantle, other fireplace decor
  • Find the perfect place for the tree, decorate it!
  • Get some sort of real tree/garland/wreath
  • Christmas prints for some existing frames
  • Lights on the outside of our house
  • Other random projects from my Pinterest Christmas page
So, there’s the list as of right now.
It’s a little scary considering this is what I have to work with:
Yup, boxes of craft supplies, random party decor, and our very unorganized boxes of Christmas and other things from our apartment, along with a couple boxes of gifts that need to be wrapped for friends and family. Yikes.
I’m hoping to have a much more updated version with a bunch more crossed off to post in a few weeks. Of course, now that it’s Hubs’ birthday, I can actually get started on some of this, so things should move along a bit faster.
What about you? Any DIY Christmas plans for this year? Do you prefer to buy all your decorations? How about your kids? Do they help with the creativity?




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