Catching Up With the Kitchen

By | June 2, 2015

Remember when only used to talk about the crazy kitchen project that took us forever? Ah, those were the days, huh?

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Just kidding, I’m sure you all are a lot more interested in variety, but I wanted to go ahead and talk about a few little updates we’ve made to the kitchen, decor-wise in the last couple of weeks.

For starters, Wyatt hung the shelf over the door again!

Shelf Above Door in Kitchen 2

He made this shelf for me the night before our housewarming party in October and finished it around 2:00am I think. It has been one of my very favorite projects we’ve done. So, I was anxious to get it back on the wall after we had finished our kitchen remodel.

Sadly, it took a little bit of damage while it sat in the garage for all those months and we had to patch and repaint a scratched area before it was ready to hang.

Painting Kitchen Shelf

But, after that, it was a quick install since it was going back in the same place with the same parts and pieces.

Rehanging Kitchen Shelf 2

I mixed up the items up there a little bit, but mostly, it’s the same, and I like that.

Shelf Above Door in Kitchen

I also added a few more things to the wall next to the pantry.

Kitchen Decor After Remodel

This print was part of our gallery wall in the old kitchen and I wanted to reuse it.

pie print 7

I also put the cork board back up, in a slightly different arrangement.

Kitchen Decor Be Grateful Print and Cork Board Photos

All in all, a super quick and super simple little update. Nothing too fancy considering we had most of this stuff in the old kitchen, but it’s still nice to see less bare wall and more of our personalities. And it works to balance out all the color we had on the other wall from the DIY plate wall.

Kitchen Decor After Remodel

Including these images, which have been proudly displayed in our kitchen since our wedding, even at the apartment.

Shipman_755 (2) Shipman_759 (2)

I may or may not have cry-laughed for a few minutes scrolling through the photos from this series. These are my favorites because we have similar expressions, however, the others are also super funny. Also, just notice how large the piece I gave Wyatt is.

Anyway, that’s a little kitchen update for you. If anyone is keeping track, we do still have a few things to finish up in there, but I’m pretty pleased with where we are since we’ve switched over to the guest room and nursery project lately.

What was your wedding cake eating experience like? Worth sharing with us (please say yes!) We were neat (no smearing) but it was still a really fun few moments.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up With the Kitchen

  1. donita

    I had missed the shelf and it’s items. It is looking ‘finished’ now. Just a comment about the cake… Wyatt could have handled a larger piece, I have seen him do it before.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha…he probably could have…but it was quite large enough I think. He looks a little concerned….

    1. Melissa Post author

      🙂 I knew you’d be pleased. (I’m pleased to have it out of my laundry room.)

  2. MaMa

    So proud of you two!! All the hard work & long hours paid off. It’s beautiful!!


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