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By | November 24, 2014

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This post is #Sponsored by #TargetWedding, but the words and opinions are all our own.Β 

Even though we REALLY wanted to have our kitchen project totally done by Thanksgiving, which isn’t going to happen, I’m still excited to celebrate Wyatt’s favorite holiday. This year, Target asked us to create a Thanksgiving perfect for the both of us, using items from their registry.

Target Registry Snip

He would eat Thanksgiving food every week if he could. He really likes turkey and cranberry sauce.

Oh wait, I mean, he likes cranberry slices.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 10

I like cranberry slices, too, but tend to prefer the “real stuff.”

So, this year, we whipped up a fun new cranberry sauce recipe that we both liked. Seriously. πŸ™‚ Although I also had the canned cranberry variety on hand (which you can pick up from Target, too!).

For starters, this recipe is the easiest dish you’ll make for Thanksgiving dinner, I promise. And if you are just showing up to your parents or grandparents’ house, feel free to bring this and prepare to amaze them with your creativity. The secret is 7UP and maple syrup. Yum.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce

Start by dumping a bag of washed whole cranberries (“Chanberries,” anyone?) Β into a pot and letting them start simmering. I wish I had been using this gorgeous blue dutch oven from Target’s registry.

Target Dutch Oven

Then, add about half a can of 7UP. This cranberry dish is going to be served at my parents house, right? It’s only fitting. (They may single-handedly keep the 7UP peeps in business.)

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 2

Also, the lime juice from about 1 small lime. Or just however much you’d like.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 3

For sweetness, I used a half cup of real maple syrup. Add more if you like it sweeter or more maple-y-er. That’s not a word, but it works for me.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 4

As the cranberries heat up, they’ll start to split open. Have you ever seen the inside of a cranberry? Before I made cranberry sauce for the first time a few years ago, I had no idea how white they were on the inside.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 5

Let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes, stirring every now and then.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 6

Eventually, the cranberries will get all soft and squishy. You can let them cook however long you like. This is a more “rare” sauce with lots of full-size berries left:

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce  8

But if you let it simmer a little longer, it will get even softer with smaller chunks.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 9

If you really want to “add some spice” like Target’s registry theme suggests, try adding some cinnamon, ginger, or even a dish of cayenne for an extra kick. You can also add a little extra sweetness as needed if the sauce is a little too tart. I like to use brown sugar about a tablespoon at a time. More maple syrup also works well.

7up and Maple Syrup Cranberry Sauce 7

And then it’s done! I served that delicious cranberry sauce in this cute yellow over-sized ramekin we got from Target a few years ago. I might have chosen it because it’s yellow and festive and looks good with the bright red cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauces

Or I might have chosen it because it’s one of the only dishes I could find in our house as we are still not moved back into the kitchen. πŸ™‚

In all seriousness, though, wouldn’t it look great on a Thanksgiving table with these yellow dishes from Target’s registry?

Bistro Target Dishes

Threshold Bistro Ceramic 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Although to be fair, since we’re eating at my parent’s house, we might be interested in red dishes, since her kitchen is red.

Bistro Target Dishes Red

And just think, if I had made the entire Thanksgiving dinner, I might have convinced Wyatt I needed a brand new set of pots and pans, like these:

Cookware Target Snip

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware

But, we won’t actually be eating Thanksgiving dinner here at home, so we probably don’t really need any of this stuff. But maybe for Christmas! I better go buy it anyway, huh? πŸ™‚

I’d come closer to him letting me buy the blue dutch oven. Fingers crossed it might end up under the tree this year for Christmas!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Be sure to visit theΒ Target Wedding Registry for some ideas on how to add some spice to your holiday festivities!

And now for the giveaway! Target has generously offered to give one of our readers a $25 Target giftcard. To enter, leave a comment with one of your best Thanksgiving tips or what item you would most like to buy to make your holiday perfect.Β 

Giveaway is open until Friday at midnight and winner will be chosen at random. Prize fulfilled by Target.Β 

Again, this is a sponsored post for Target, but the opinions are all our own. Questions? Feel free to send us an email or leave a comment!Β 

*Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

31 thoughts on “Adding Some Spice with Target for Thanksgiving – Sponsored Post

  1. kimberly Moore

    Biggest tip is thaw out the turkey…..and I’d love to have a big gorgeous platter to sit a beautiful turkey on with little cranberries surrounding it. Or some beautiful new plates so we can have a fancy, magazine looking table.

  2. Bree

    We are in desperate need of new cookware! That Calphalon set looks nice and would definitely help make our holiday meal prep more enjoyable!

  3. Melissa

    My tip would be, whether you’re out of town eating with a big group of people or having a smaller meal at home, to make it special. Use real dishes and silverware, decorate the tables (maybe even with cute place cards), and make it a pretty and festive meal (in addition to delicious). It’s more work, but it’s also more special that way. πŸ™‚ And take lots of pictures of the people who are celebrating with you!

  4. mom

    My tip is do your Thanksgiving grocery shopping early….the stores get so crazy! And I should have taken my own tip–I plan to go tomorrow, in hopes that it won’t be as crazy as Wednesday will be!

  5. Christa G.

    I would love to get a new set of serving dishes for the food…that would make our Thanksgiving a little more presentable πŸ™‚

  6. Erin Portell

    Last year I got the KitchenAide grinder attachment, from target, to make my life much easier when making cranberry chutney. I heart Target (but that’s no secret)!

  7. Jill

    I like to bake extra desserts and drop them off at the elderly peoples home in our neighborhood. They enjoy it and it opens conversation with them. Target has the cutest disposable pans in their holiday section. I love them!

  8. Merritt

    My current “tip” is to order a smoked turkey from Texas. Yummy! And then I don’t have to cook a turkey. πŸ˜‰ This year it’ll be Friendsgiving for us and we’re doing it potluck-style! Next year there will be a 10 month old baby on my hip–hard to believe! Thanks for offering the giveaway; there are still about a million things we need (from Target) for this little one!

  9. AnnaZed

    Make your own stuffing mix a few days ahead of time. I buy a couple of baguettes. Then eat half of each baguette. Then you are left with baguette pieces that total about one whole baguette (you can just buy one and skip the eating part if you want). Then tear the baguette into little pieces (tearing is infinitely easier than trying to cut it, trust me on that) also tear up a slice or two of whole wheat bread. Spread these bread bits and crumbs on a baking sheet and dry them in the oven at 225 degrees for a half hour or so. When they are cool put them in a zip lock. Sometimes I pound on the bad of bits a bit to break it up some more depending on how chunky it looks. On the day, to make stuffing boil 2 cups of water and add a chicken bouillon cube, 4 oz of butter, some browned onions, some celery bits and anything else you like (we put pecans and cranberries). Mix all that stuff (very hot) with your very dry bread crumbs and bits and COVER. Leave 10 minutes then fluff with a fork. Yum.
    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. Hallie

    A Kitchen Aid would make my Thanksgiving and holiday baking/cooking so much easier!!!


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