11 Years Ago…

By | October 9, 2015

Lately I’ve been amazed by life.

(If mushy-gushy stuff isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this post. However, there are some gems of old photos at the bottom…)

How amazing is it that 11 years ago today, sixteen-year-old-Wyatt asked fifteen-year-old-me to be his girlfriend while we were huddled up together on a school bus, and today, I have these wonderful, wonderful boys as my family?

Family Portrait 8 28

I mean really, we were so, so young when this journey started. And can I just say that the man I married gets more handsome every year?



Today, I watched an Extra gum commercial (linked here) and cried a little thinking about how far we’ve come in a little over a decade, and how sometimes I forget just how special those early days were, especially compared to the amazing days we’re in right now.

We have a box in the basement filled with old memories, so while Will napped this morning, I went through it and found all these notes and letters, saved from the back of our lockers and the bottom of book bags. There are plenty more where this pile came from stashed in other places, too. (Blurry photo on purpose to protect our ridiculousness.)

High School Love Notes Blurry

These words and scribbles and photographs are so special to me because even though most of them are blush-worthy, sickeningly sweet, and embarrassingly silly, I remember how we felt in those early moments—so immature with no idea of what real life or real love looked like outside of high school, blissfully unaware of the heartache and struggles we’d weather together over the years. So unsure of what we were doing or what the future would bring but with (mostly) innocent anticipation for the next time we’d sneak a few moments together. I have to blink back tears when I think about how wonderfully written our story has been.

One of my personal favorites from the stash that I don’t mind sharing:

Love Note Yoshi

Our “real” (wedding) anniversary in July is special, of course, but I think October will always feel a little bit more like the mile marker of our relationship since it marks the very beginning of “us.” We’ve had so many wonderful days together since then, and some heart-breaking days apart, but I’m so thankful for where we are now.

And even though we don’t have any special plans for celebrating this year, and date nights look and feel a lot different these days anyway, I couldn’t ask for anything more with my favorites.

And now, because you read through all that mushiness, here’s some other awesome photos from my little trip down memory lane:

2008 wyatt and mel 2  2008 wyatt and mel anniversary 2009 wyatt and mel  buzz cut 2010 wyatt and mel Christmas 2010 wyatt and mel  fishing sunset dating wyatt and mel july 2008 wyatt and mel (2)  July 2008 wyatt and mel June 2010 fishing wyatt and mel  May 2009 wyatt and mel   Winter 2007 wyatt and mel  beach wyatt and mel 2008

wyatt and mel 2008  proposal 2010 wyatt and mel

wyatt and mel prom 2003 wyatt and mel spirit week 2006


Those old pictures aren’t in any order. Thoughts on which ones are the oldest? Newest? The most ridiculous? 🙂

Do you celebrate little anniversaries? Save silly little mementos? 

6 thoughts on “11 Years Ago…

  1. Grandma Donita

    I had forgotten how handsome he looked with the crew cut. Thanks for sharingg the pics, they made my smile.

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha! Not my favorite look–he looked like Buzz from Home Alone I think. 🙂 I’d love him just the same if that’s what he preferred for a hair style, but I’m glad he likes it longer. 🙂

  2. Kimberly

    Love your stories and seeing pictures of you guys…. It’s fun to reminisce.

  3. Hannah Haworth

    I love this – how sweet! My husband and I also have a box of memories but ours we keep in a pair of vintage suitcases. We ended up buying them for each other for our wedding day, the exact same gift for the exact same reason, with neither of us knowing.. To save all the memories we would make! Love your story and so pleased to have found your blog!


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