Winding Down to the Last of the Summer Bucket List

By | September 15, 2014

Well guys, after the amazing fall weather we had this weekend, and the COLD! weather we had on Thursday and Friday of last week, it’s time to admit that fall is, most definitely, around the corner. Which means it’s time for a little check up on our Summer Bucket List and for one last push at crossing off every item.

1. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck.

NOT DONE! This was my one main item on the list, and apparently, by writing it down, I jinxed us because the ice cream truck hasn’t been back by our house since posting this list! He was in the neighborhood (I could hear him) on July 4, and I was ready with money in hand, but he never came by the house! I’m on the hunt to see if there are any still out and about anywhere and we might have to go track one down…

2. Go fishing.

We had a great trip to the lake with Wyatt’s family that allowed me to become the summer fishing champion for the year.

Wyatt Fishing


Melissa's Caught Fish


3. Float in a lazy river.

We did this in Branson for an entire afternoon. It was wonderful and fun. And Wyatt only got a tiny bit sunburnt. Summer success!

Lazy River

4. Go to a baseball game. Actually go to as many as possible.

I think our official count for the summer is three games. So far. If the Royals and Cardinals keep winning, we’ll have to keep buying those tickets!

Tbones Game Pic Royals Game Pic royals game

5. Work on a fun-only (not to-do-list related) woodworking project.

Wyatt’s Kubb game was a big success and we can’t wait to play it again!

DIY Wooden Kubb Pieces

6. Eat on a patio at a restaurant. (Or do this a lot!)

Yep, we’ve consumed our fair share of chips and salsa, and margaritas of course, on the patio of our favorite local Mexican place. We’ve also eaten outside on quick weekend trips, with family and friends, and just anytime it wasn’t too hot or too smoky (smokers often sit outside when it’s nice, too).

Mexican Restaurant Patio

7. Go to an auction.

We did got to one tiny little auction, but didn’t buy anything or stay long. We’d like to go to another and not count that one, although, I guess it could be technically crossed off if we don’t get to another one.

8. Go to a movie. (Maybe even a drive in movie?)

We saw a double feature at a local drive in movie theater and even though the movies themselves weren’t fabulous (we went on a free family night and saw The Princess Bride –a silly classic, and Rio 2, just silly), it was still fun. And so summer.

Drive in Movie

9. Make homemade lemonade and/or limeade.

I made a spiked raspberry limeade and it was delicious.

Spiked Raspberry Limeade Recipe

10. Lay in a hammock. (Or swing in a swing if no hammocks are available.)

We’ve done some swinging in various places. No hammocks yet. We’ll see if we find one in the last few bits of summer summer.

11. Soak up the sun in a pool, preferably while reading.

My parents’ pool provides the perfect place to do this for free and without a ton of crowded pool company. Also, this hat has been the official hat of Summer ’14, in you haven’t noticed.

Swimming Summer 14

12. Play some lawn games in our yard.

We’ve played lawn games, just not in our own yard. Here’s hoping…

13. Enjoy fresh berries, peaches, and if possible, combine those two items into a homemade pie.

I’ve eaten peaches and berries and made a sort of pie (this tomato tart) but no peach or berry pie…maybe I’ll do that though. It sounds really good.

14. Eat funnel cake/corn dogs/other street fair food.

Corn dogs and lemonade hit the spot during our stay at the State Fair in August.

Fair Food

15. Make homemade ice cream in our ice cream maker as many times as possible.

And this is also a “sort of.” I’ve made my fake “ice cream” with bananas and peanut butter several times, but haven’t used our actual ice cream maker. I’ll get on that though. Really. We’ll make that happen soon.

Overall, I think we’ve done really well. Only a few things left to do and we can say we did everything on the list. And most of those have been done, at least in some capacity. I’m feeling pretty sad about the ice cream truck…I swear he was by our house every day in the early summer before school let out and then…nothing!

Anyone have ideas of where to find one this time of year?

And now it’s your turn, how are you doing on squeezing every last bit of summer fun you can out of the season before it gets colder? I’d appreciate hearing your summer fun stories!

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