What we’ve been doing…

By | December 17, 2014

The past few days have been full of scrambling around and trying to finish a bunch of odd projects for the kitchen. We’ll be back to share details on a few on those projects, but in the meantime, just know we’ve been doing things like…

Building shelves:

Building kitchen shelves


Painting Shelves

Installing shelf brackets:

Installing shelf brackets

Building bookshelves:

Building Bookshelves


Painting Bookshelves

Buying a new TV stand:

New TV stand box


Christmas Tree

Installing trim:

Installing Kitchen Door Trim

Oh, and more painting:

Painting Bookshelf Backing

Seriously, I feel like I’m living with a roller and brush in my hands at all times.

Sorry we’ve been so absent lately. It’s just been really hard to stay caught up on blogging when we have so much other stuff to do and so little time to do it.

So, while you’re waiting for us to get caught up, tell us what you’ve been doing lately! 


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