Weekend Rewind: Snow Surprise Edition

By | January 18, 2016

Well, it’s cold. I shouldn’t be surprised, but last week, I was taking Will for a walk/jog in the stroller and now it’s 2 degrees outside. Literally.  And, we woke up yesterday morning to a snow surprise.

January snow

This weekend was a good one. We ran some errands Friday night and I finished up returning a shirt I’d bought at Kohls. I had also grabbed a book on sale for Will, one I’d been wanting to buy for awhile because it’s such a sweet little story…

book with funny inscription

…but when I read it to him this morning, I realized someone must have already bought and returned it because there was an inscription—which would normally really tick me off about a supposedly new book from the store (it’s also a deal breaker for most garage sale books)…but this particular inscription made me stop and do a double take….

book with funny inscription 2

Will actually HAS a Great Grandma Williams! This book wasn’t from her, but man, I totally stopped and started to ask myself if I had actually bought this book if we had really received it as a gift. It even kind of looks like her writing…

It was a weird, sleep-deprived confused moment…sort of like this one:

ross snip


Anyway, too weird–so weird that I’m not even going to take it back. Crazy.

We went bowling on Saturday and played board games with some friends. I hadn’t been bowling since middle school I don’t think, and while I was pretty awful by most standards, I was better than I thought I’d be and I’ll admit it was fun. I’d go again even.

Wyatt had time to work on a fun new project in the garage that I’m really excited to get finished up and show you guys the end result.

wyatt garage project

I also finally got our “secondhand stash” of cloth diapers all washed, prepped and ready to use. We purchased several new, but to save even more money, I found some preloved diapers to bulk up our stash. We may add more as time goes on and we settle into this routine but for now, it’s going really well. Plus, how cute, right?

diaper stash

Wyatt also surprised me by bringing home one of my favorite cheesy holiday movies (he had wanted to get it for me for Christmas but didn’t end up finding it in time) for us to watch last night while eating take out on the couch. We’ve all been sick, and I’ve had some rough recovery recently (toenail surgeries and wisdom teeth aren’t fun!), so it was good to just chill out and pretend we were still on Christmas break mode for a bit.

the holiday movie

Oh, and all these photos were taken with my new phone, not great, but better. And I have to say– although I was dreading the transition, I really like this phone so much better. Of course, my old phone stopped working on Saturday pretty much completely…so, I had no choice but to upgrade.

So, that’s what we did this weekend, what about you?

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