Weekend Rewind: Memorial Day Edition

By | May 26, 2015

This weekend was a good one for the Shipman family. We hope you also enjoyed the holiday with friends and family, all while remembering those who have served and passed on before us.

We’re feeling especially blessed because we were able to both tackle some projects around the house and spend time with family and friends. The extra day off work didn’t hurt either.

On Friday night, we kicked off the weekend by hosting our LifeGroup from church at our house. There’s nothing like watching six little kids happily running around your yard to make a pregnant, hormonal momma excited about future summers with little ones of our own.

Then, on Saturday, Wyatt started building the book ledges for Beanie’s nursery. He’s working on a post to talk about how we’re building these, instead of buying them, and saving a bunch of money.

Building Nursery Book Ledges 8

I worked in the garden. Stay tuned for some changes we’ve made out there for this summer’s growing season. Fingers crossed we end up with more tomatoes than we know what to do with. 🙂

Garden Eggplant 2015 a

And then, we enjoyed a wet, but good baseball game as a special date night treat. It ended up getting rained out after the 6th inning, but we enjoyed the snuggle time on the couch so we could eat some dinner and watch the Sporting KC game in PJ comfort.

I especially enjoyed that after being wet and cramped at the ballpark. Still, there’s just something so “summer” about going to baseball games. I think it’s in my blood and I can’t help but treasure those times.

Royals Cardinals Baseball Game Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday morning brought church, which was nice after missing a couple weeks for various reasons. For Sunday afternoon, Wyatt and I got to work painting the trim and doors we’re replacing in the basement guest room. Not a fun project, but better with company like a handsome husband.

Painting Trim and Doors in Garage 2

Then, we had dinner and played cards with some friends. We went to Fuzzy’s Tacos for the first time and I had some of the best nachos I’ve had in a really long time. Bad news is that the closest location is more than 30 minutes away from our house…hoping I don’t start craving them like a crazed pregnant lady.

It’s always nice to have an extra night in the weekend when you don’t have to get up for work the next day. (Yes, I work from home. I still often dread getting up for work on Monday mornings. It’s part of life I suppose.)

On Monday, we worked in the garden some more and did more painting. We also tackled a few other random tasks, like moving the rain gauge to a better, more accurate location, and doing some painting in Beanie’s nursery closet.

Rehanging Rain Gauge

That afternoon, we made a quick trip to visit my grandma and had a nice time with her before going by my Grandpa’s grave. It was a good memorial day, for sure.

Memorial Day 2015

Tell us how you spent the weekend. It rained more than I’d like for the holiday weekend, but we managed to have some good sunshine, too, and we spent some nice, warm, breezy hours outside enjoying the late spring weather.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind: Memorial Day Edition

  1. Mary

    Surprised my brother in a skybox for Iowa Cubs game Friday night! Very exciting game!
    Saturday went to farmers market & grad party.
    Sunday church, brunch with parents, grad party & family visited (our daughter loves cousin playtimes!)
    Monday helped remove wallpaper

    1. Melissa Post author

      Wow! Sounds like you had a really great and productive weekend, too! Those are the best kinds, I think. Thanks for sharing!


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