Weekend Rewind: Lake Edition

By | August 5, 2014

This weekend, we spent Saturday at the lake visiting Wyatt’s grandparents.

Lake selfie snip

It was a great day to relax on the water considering we’ve both been working A LOT.

August at the Lake

We also got to check off something else from our Summer Bucket List. (Fishing!)

Wyatt Fishing

And, guess who caught the most fish (with my father-in-law’s help?) Me!

Melissa's Caught Fish

Most of all, it was just good time with family. We don’t get to see his grandma and grandpa near often enough and it was good to just chat and chill with no holiday rush or craziness. And visiting with his parents is always fun.

Wyatt on Boat

We also got to celebrate Wyatt’s mom’s birthday…with chocolate cake and burgers. How better?

Then, there was some garden stuff…our cucumbers are going crazy as usual.

Early August Harvest

And sadly, a lot more work. But sometimes, that’s just how it works.

What did you do this weekend? Sometimes, it seems like all we do is work and relax…which means no time for kitchen progress…but sometimes, that just has to be okay. 


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