Weekend Rewind: Kid Edition

By | July 30, 2013

We had two visitors this weekend after a quick trip back to Sedalia for a wedding on Saturday. And boy, did they keep us busy.Dinner with the Kids

We worked on a couple of projects, one of which you’ll read about later on this week.

New Glass Door Project aWe grilled out and had corn on the cob for the first time this summer. Yum.

Dinner with the kids3

The littlest member of our dinner party ate the most, go figure!

Dinner with the kids2

We also spent some time playing Chinese checkers and contemplating Life…

Playing Life

We also went to Yogurtini, their first time at a frozen yogurt bar.


And figuring out Who-Dun-it, Clue-style.

Playing Clue

They also converted our house into a life-size Clue game and made game pieces to track down the answers to even more mysteries.

We also had a fun kitchen project…including making some homemade garden goodies I’ll be sure to post about later on this week as well.

Making Pickles a

Hint: We used up a bunch of cucumbers in a short amount of time. Ideas on what we made for the first time?

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