Weekend Rewind: First Mother’s Day Edition

By | May 11, 2015

This weekend was a special one. My first Mother’s Day as a momma. Of course, I haven’t yet met our little one, but in our mind, we became parents from Beanie’s first moments of existence, so we still were happy to celebrate just a little bit.

On Friday night, we had some church friends over for dinner and fun in the backyard, and after everyone went home, Wyatt and I sat outside in the peaceful night while the last logs burned off from our first fire pit date of the summer.

fire pit mothers day

We traveled to Sedalia on Saturday for a wedding and got to visit with friends we don’t see often enough, which was great.

We went to church with my family on Sunday morning, where I got a special flower for having the youngest baby…maybe cheating a little, but it was still nice.

Geranium Mothers Day

Wyatt got me a new phone case as a gift. Nothing especially motherly about it other than he knew it was something I really wanted/needed. My previous case was broken in two places and with my hands soon to be even more full carrying around a little babe, goodness knows I’ll need a fully-functioning case to avoid breaking my phone in one of its daily falls to the ground.

Plus, it’s pretty.

Phone Case Mothers Day


I was also surprised with some new flower pots today as a bonus gift. He knows me well.

Then, I got to feast on strawberry shortcake with my mom and sister on Sunday.

Strawberry Shortcake

Then, we had a good afternoon and dinner with Wyatt’s family, which was really nice even though I could barely keep my eyes open for part of the afternoon. I’ve been so so tired lately because I’m not sleeping well these days, which is to be expected I suppose. 🙂

Oh, and I got to hold some cuddly kittens, which is just about perfection when it comes to a good way to finish off a wonderful day of celebrating mothers and new life, all before some quality time relaxing with my loves that night when we finally got back to our own house. My heart was full when I crawled into bed last night.

kittens mothers day

How did you spend the weekend? 

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  1. breetalks

    Love seeing your growing belly! Happy Mother’s Day!


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