Weekend Rewind: A Winter’s Tale and Summer Stuff Edition

By | July 7, 2014

This weekend, we enjoyed summer. Not only was it beautiful outside, it was also a holiday weekend, so there was plenty of time to spend enjoying that lovely weather.

On Friday, Independence Day, we worked on installing the new cabinets which went pretty well, all things considered. We spent the majority of the time working on the sink base because we had to make several cuts on it to make everything fit (the giant apron sink) and the plumbing down below).

Cutting Sink Base for Apron Sink Installation

Wyatt will be back with a post about the installation process later on for more details.

During the afternoon, we heard the ice cream truck in our neighborhood and I got super excited about crossing that off our Summer Bucket List, but it didn’t end up driving by our house, much to my disappointment. I mean, what says summer more than ice cream from the ice cream truck on the 4th of July?? Still, it was a good day.

Then, we headed out to enjoy some smoked chicken and fireworks with friends. It was a very casual night, no big firework shows like last year, but it was still good. And every year is an opportunity to make new traditions, right?

July 4 Fireworks

Saturday, we were back at it, installing the cabinets we had prepped the day before. We have all the base cabinets except for one installed (we’re waiting on a question we need to ask the manufacturer first) and that means we are getting really, really close to being ready to order our counter-tops! And that means we’ll be almost ready to move back into the kitchen!

On Saturday night, we packed a picnic and went to Shakespeare in the Park, an awesome Kansas City tradition we’d never attended. It’s a donation-based outdoor production of a Shakespeare play and we were really impressed. Not only did we have good weather (I’d say great weather except it rained while we were there, luckily a tree kept us mostly dry), but we also got to sit under the stars and enjoy some free entertainment with friends. This year, the play was A Winter’s Tale, one I’d never seen performed, so I was really excited.

Shakespeare in the Park

Plus, it was a great Kansas City date night for our resolution this year to enjoy our city more.

Then, on Sunday, we went to church, lunch with friends, Wyatt’s indoor soccer game, and then watched the SKC game. Oh, and we harvested more goodness from our garden.

Garden Harvest July 4

All in all, even though the weather was unseasonably cool for July, this weekend felt like a perfect slice of summer.

Also, this week (and next week) are both big weeks for us in terms of celebrating milestones. Someone is turning 25 next week (ME!) and someone else is celebrating 3 years of marriage (US!) on Wednesday. Crazy how time flies. It seems like yesterday I was spending summers with this guy as a teenager.

Us at my 19th bday

So thankful I’m still spending summers with him as an adult!

How did you celebrate summer this weekend? Ever been to an outdoor play? We loved it and will definitely be going back next year!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind: A Winter’s Tale and Summer Stuff Edition

  1. Elizabeth

    One of the best parts of living in town in the summer? Definitely the ice cream truck. If summer is coming to a close and you haven’t caught him yet, come stay with us one weekend. He comes by every weekend on alternating days (Saturday one week, Sunday the next). This week, he came on July 3 and Sunday and I got ice cream both times. I’m sure Matt gets a kick every time I pick up the sound of the music, because I sit straight up and look at him, asking if I can get some ice cream!

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha! I’d be the same way, for sure! Thanks for telling me I’m not the only one who gets excited hearing the music. Perhaps it’s a product of growing up in the country?

  2. Susan

    What happened to your vow that you would NEVER plant/harvest green beans? Your annual summer rants seemed so convincing: “I may have a garden someday, but I will absolutely NOT plant green beans! I HATE everything about picking,snapping,and washing green bean (there are bugs and bits of wet leaves on them, and it hurts my fingers to snap them) and I DON”T EVEN REALLY LIKE TO EAT THEM!”

    1. Melissa Post author

      Ha! I don’t really remember saying I’d never plant them…but I do remember saying I hated them. And as for that, the reason I changed my tone on that is because of the sheer volume we used to have. Our 10-15 plants are perfect for a few fresh messes of beans, without the awful itchy arms that come from picking a giant patch. 🙂 And also, I was young and didn’t know better.


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