The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

By | December 11, 2013

On Monday, I asked you all how to finish decorating a wreath I had made.

Wreath decoration choices 2

I wasn’t sure which of my endless options to try but you guys unanimously voted for the natural look, which matches our tree, so that’s exactly what I did.

Monogam Christmas Wreath 4

I also added, as I’m sure you noticed, the large “S” hanging in the middle for a fun monogram touch. I simply grabbed a wooden letter from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it red with some leftover spray paint. Then, I used this awesome red glitter spray paint I found at Wal-Mart to give it a little glam.

Glitter Spray Paint


It’s actually really glittery in person, though this photo doesn’t show it. And it doesn’t flake off like glittery things from the store sometimes always does.

Glittery Monogram Wreath

Attaching it was pretty simple. I used some leftover red fabric from the tree skirt I made last Christmas and simply made a loop and then stapled in into place. I strategically arranged the fabric in the greenery to hide it a little bit, too, just to help the ribbon lay nice and flat.

For the berries, I just cut the larger bundles into smaller pieces with wire cutters and placed them around the wreath.

DIY Christmas wreath red berries

I always try to rotate them to look like they are alternating between facing “up” and “down” because I think it looks a little more natural, if that makes sense.

I did the same thing with the swirls, breaking off the long stems and just tucking the little pieces in. You’ll want to leave a little tail for tucking though.

DIY Christmas wreath glitter swirls


I think it’s fun to let the swirls wrap around some of the greenery like a vine. It makes it more integrated I think.

DIY Christmas wreath 2

Since this is going outside (sort of–it’s behind our glass storm door) I did twist each of these in using some of the longer greenery arms, just to make sure nothing blows away or falls out when we open and close the door.

Monogam Christmas Wreath 2

The bow was a cheater bow made with more leftover red fabric and burlap from the tree skirt. I used staples to hold it together because I’m sometimes a lazy crafter. (I show you how I learned to make a decent looking “cheater” bow without any pesky tying necessary here.)

I tucked that bow behind the wreath holder and it seemed snug enough on it’s own so I didn’t fasten it any more than that.

DIY Bow on Christmas Wreath

Then, I added two more pieces of fabric and burlap, stacked together like this…

DIY Bow on Christmas Wreath 2

…and just wrapped them around the metal wreath hanger like this…

DIY Bow on Christmas Wreath 3

…until the ends were all hidden and everything looked tidy and cute.

DIY Bow on Christmas Wreath 4


Then, I just tucked the ends of the bow into the wreath to keep them from hanging in front of the letter.

DIY Bow on Christmas Wreath 5

I think it turned out really well for the first wreath I’ve ever made…other than those little ones made from a paper plate in elementary school! Just a reminder, here’s the pre-wreath, all bare and basic, as I finished making it:

DIY Greenery Wreath 8

And here’s the finished product, hanging happily on our front door.

Monogam Christmas Wreath 3

Now the outside of our house looks at least a little festive…since we STILL don’t have our lights up out there–oops! It’s a little hard to tell with the storm door there, but when you get closer, you can totally tell we have the Christmas spirit, right?

Monogam Christmas Wreath

And then, when you open the door, it’s even more impressive, at least to me, who is still a little giddy at how well this impromptu project came together.

DIY Monogram Christmas Wreath

The red berries and little glittery swirls do look nice, all rustic and charming, and I’m really glad I ended up taking this route. You guys give great advice! Thanks!

DIY Christmas wreath

Oh, and speaking of looking nice, I have to brag for a minute on our wreath holder. I snagged it on double Christmas clearance at Kirkland’s two years ago (and haven’t used it yet since I didn’t own a wreath!) but it was totally worth the $0.75 I paid for it. I love the oil rubbed bronze look that blends in but stands out just enough from our black door and that it can used to hang a wreath on both sides of the door (after hubs modified it a bit for me to include a lip on the other side)!

Oil Rubbed Bronze wreath hanger on black door

Tell me about any wreath adventures you’ve had. Ever make a monogram wreath before? How do you store it after Christmas…I may have to rethink how awesome I think it is when I can’t fit it in any of my boxes!

11 thoughts on “The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

  1. laurenbtrain

    Cute! I have made a few and I store them in wreath containers. We have a cheap plastic one, but it has kept them in great condition while stored in our attic for at least 4 years now! I made a Christmas one a long time ago (that is currently on our door) but it looks a little bland now. Maybe next year I will do a new one?? I made a more spring time monogram one last year for the craft when I hosted a Pinterest Party at my house. Thats my most favorite wreath I have ever made!! Here are the pics of it!

  2. Gabby Bladdick

    Love it!! I am so glad you showed me the bottle of that glitter spray. I have some things I want to spray glitter but I haaaate when it rubs off everywhere!

    1. Melissa Post author

      I’m glad to help. I found this at Wal-Mart and they also sell a clear sealer spray that we didn’t buy because I already had some plain clear coat spray paint at home that I thought would work just fine. But I haven’t used anything on these and they seem pretty un-messy when I touch them! Good luck!


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