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DIwYatt: DIY Stadium Seat Tutorial

Melissa asked me to share the tutorial and plans behind our DIY stadium seat she debuted on our blog’s instagram. Here’s the backstory: over the weekend, we met up with some friends for Shakespeare in the Park, a “free” (donations accepted) show held each summer near the Plaza in Kansas City. #kansascitydatenight with good friends and […]

Hanging Up The Headboard: DIY Wooden Cleat

Now that we had the headboard made, it was time to figure out how to hang it on the wall. Go back and read this post for ow we built and upholstered this giant headboard for only $25. We considered several options for this, including building legs for the headboard and attaching them to the […]

DIwYatt: Pipe Clamps

When you need long clamps for a project, you head to your local home improvement store. When you get to the clamp section you might find yourself in sticker shock. The truth is, long clamps are kind of an expensive thing. Here is a 48 inch bar clamp from the Home Depot. Instead of spending […]

Trimming Out the Nook

When we left off talking about the nook shelving, things were already starting to look a lot better, but we were also anxious to add the trim at the top and really complete the whole area. There’s clearly something missing in these photos. Those dark shadows at the top aren’t so great, huh? Not to […]

DIwYatt: Building Pull Out Pantry Drawers

Melissa talked about the plan for the pantry, here. After sharing some pretty revealing photos of the mess we had been living with. To build the pantry drawers, I first needed to come up for a design and plans. For starters, I worked out the plan for how I’d arrange my cuts to use only […]

DIwYatt: Yard Game Edition

I recently started following Offerman Woodshop on Instagram and Facebook. If you are into woodworking, they are a good one to follow. It is lead by Nick Offerman (of Parks and Rec) in case you were wondering. I recently saw their post on making a yard game called Kubb, or Viking Chess and I knew […]

Making a Farmhouse Table

IT’S FINALLY HERE! As you may have seen, Melissa posted a teaser picture on Instagram of the finished table. It’s been a long project, but here’s how we did it: First comes the planning. We did a lot of research on space and how a table is supposed to fit in a room. Our space […]

Table Top Progress: Surface Solutions and Stripping

Last week, I was able to make a little bit of progress on the table.  I first fixed a long crack that was in one end of the board using pocket hole screws and glue. I started by drilling two holes along one side of the crack with my Kreg-Jig. Then, I used a piece […]

Supplies and Sanders

We have been making slow progress on our dining table and old church pew. We needed a couple more tools to help finish it out, so we stopped working on our projects and made a late night trip to the Home Depot. We ( I ) have been wanting a set of wood chisels for […]

DIwYatt: Building a Nativity Set Stable

So we were looking for the right holy family and manger scene for our home, but we ran into some trouble from sheer picky-ness ( yes she makes up words and I can too ).  We really like the Willow Tree Sets because of the carved wood look and because there are no facial features, […]