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Very Valentines

I shared our Valentine’s Day chalkboard already, but I finally got around to finishing up the rest of the mantle and I wanted to show you. I added a few items next to the chalkboard to fill out the mantle, trying to stick to the natural theme. On the right side, I have a vase […]

Making a Farmhouse Table

IT’S FINALLY HERE! As you may have seen, Melissa posted a teaser picture on Instagram of the finished table. It’s been a long project, but here’s how we did it: First comes the planning. We did a lot of research on space and how a table is supposed to fit in a room. Our space […]

Our Favorites From 2013

In the past 365 days, we’ve done a whole bunch of projects. And I know that winter can be a discouraging time with all the cold weather and not a lot of sunshine to do projects in (we currently have snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow!), so here’s a look back at some […]

Christmas Recap – Around the State in Six Days Edition

Sorry we’ve been a little MIA lately, it’s been a busy few days with finishing up Christmas celebrations and ringing in the new year. So, this will be my attempt at recapping how we’ve spent the last few days and why we haven’t had the time to share everything with you as it was happening. […]

Decking the Halls, Shipman Style

I know I’ve already given you all some glimpses of our Christmas decorations with various projects, but I wanted to do one post that wraps up all the areas of the house. We’ll call it a little mini Christmas tour of our house! The first thing you’ll notice is the monogram wreath I made this year. […]

Totally Awesome Tomato Cage Trees

If anyone is in need of some last minute Christmas ideas, or you just want to give a jump start to next year’s decorations, I’m sharing the rest of our holiday crafts this week on the blog. Someone *cough* *me* *cough* has been too busy running around with other things than to get these all […]

DIY North Pole Shipping Crates

***Pssst! Because you’re awesome for stopping by our site, you can get some awesome freebies (like custom photo Christmas cards, and awesome party invitations!). See this post for more info!)*** A few weeks back, I saw a photo on Instagram and decided it was a project I needed to add to my Christmas craft list this […]

Weekend Rewind: Crazy Crafty Edition

This weekend was a whirlwind. Seriously, I know I’m always saying things like, “we’re so busy,” and “the days fly by,” but seriously, we did so much this weekend that I can hardly remember it all. So for the sake of my own sanity, and yours, since you’re reading this, how about we do a […]

DIY Toilet Paper Tubes to Wreath Transformation

It’s a Friday night and I’m about to hit publish and go decorate the tree with Hubs while drinking a bottle of wine. It’s time to RELAX! But, in case you’re in a crafty mood tonight, here’s a project you can probably do without going out to buy any supplies–most of it uses recycling items […]

The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

On Monday, I asked you all how to finish decorating a wreath I had made. I wasn’t sure which of my endless options to try but you guys unanimously voted for the natural look, which matches our tree, so that’s exactly what I did. I also added, as I’m sure you noticed, the large “S” […]

Which Wreath?

Psst! Don’t forget to go enter our Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway! I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas crafting and I’m stuck. No, not stuck with hot glue or staples or something like that. I’m stuck on what to do with these two wreaths so I’m asking you for advice. For starters, I made […]

Our Favorite Things: A Christmas Giveaway!

It’s officially Christmastime and we’re getting in the giving spirit by hosting another giveaway for you all. That’s right, we had so much fun with the last one that we decided to round up a bunch of our favorite things and ship them off to four winners just in time for Christmas. So, here’s what’s […]

My Own Mistletoe: A DIY Kissing Ball

Since I promised you all two posts today in our earlier update, I figured I should get right to work on this one. It’s been a busy, busy, BUSY week around here (my messy house will attest to that) and I’ve started my Christmas crafts, so it’s time to get started sharing those fun little projects […]

What’s Up With Us?

Guys, I’m sorry we’ve  been MIA the past two days. I don’t have a good reason for not blogging this week, other than that if you could look around our house, you’d see I’m also too busy to put away the clean dishes in the drainer and fold the pile of clean towels and underwear […]


Sorry we missed sharing Thanksgiving with you all yesterday, but I hope you had a blessed day with friends and family! We were lucky enough to have two dinners in one day…with lots of time for visiting loved ones. So, I think it’s only fitting I shared a few images from our Thanksgiving. Here are […]

Weekend Update: Smiles, Staining, SKC and So Many Cranberries Edition

As usual, our weekend recap reads a little like a to-do list of items we checked off our list. It seems every weekend gets busier and busier as we move closer to the holidays, even though we haven’t really started most of our holiday festivities. Still, it was a good weekend, and I think it’s […]

Weekend Rewind: Kittens, Kids, and Crazy Leaves Edition

This weekend was a busy one for the Shipmans. On Friday, we headed to Sedalia to watch the high school play my friend Liz directed this year. Even though we no longer live in the same city, we still try to always support each other in our various plans and projects. She and her husband […]

Garden Gloom, Winter’s Doom

Alright, so winter isn’t really a bad thing. I realize with winter comes Christmas, and Wyatt’s birthday, and other awesome things…but I thought I’d share a few photos of how our garden ended the year. After a few nights of covering everything up with sheets to protect it from the frost, we had a hard […]

DIwYatt: Nothing in our Attic

So this summer, we noticed while in the attic that we have some potential openings that would be convient for rodents and pests to get into a warm place and bunker down for the winter.  We prefer the insulation is used for keeping our house warm, not keeping a mouse warm. We checked the vent […]

Makeshift Sunshine

Well, the snow is melting, I’ll admit, but I’m still feeling the winter blues pretty badly. So, Hubs and I took a little excursion to World Market last night because I’d had my eyes on some new pretties for the kitchen and I had a $10 off $40 coupon that was burning a hole in my […]

“Snow” More Attitude

Hubs can testify that yesterday I was in a bit of a funk…a snow funk. (Of course, it wasn’t helped by the fact that he played a video game for 5 hours yesterday afternoon while I sulked around and had a failed attempt at a project–that I’ll tell you about later…) Anyway, after all the […]

An Inside Spring

Yes, yes, there’s snow on the ground again. Yes, it’s frustrating and sad and a little ridiculous. But, let me take a few minutes to celebrate the fact that even though it’s cold outside, it’s spring in here. Easter, specifically, although I purposely decorated my living room in a way that will make it easy […]

Spring, Snowstorms, and Other Surprises

Well, guys, I have good news on the seed front: Yup, look at all those sprouts! We have onions and beets and tiny carrots… and big cucumbers… and squash and zucchini too! Yep, it’s now officially spring, and we have official baby seedlings! Of course, we’re also preparing for 5-8 more inches of snow tonight… Can you believe […]

No More Snow?

It’s still a brisk 30-something degrees outside, but the bright afternoon sun put me in the mood for spring. It’s misleading when you see how bright and sunny these pictures are, but make no mistake–it’s still quite cold! As if I wasn’t already in the mood for that… Plus, there’s only a tiny strip of […]

An Herb Blurb

I figure it’s time to give you guys a little update on the seeds I planted a month ago. They’ve been growing leaps and bounds since then! Check out the parsley! It’s still way too small to use…but it’s certainly growing…so that’s good! The chives don’t look quite as good, for some reason, they look […]

March Melting

Well, it’s been sunny, at least partly, for the past couple days. And that means there’s some major melting going on at our house.     Ok, so maybe it doesn’t look all that different yet, but check these posts for a rewind on how snowy it was before: Here, here, and here.  We can even […]

Still Snowing

As unbelievable as it sounds, last night, we got even more snow. About four inches more to be exact. Yowza! I’ve heard we’re now up to 20.5 or more inches from snows one, two, and three.. Good grief! But it’s kind of hard to tell, at least for me, because there are so many piles […]

Snow Place Like Home

Well, blizzard #2 hit this morning around 1 am, and Hubs and I woke up to this outside our humble home this morning: Yep, that’s about 10 more inches of snow (or more) on top of what we already had from Blizzard #1 on Thursday! That’s right kids, it’s crazy out there. (Crazy like Dr. […]

Stamp the Yard

Last week, John and Sherry introduced the Winter Edition of their Pinterest Challenge and I got super excited to sort through my seemingly endless pins of inspiration to find something to tackle right away. I wanted to do something that would be fast and easy, and didn’t involve major household work (i.e. something I’d need Hubs […]

Mr. Sandman

I’m usually in charge of all the sanding around here. Not because Melissa can’t do it, but because I hate to paint. And she says it only seems fair that if she’s doing all the painting, I should be doing all the sanding… Anyway, I got to work last Sunday working on the Craigslist dresser […]