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How to Tie a Belt Into A Bow…and Other Thrifted Finds

Today, I’m blogging for Salvation Army Family Stores, sharing some fun thrifted belts I’ve found recently to add some variety to my wardrobe for not a lot of cash. One of my favorite finds was this neon green skinny belt I wore to a wedding recently. Since it was longer than I needed, I decided to […]

KC Chick Events: Handmade and Vintage – GIVEAWAY

*Update: Please see revised prize list at the bottom of this post…and cross your fingers you win the new (awesome) stuff! Today I’m super excited to share a really fun event with you all that’s happening in KC in 18 days, the Handmade and Vintage Chick Event! This outdoor market for handmade and vintage goods, […]

Cucumber Chips

I may have mentioned a few times that we have many, many cucumber from our garden. As in, more cucumbers than we could ever hope to use. And being as one of my resolutions was to use and preserve more of our produce, I figured I should do something besides just watch them sit in […]

Weekend Rewind: Home Sweet Home Edition

Today has been a busy one, friends. First of all, I’ll admit I was distracted a few times by my amazing new counter tops. But more than that, I’ve been trying to get caught up on life and work after being gone for almost two weeks to work at the state fair. Yup, we spent […]

Sweet Summer: Spiked Raspberry Limeade Recipe

Several, several weeks ago, I posted this photo on Instagram: That was the weekend before my birthday, and it was a fun few days that involved some last-minute recipe creations, namely a raspberry-limeade concoction…spiked with some citrus-flavored rum. I have to say I was a bit surprised by how well the rum went in this recipe. […]

Shimming and Shining

Remember way back to when I brought home this lamp from my parents’ basement? And then, remember when I painted it blue earlier this spring, as part of my pre-summer spray-painting frenzy? Well, then we bought a new lampshade from Target, but decided we didn’t like it, so we returned it. And, then I forgot […]

Interrupted…for Interrupted

Guys, I’m taking a break today from kitchen talk and garden stuff to talk about a book I was given an opportunity to review and share with you.  Newly revised and expanded, Interrupted tells the story of Jen Hatmaker‘s realization that the church wasn’t really following God’s call to serve the world. From Amazon, “She was far […]

Weekend Rewind: Lake Edition

This weekend, we spent Saturday at the lake visiting Wyatt’s grandparents. It was a great day to relax on the water considering we’ve both been working A LOT. We also got to check off something else from our Summer Bucket List. (Fishing!) And, guess who caught the most fish (with my father-in-law’s help?) Me! Most […]

Home Sweet Goodbye

Recently, we met up with some dear friends who are moving away to Colorado for pizza and much-needed time catching up before they head out. While we were there, we purchased tried to purchase but they sneakily put the money back in my purse, this awesome hand-painted wooden sign: Even though we’re sad they are […]

My Summer Wardrobe Secret

I’m blogging over at the Salvation Army Family Store Blog today and wanted to share my summer wardrobe secret: I wear cardigans all year long.   Pop over there to check out some of my favorite recent finds for summer, and a steal of a deal I found for the upcoming colder months. (You can […]

Birthday Rewind: 25th Edition

Last Monday, I celebrated my 25th birthday, guys. I’m officially no longer in my “early-twenties.” Of course, that milestone isn’t especially significant. Many of my close friends are already in their late twenties, or even starting in on their thirties. And, I don’t feel any older, as usual. So really, this birthday wasn’t all that […]

Three Years Later…

On Wednesday last week, Wyatt and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Since we’ve both been really busy with work lately, we weren’t able to take a trip or anything. So, we just got ourselves semi-fancied up and headed out to a nice dinner. (As a side note, we did a much better job of […]

Weekend Rewind: Summer Sun and Fun Edition

This weekend, Wyatt and I took a much-needed little getaway and spent some time just goofing off and having fun. And, we crossed one important item off our Summer Bucket List, floating around in a lazy river. (You can barely see the water behind us. I didn’t actually take my phone with us while we […]

Weekend Rewind: Family Picnic Edition

This weekend, we did something pretty unusual. We went to a family picnic with Wyatt’s family. And if that wasn’t unusual enough (cheap joke–sorry, guys!), the reunion is for the 4000+ living descendants of the Katherine and Henry Meiners family, of which Wyatt is a fifth generation family member. Sheesh.  (I’ve often joked about Wyatt’s […]

How I Helped With The Drywall

I know we’ve already talked about the drywall project several times, but I wanted to make sure you guys understood this wasn’t a one-person project with Wyatt doing all the work. Plus, it’s a huge part of how we’ve been spending every day around here.  I mean, seriously, we’re drywalling an entire room and ceiling […]

Shipman Speedshow: Kentucky Wedding Edition

I finally got the video finished from our quick trip to Kentucky. And yes, there are a few random road trip goodies to be found. (Including some accidental footage when I didn’t know the camera was on. Oops!) Anyway, hope you enjoy tagging along with us for another little trip. I think my favorite part […]

Summer Bucket List 2014

A few weeks ago, as I was running home from an evening jog around the neighborhood, I was followed, part of the way, by an ice cream truck making its rounds. Not many people were out and no one flagged it down, so it went on about the route without stopping and selling any ice […]

A Dry Wall Date

First of all, sorry we’ve been MIA this week. There’s been a lot going on in our lives…from some scary medical stuff (don’t worry, everything turned out okay) to simply catching up after being gone all weekend to Kentucky. Plus, we had been at a stopping point where we needed to really regroup before we […]

Monday Funday! A DIY Date Night Giveaway with Newlywed Notebook!

Hi all, happy Monday! Because it’s been one of those days that seems to fly by without me having crossed everything off my to-do list, I’m going to get right down to the point and just say that today, Monday, is a giveaway day. Woohoo! (We’ll be back tomorrow, if everything goes well, with an […]

Thrifty Vacation Style

As a little bonus on this Friday afternoon, I’m sharing all about how I saved some serious cash while still shopping for some fun new vacation styles on the Salvation Army Family Store blog today. I got to share a little bit about our recent Florida vacation… And…I got to talk about saving money while […]

The Cabinet Removal Begins

So we talked about removing the pantry and how it isn’t going as we originally planned. But Melissa is having trouble imagining the various plans we are thinking up. So we started the cabinet removal process with the cabinet on the wall we plan to remove. We started by removing the light that was mounted […]

Scrub-a-dub-dub—We have a new rug!

With all this talk about hardwood flooring, I’ve realized that we’ll soon be in the market for a living room rug. (Don’t even get Wyatt started on the removing carpet to add hardwood but covering it up with a rug concept. He gets pretty heated about it.) Unfortunately, rugs are VERY expensive. As in, seriously, […]

Resolutions 2014—Our First Attempts

Well, guys, it’s the middle of march, which means we’ve had about 2 and a half months to get started on our resolutions so far…and it’s time for a little accountability… To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. So far, we have managed to choose […]

Shipman Speed Show: Florida Fun Edition

We’ve now been home from vacation for several days so I’ve had enough time to put together our video for you all.  (Actually, it’s for us so we can remember everything we saw and did on these fun vacations—and so we can someday show our kiddos what fun their parents had traveling around and just […]

Fashion, Fun, and Thrifting

As a fun little bonus this Friday, I’m sharing about my favorite tips for scoring fun fashion finds over on the Salvation Army blog today. You guys know how much we like to score bargains for our various home projects, but sometimes, it’s fun to look for personal items, too. You can read my best […]

DIY Mickey Mouse Glitter Tee!

Did you catch the sneak peek of my Mickey tee in the earlier post about our trip to Disney? It was really the only pre-vacation craft I had time to do, but I would totally do something like this again for a future trip–it’s just fun to have a special shirt to wear on a […]

Cleaning Out the Guest Room Closet

Last week, I shared about my efforts to finally tackle our hallway coat closet. That project ended up making a mess in the gust room because I robbed the storage drawers from that closet to use in the entryway. So, the next day, I tackled the guest room and was finally able to make that area […]

My New Baby—er… Bag

Psst! There’s a giveaway going on! You can enter a handmade DIwYatt item! Enter here! Yesterday I hinted at Hubs’ Valentine gift to me. And even though it wasn’t necessarily a Valentine’s specific present, I was still super excited to open it on Friday when it arrived on our doorstep. It’s our new camera bag! […]

Weekend Rewind: Valentine Edition

This Friday night, Hubs and I spent a romantic evening at Wal-Mart doing some grocery shopping. I wasn’t excited about it but we’d put it off all week and were out of almost everything so it was a must. Really, it was a great time to go because it wasn’t at all crowded so we […]