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Weekend Rewind: Family Picnic Edition

This weekend, we did something pretty unusual. We went to a family picnic with Wyatt’s family. And if that wasn’t unusual enough (cheap joke–sorry, guys!), the reunion is for the 4000+ living descendants of the Katherine and Henry Meiners family, of which Wyatt is a fifth generation family member. Sheesh.  (I’ve often joked about Wyatt’s […]

Weekend Update: Yard Bird Edition

This weekend, we had an adventure of the avian variety. On Friday evening, I looked out to the garden and saw large flapping wings inside our bird netting. I was shocked and angry at first, but after we went out there to check it out, we saw it wasn’t a bird trying to steal our […]

Weekend Rewind: Wet and Drywall Edition

This weekend, it rained. In fact, it’s really rained a lot lately. So much so that we’re having to spray the garden with the organic oil-based bug repellent we’re trying this year nearly every other day because it keeps washing away. But more on the garden later. Anyway, we spent a lot of time outside […]

Weekend Rewind: KY is for Weddings Edition

Hi all, Happy Tuesday! It was a loooong weekend for us, as we spent most of it on the road to Kentucky for a wedding! Yup, we roadtripped 8 hours with another couple and attended the wedding of a dear friend from our younger days. (Read: High school) We also found a few fun stops […]

Weekend Rewind: We’ve Officially Gone Crazy Edition

This weekend was a great one…really, but it made me realize something about myself. I’m crazy. Crazy for tackling a kitchen remodel on our own (it’s going well, but it’s still madness, I think.), crazy for ordering our cabinets and then having to walk around them in giant boxes in our living room for several […]

Weekend Rewind: Mother’s Day and Mosquitoes Edition

This weekend was busy. Busy as usual, I suppose, but it was also really great because we got to relax and spend some time with our families. It was also messy, because really, the garage has been heavily used and little neglected lately. Ugh. We’ve just been piling stuff up out there, making a giant […]

Weekend Rewind: My Stud Finds Some Studs

This weekend involved finding some studs in our house. Luckily, I have the right tools for that job, including my very own stud! And his studfinder, of course. In the guest room, we finally got around to hanging a painting we received as a gift from some new friends at church.  We’re really lacking on […]

Weekend Rewind: Trailer and Taxes Trek

This weekend, we did two important things. 1. We got our taxes ready to file. I’m not proud of the fact we waited this long, but I suppose doing them at the end of March is better than doing them in the middle of April, right? (No photos of this because it’s not worth it […]

Weekend Rewind: Surprise and Social Edition

We had a busy weekend! And really, we didn’t do any work at all. It was an entirely fun time. (We’re stocking up on fun stuff now for when the crazy kitchen remodel begins, perhaps?) Anyway, on Friday, we had a surprise double date with some friends from church. The boys were in on the […]

Weekend Rewind: “Where Have We Been?” Edition

Did you miss us the past couple of days? Well, we missed you, too! Although, to be honest, we weren’t really thinking about missing you that much because we were on vacation…in warm, sunny Florida! Yup, we left last week and got back early this week, and while it was certainly glorious to be away […]

Weekend Rewind: Valentine Edition

This Friday night, Hubs and I spent a romantic evening at Wal-Mart doing some grocery shopping. I wasn’t excited about it but we’d put it off all week and were out of almost everything so it was a must. Really, it was a great time to go because it wasn’t at all crowded so we […]

Weekend Rewind: Birthdays and Butchering Edition

Well, as usual, this weekend was a busy one. We spent the majority of our time with my family for our annual butchering weekend. My family raises beef cattle and every year, we butcher our own meat. It’s an “all-hands-on-deck” kind of situation, so we always make the short trip home to help out. This […]

Weekend Rewind: Soup, Super, Snow Edition

Sorry we’ve been MIA lately. I was sick, which slowed progress on some of our projects. Then, we’ve been spending a lot of our free time planning our kitchen remodel. (Guys, I think we’re tearing down a wall–a small wall, but still, a big deal!) Also, I’m currently on an awful diet plan to try […]

Weekend Rewind: Dishwasher Disaster Edition

This weekend, I had big plans to finish the fireplace in the basement, possibly start the next painting project I’m planning (still a secret-sorry!), do some kitchen reno planning, and even enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday afternoon  by raking leaves and doing some general outdoor cleanup. But then, I got sick. Not super sick, […]

Weekend Rewind: A Lot of Lamp Edition

This weekend we took things easy. We slept in. We had pancakes with friends. We played a game. We went to church. We went out to dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday. And we also took a few lamps from my parents’ basement in hopes of giving them new life. Up first is this super […]

Weekend Rewind: Crazy Crafty Edition

This weekend was a whirlwind. Seriously, I know I’m always saying things like, “we’re so busy,” and “the days fly by,” but seriously, we did so much this weekend that I can hardly remember it all. So for the sake of my own sanity, and yours, since you’re reading this, how about we do a […]

Weekend Rewind: Refusing To Be Discouraged Edition

On Sunday, we had a great time making progress on several things. And yet, I still struggled with feeling like we hadn’t gotten anything done because no projects were really completed. So, in the spirit of staying positive and not being down in the dumps about getting things done, I’m making a list of everything […]

Weekend Update: Smiles, Staining, SKC and So Many Cranberries Edition

As usual, our weekend recap reads a little like a to-do list of items we checked off our list. It seems every weekend gets busier and busier as we move closer to the holidays, even though we haven’t really started most of our holiday festivities. Still, it was a good weekend, and I think it’s […]

Weekend Rewind: Kittens, Kids, and Crazy Leaves Edition

This weekend was a busy one for the Shipmans. On Friday, we headed to Sedalia to watch the high school play my friend Liz directed this year. Even though we no longer live in the same city, we still try to always support each other in our various plans and projects. She and her husband […]

Weekend Rewind: Parental Progress Edition

This weekend was a busy one, but since we weren’t home for any of it, nothing got done around here. Friday night, Hubs and I joined our friends Matt and Elizabeth for a Mark Twain performance. I’m a definite Twain fan, so it was really fun for me. Hubs went along in good spirits, but I […]

Weekend Rewind: Friends & Family Edition

This weekend we didn’t accomplish as much as would have liked around the house…however…we did have a great time visiting with friends and family. We also enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. On Friday night, Hubs went to the Sporting KC game. While he was gone, our friends Matt and Elizabeth arrived for a visit. They […]

Weekend Rewind: Expensive Progress Edition

Building wooden furniture and adding landscape are both pretty expensive projects so this weekend wasn’t a cheap one. However, as we look for prices on hardwood floors, kitchen counter tops, and custom cabinetry, I suppose I may have to rethink my definition of “expensive.” So, despite costing us a couple hundred bucks at Home Depot, this […]

Weekend Update: Busy Nothing Edition

This weekend was one of those that seems busy at the time and then when I look back on it I feel very little sense of accomplishment. I find I connect strongly, at those times, to this quote from Jane Austen: “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” In fact, last night, Hubs had […]

Weekend Rewind: Trim Touch-Up Edition

This weekend, we relaxed, spent some time for friends, and then got productive. Sunday was a project filled day around the Shipman household. On Saturday, we visited some good friends. They’re in the middle of a trim painting project and seeing her freshly-painted white woodwork  reminded me of how dingy some of our own painted […]

Weekend Rewind: No More Coffee Table Taking Up Space in the Garage Edition*

*I think this wins as the longest title ever. Anyway, this weekend, we had our third garage sale. (Our neighborhood hosts them twice a year.) My mom came up again to help. (Being retired seems fun–I want to do that as soon as possible-ha!) So we spent the hottest part of Saturday making a mess […]

Weekend Rewind: Kid Edition

We had two visitors this weekend after a quick trip back to Sedalia for a wedding on Saturday. And boy, did they keep us busy. We worked on a couple of projects, one of which you’ll read about later on this week. We grilled out and had corn on the cob for the first time this […]

Weekend Rewind – Birthday Edition

On Sunday, I turned 24. (Which, to me, feels a lot older than 23, which by comparison, didn’t feel that much older than 22. Does anyone understand the way I process these different ages or is it just me?) Anyway, we had a busy weekend, with not a whole bunch of time to celebrate, but […]

Weekend Rewind: Sports Edition

Despite the drastic weather changes, we had a pretty busy weekend, and most of it was spent outdoors. Saturday morning, we woke up to soft rain, and I got up early and did a few things on the computer, one of which was to check the weather, letting Hubs sleep in a little longer. By […]

Our Easter Weekend Rewind

Well, the Easter weekend is over, and wow, what a glorious day yesterday was! We enjoyed time with both of our families, having lunch with my parents after church. Steak, salad, and macaroni and cheese was a great meal to share together. After a couple of hours of visiting my side of the families, I […]