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Prepping to Lay Engineered Wood Flooring

I shared last week about our frustrating progress of demoing all the floors. You can read that here. Then it was time to actually start prepping the subfloor for our engineered hardwood flooring. This is one of those projects where (hopefully) it takes a long time to set up but then goes fast once you get […]

Weekend Rewind: Flooring Frustration Edition

This post was SUPPOSED to go live yesterday. It was also SUPPOSED to include some photos of flooring actually nailed down. But neither of those things happened. Bummer. But let me back up and start at the beginning. First of all, we did get a lot done over the weekend. So I’m happy about that. […]

DIwYatt: Venting the Range Hood Through the Roof

Melissa wrote about putting up the Range Hood and the vent into the attic here. What was remaining on this project was to continue the vent out of the roof. We were using a long extension piece of 6-inch pipe to get out to the roof that we found at Home Depot. Then, on the […]

Hoodwinks and Hijinks

Did you all know “hoodwink” means to “deceive or trick?” We’re not trying to really trick you, but the photos in this post ARE a little deceiving. I’ll explain why in a minute. As a side note: “hijinks” is defined as “boisterous fun,” and if that doesn’t just perfectly describe our nights on DIY, I […]

Grout, Doubt, and Seal – Our Backsplash Reveal

It’s time to show you our finished tiling job, guys, and I have to say, it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. I can’t get over how fancy it looks! Like a “Real” kitchen. For grown-ups. To back up a bit, after we finished tiling, things looked like this: We let that […]

Weekend Rewind – Time Apart, Tulips, and Walktober Edition

I know we’ve been boring you with all our talk about tile, and I hate to say this, but there are still a couple posts coming on the subject, but one of them will be our reveal post (with all the grout and glory), but I wanted to take a break out of that and […]

Everything You Needed to Know About Tiling Your Back Splash – Part 3

We’re back with part 3, after part 1 and part 2 in our tiling tips series, so without further ado, here are tips 11-15. 11. Back-buttering is an art. A messy art.  We already mentioned we had a LOT of cut tiles. (The larger your tile, the more cuts you’ll have to make) So, to […]

Everything You Needed to Know About Tiling Your Back Splash

Last week, we got to work on a big project. The tile back splash. We’d never tiled before so this otherwise “small project” felt even bigger to us. There are already a ton of tiling tutorials out there, so we’re not going to attempt to rewrite the book on back splashes, but we did want […]

Weekend Update: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Edition

Remember last week when I was all “Look at my kitchen! It’s beautiful!” in this post?   Well, now it looks like this: Yup, we went from wonderful to wild. It’s like two steps forward and one step back… But, I know that when we have a tiled backsplash (hopefully in the next week), I’ll […]

Because I’m just so excited…

I have to share this picture with you guys: I’m in shock I think. I had forgotten a little bit of the dream. But now that the fridge and microwave are all built in, I’m falling head over heels for this kitchen renovation. I just can’t stop staring at our new cabinets. As of last […]

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like a Kitchen

And function like one, too! In all seriousness, we’re really starting to use the kitchen as it is supposed to be used. As in, we have pots and pans in our cabinets. I’m also working on organizing things as I go, so you’ll notice there isn’t a whole lot of wonderful organization happening in these […]

DIwYatt: It’s All About the Jig

One of the first important lessons I’ve learned in DIY work is that when you have a task that is repeatable, take the time to make a jig. It will be well worth it for the effort saved. I had one of these repeatable tasks in adding drawer handles and door pulls. We had 4 […]

Weekend Update: Laboring on Labor Day

Happy Day After The Day After Labor Day! We had a great long weekend. It was sort of an extra-long weekend because Wyatt and I spent half of yesterday doing a stadium tour and watching the Royals game. (He worked from home so we could do the tour over lunch. Then, we came home and […]

No More Floor

In addition to planting flowers, visiting family, and watching soccer this past weekend, we also ripped out the floor in our kitchen. Yup, we’re now down to the subfloor, in the whole kitchen, not just under where the cabinets were. We had to remove the flooring to make room for the new flooring…remember WAY BACK when we […]

How I Helped With The Drywall

I know we’ve already talked about the drywall project several times, but I wanted to make sure you guys understood this wasn’t a one-person project with Wyatt doing all the work. Plus, it’s a huge part of how we’ve been spending every day around here.  I mean, seriously, we’re drywalling an entire room and ceiling […]

I Can’t Stand to Sand…

Okay, I can stand it, because I have to…but I really dislike it. Still, we’ve both been sanding up a storm, a dust storm that is. Warning, it’s a really, really, REALLY dusty project. After getting it all over my face, we decided we should be wearing masks and not breathing all that dust into […]

Resolutions 2014 – Halfway Point Progress

We’ve officially made it to the middle part of the year, so it’s time for a little accountability update on how we’re doing with our goals for 2014. To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. You can see our first quarter update, here. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. You’ve only heard […]

Mud and Messes

We’re officially in the mudding/messy stage of drywalling the kitchen. Just a warning, this post is long—and overdue. Sorry for being MIA this week. It’s just been a lot of the same over here. I also know not many of you may ever attempt to tackle a renovation job like this on your own, so […]

Duct Work

To take a step backward from the last kitchen update, here, we need to give you on update on a few more “behind the scenes walls” tasks we had to tackle before we could move forward. For starters, we needed to re-route HVAC vent that is coming up through the wall. You can see it […]

A Dry Wall Date

First of all, sorry we’ve been MIA this week. There’s been a lot going on in our lives…from some scary medical stuff (don’t worry, everything turned out okay) to simply catching up after being gone all weekend to Kentucky. Plus, we had been at a stopping point where we needed to really regroup before we […]

Let’s Get Going on the Garden!

In our weekend update post yesterday, I already hinted a little bit at what we worked on out in the garden…adding dirt and mulch…but we also added plants! But before we did that, we had to weed. We had totally neglected this earlier in the spring because we knew we weren’t ready to plant, but we […]

Monday Funday! A DIY Date Night Giveaway with Newlywed Notebook!

Hi all, happy Monday! Because it’s been one of those days that seems to fly by without me having crossed everything off my to-do list, I’m going to get right down to the point and just say that today, Monday, is a giveaway day. Woohoo! (We’ll be back tomorrow, if everything goes well, with an […]

What’s Been Going On In The Kitchen

After our long weekend update post yesterday, I realized I was behind on updating you all on the kitchen progress…or lack there of…as it seems sometimes. (My mantra lately:  It has to get worse before it gets better… we can live through this… no one is judging my messy counters and floors… it has to […]

Getting Back Into the Garden

Now that it’s almost May, we decided it was time to start getting the garden in shape for the spring and summer seasons. Last year was the first year we had a garden, so it was a huge experiment. I thought we were starting at a pretty decent size, but I knew we could handle […]

Starting on the Wall Removal

We began removing the pantry wall and doorway to make way for the soon to come cabinets. First, we needed to assess the situation, and since every situation is different, we won’t go into much detail about the work we did in the attic.  You should always work with a professional when you are going […]

A Little Update But a Big Purchase

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. And, we won’t recommend anything we’re not personally a fan of!  Well, there’s no turning back now. We have officially ordered our […]

Heads Up! (A Brief Interruption From Kitchen Progress to Score a Sweet Deal)

As promised in yesterday’s post about our cardboard kitchen cabinets, today is a totally non-related-to-the-kitchen post. For this post, we’re jumping all the way from one end of our house to the other–our bedroom! Yup, we bought a headboard this week. It was totally unexpected and totally awesome. To back up and tell the whole […]

Our Cardboard Kitchen

I’ll admit it. I’m a visual person. When planning remodeling projects and other big decisions, I need to see the options in front of me so I can really get a feel for how the finished product is going to look. This kitchen project is no exception. Even though we’ve already removed most of the […]

The Cabinet Removal Begins

So we talked about removing the pantry and how it isn’t going as we originally planned. But Melissa is having trouble imagining the various plans we are thinking up. So we started the cabinet removal process with the cabinet on the wall we plan to remove. We started by removing the light that was mounted […]