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Weekend Rewind: Taste of Spring Edition

You guys, it’s been 60 degrees the last three days in a row. Is it cliche to say the little babe in my womb has been leaping for joy? (Okay, so I’m just now getting to the stage when I can feel those little movements more often) but I like to think it’s because we […]

Garden Growing Pains

This year, we’ve already had a few garden issues to try and overcome. After enlarging the entire area and adding a few new beds, we were left with a garden that looked like this: Then, we had an encounter with Yard Bird. For some reason, the three tomato plants we planted a few weeks ago […]

Shipman Speedshow: Kentucky Wedding Edition

I finally got the video finished from our quick trip to Kentucky. And yes, there are a few random road trip goodies to be found. (Including some accidental footage when I didn’t know the camera was on. Oops!) Anyway, hope you enjoy tagging along with us for another little trip. I think my favorite part […]

Weekend Rewind: KY is for Weddings Edition

Hi all, Happy Tuesday! It was a loooong weekend for us, as we spent most of it on the road to Kentucky for a wedding! Yup, we roadtripped 8 hours with another couple and attended the wedding of a dear friend from our younger days. (Read: High school) We also found a few fun stops […]

DIwYatt: The Upgraded “No-Bird” House

Now that our berry bushes are beginning to bear some fruit, it’s time to put the bird netting back up. If you remember last year, we put up some PVC poles and wrapped the netting around it. You can read more about how we created a Bird Barrier last year. You can see how the netting is really […]

Let’s Get Going on the Garden!

In our weekend update post yesterday, I already hinted a little bit at what we worked on out in the garden…adding dirt and mulch…but we also added plants! But before we did that, we had to weed. We had totally neglected this earlier in the spring because we knew we weren’t ready to plant, but we […]

Weekend Rewind: We’ve Officially Gone Crazy Edition

This weekend was a great one…really, but it made me realize something about myself. I’m crazy. Crazy for tackling a kitchen remodel on our own (it’s going well, but it’s still madness, I think.), crazy for ordering our cabinets and then having to walk around them in giant boxes in our living room for several […]

Weekend Rewind: Mother’s Day and Mosquitoes Edition

This weekend was busy. Busy as usual, I suppose, but it was also really great because we got to relax and spend some time with our families. It was also messy, because really, the garage has been heavily used and little neglected lately. Ugh. We’ve just been piling stuff up out there, making a giant […]

Sweet Little Seeds

I showed you my seed starting project just yesterday, but I’ll admit the planting actually took place several days before that. Several days meaning… this are what those little seeds look like now. And, in fact, I’m in hopes of getting these little sprouts into the garden later on this week, or maybe this weekend…depending […]

Starting Seeds for Success

At least, we hope we’re starting seeds for success. As mentioned last week, we’ve been busy around here, both in the kitchen, and in the garden. Last year I started our seeds…WAY too early. I thought it would get warmer earlier…but it snowed in May last year…so I ended up having to keep the seedlings […]

Happy Spring! A DIY Wreath Idea

Happy Friday, everyone! And, even though this is a day late, happy May! Is anyone else super excited to see some May flowers spring up after all these April showers? (Not that we won’t still have rain in May…I’m just hoping we’ll also have more sunshine….) So, in honor of my excitement about hopefully having […]

A Little Update But a Big Purchase

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. And, we won’t recommend anything we’re not personally a fan of!  Well, there’s no turning back now. We have officially ordered our […]

Chocolate Bunnies and Baskets of Eggs

As I mentioned yesterday, I made some new Easter eggs this year, even though I wasn’t really sure about decorating since our house is kind of torn up right now. But then I decided to go ahead and write a new message on the chalkboard… which led to adding a few baskets of eggs to […]

DIY Speckled (& Naturally Dyed) Easter Eggs

On Friday, I took a few minutes out of the day to make my Easter eggs for this year. Now, last year, I made a whole bunch of different kinds of Easter eggs, including these yarn-wrapped ones: These book-page-paper-mache ones: And these real, blown ones, used to make a garland. I still have all of […]

The Kitchen is Done!

Guys, it’s finally here–the kitchen is done! Are you ready for the big reveal? Can you believe this day is already here? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how much more we had to do in the coming months and weeks! It’s been a lot of hard work but everything has been […]

Weekend Rewind: Trailer and Taxes Trek

This weekend, we did two important things. 1. We got our taxes ready to file. I’m not proud of the fact we waited this long, but I suppose doing them at the end of March is better than doing them in the middle of April, right? (No photos of this because it’s not worth it […]

Weekend Rewind: Surprise and Social Edition

We had a busy weekend! And really, we didn’t do any work at all. It was an entirely fun time. (We’re stocking up on fun stuff now for when the crazy kitchen remodel begins, perhaps?) Anyway, on Friday, we had a surprise double date with some friends from church. The boys were in on the […]

Some Lazy, Lucky, St. Patty’s Day Decor

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, I didn’t have time for any over-the-top decorating. And really, I think a few last minute, lazy touches of green is enough festivity right now. We have so much going on with planning our kitchen remodel that we really don’t have room for anything big and flashy. And […]

Some Spray-painted Stuff

This week, with the exception of snow on Tuesday night… the weather was oh-so-nice here in the midwest. As in, 70 degrees and sunny pretty much very day. So, I did what any DIYer who has been cooped up all winter would do, I spray painted everything I could get my hands on. I started […]

Resolutions 2014—Our First Attempts

Well, guys, it’s the middle of march, which means we’ve had about 2 and a half months to get started on our resolutions so far…and it’s time for a little accountability… To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. So far, we have managed to choose […]

Our Favorites From 2013

In the past 365 days, we’ve done a whole bunch of projects. And I know that winter can be a discouraging time with all the cold weather and not a lot of sunshine to do projects in (we currently have snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow!), so here’s a look back at some […]

Our #DailyHarvests

We are head over heels excited about our garden. It has been so so so much work to get going but we’re just now starting to see some fruits of our labor. Literally. I hope you’re as excited about or interested in all this garden stuff, too, since it’s been the bulk of our spring […]

Planting the Berries (Finally)

Ok guys, I can now say the garden is officially planted. Not done, but planted. We still need to add the mulch that is going on the ground around the boxes to keep us from having to mow or weed-eat around everything. But I’m celebrating the mini-victory that we have everything in the ground. Yesterday, […]

DIwYatt: A Bird Barrier for the Berry Plants

Melissa gave you a sneak peak at a future project when she posted this picture: We needed something to keep the birds off of the blueberry and raspberry plants. After seeing a few of videos posted on the internet of other gardeners dealing with similar problems, I came up with a plan. We decided on using […]

Creating a Garden Bed – Sod Stripping 101

We’ve been working in and around our garden beds for several weeks now and this past weekend, we finally got around to stripping out most of the sod from around the raised, wooden beds. (Here’s a few posts about the garden, here and here. I know creating flower or garden beds from scratch can seem […]

Bringing Home the Blooms

I wanted to share a little bit of our garden excitement with you guys today. We have blooms everywhere! Just check out all those yellow zucchini blossoms! And check it out, the cucumber is also growing! We even have an eggplant bloom! There are a few more strawberries turning red. And we have a banana […]

Growing The Garden

We added a few plants to the garden this past weekend so we’re another few steps closer to getting it all the way planted and ready to go. We stripped out the sod from the back end of the garden, which was anything but fun. They’ll be a post about that later, so I won’t […]

Parsley Power

I’m “giving up” on the parsley I’ve so lovingly grown since February.   Here’s a recap of posts for you: Planting, Growing, Success. Let me explain. For about a month, the parsley hasn’t really grown. It’s still trying to grow, at least I think it is, but sadly, it seems to get more brown and […]

And The Rain-Rain-Rain Came Down-Down-Down

Rain, Rain, Go Away… But not forever, we don’t want another drought like last year. I just want to get finished setting up the garden and give everything some time to grow! Plus, my dad is probably getting concerned about all his fields of freshly planted corn and not-yet-planted beans. Today is the 4th big […]

Gaining on the Garden

If you look really closely, you’ll see our weekend of work involved a few additions to the garden. For one thing, we put the golf mat down to help kill the grass around the garden beds since we’re planning to take that out…eventually. Also, the asparagus is now planted! We knew we wanted the asparagus […]