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Metal Rolling Cart Makeover

Ever have intentions for a project and then forget about it…for a year or more? How about for almost three years? Because this little metal rolling cart makeover has been in the works since March 2014. Yep, total project procrastination fail, right? I mean, goodness, we stored a rusty, gross-looking cart in our basement for […]

My Messy Desk Dilemma: A Revamped DIY Desk Organizer

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. And, we won’t recommend anything we’re not personally a fan of! Please reach out if you have any questions about sponsorship or […]

An Imperfectly Pretty Painted Pot

A week or so ago, I started working on a little project for a friend who was moving to a new house. (She’s a friend in real life and a blogger friend—go check her out HERE, or on INSTAGRAM!) I wanted to customize a little ceramic pot and give her a baby from my growing Christmas […]

A Couple Kitchen Changes

I know, I know. I just made a big deal about how our kitchen is finally done. Go see the recap, here! But, we’re never really totally done, right? To be fair, the most recent updates are pretty darn small. And, to be honest while we’re being fair, small changes are all we have time for these […]

A Deal on Deck Chairs

It’s springtime, which means the temperatures are just about perfect for grilling and spending time outside, whether we’re on the deck, or down in the yard. So, that means it’s time to pull out the patio furniture so we have some place to sit and eat. Or sit and read. Or sit and work. Basically, a […]

A Shiny Spot for Sweets

It’s raining again and I just got Will down for a late nap. (Finally!) So I wanted to take a few minutes to share a little project I worked on awhile back. Did you see it? No, it’s not fixing the crooked photos in that gallery. But thanks for pointing that out because it’s all […]

A Few New Plates

If you’re a very, very observant reader, you would have noticed a slight update in my last post about our new potted plants. I’ll show you again: Catch it? How about now?    Good eye! I updated the plate wall a little bit. (Of course, the title of this post should have given you a pretty […]

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Be sure to follow all our other projects, here! We hope you enjoy our little corner of Blog Land and stop to look around a few other pages, like our DIY Foam Cooler Ottoman, Ruler Growth Chart, our Kitchen Renovation, and my free printables. Enough with the sneak peeks, it’s time to show you our awesome new […]

Three Cheers for Painted Chairs!

You guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to say WE PAINTED THE CHAIRS! Cue the parades and confetti, because it has been a LOOOONG time coming, right? So, now I’m going to write 1000 words on the process. Yay….? To back up, we’ve been talking about fixing up these […]

Sprucing Up For Summer

You may remember a couple of years ago, we received some hand-me-down wicker furniture from my grandma. It was pretty worn, but still had some life left in it. So, I spray-painted it bright colors. You can read that post, here, for more info.   Last year, we left these entire patio set outside on […]

A Trash Can Plan – Painting Our Cheap, Plastic Kitchen Trash Can

Not sure if you noticed the eyesore in some recent photos we’ve shared on the nook or not, but it’s certainly been bothering me… Boring old black trash can with no lid so our trash is just out there for all the world to see. Ick. Not to mention, it can get a little stinky […]

Some Spray-painted Stuff

This week, with the exception of snow on Tuesday night… the weather was oh-so-nice here in the midwest. As in, 70 degrees and sunny pretty much very day. So, I did what any DIYer who has been cooped up all winter would do, I spray painted everything I could get my hands on. I started […]

A New (Old) Frame for a New (Old) Map

I think I mentioned one of our favorite Christmas gifts several months ago. It’s an old topographical map from our little suburb area from Wyatt’s brother, and we really liked it. It came rolled up, but it has also been folded several times, so there are a lot of wrinkles and creases. Plus, since it’s […]

I’m Dreaming of Some White Christmas Houses

Last year, Sherry from Young House Love shared her super lovely white ceramic houses. They were very, very very beautiful and I really liked how sweet they looked on their mantle. (Go check them out to see the inspiration behind this project.) But those houses were a bit expensive for us to lay down on […]

The Winning Wreath (EASY DIY Monogram Holiday Wreath)

On Monday, I asked you all how to finish decorating a wreath I had made. I wasn’t sure which of my endless options to try but you guys unanimously voted for the natural look, which matches our tree, so that’s exactly what I did. I also added, as I’m sure you noticed, the large “S” […]

Finally Finished: Chandelier Makeover Part 3!

You’ve now seen the first two installments of our chandelier makeover. First, we painted the dingy brass. Then, Hubs had to add a junction box. We also had to shorten the chain since it was on a lot longer in the living room where my parents had it. Hubs used his wire strippers to do this. […]

Fun, Fancy, and Free: A New Chandelier

Last summer, we switched out our ceiling fan in the living room (which was all brass and light wood tones (not our style). We went with one that was a lot more modern looking. Some back story: Fortunately, my parents happen to like brass and lighter wood tones (it goes better in their 100 year old […]

A Frame Swap

A few weekends ago, we had a garage sale. One of the things my mom brought up to sell was an old picture that had hung in the stairway of their house for probably 18 years or so. It’s cute, yes, but no longer matches the hallway (they redid that area of the house when […]

Powder Blue

When Hubs and I were at Home Depot Tuesday night, I grabbed a bottle of light blue spray paint to add one more little herb container to my kitchen window sill garden.    I had another small terracotta pot (that I found in my parents’ garden shed) so I took it out to the grass […]

Wacky Wicker

I’m linking this post up to John and Sherry‘s Spring Pinterest Challenge. I love them (although we’ve never met!), their blog, and their new house (congrats!), and  we are excited to share our adventures with their readers today! Last summer, when we bought the house, we quickly realized we had only enough furniture for about […]

Painted Planter Plans

For while, I’ve been eyeing the painted planters John and Sherry over at Young House Love have on their front porch, although I believe they are now another color…. And by “eyeing,” I mean, desperately trying to find a cheap planter that I can spray paint into something lovely. I’d love to just buy something lovely, […]

A Place for Paint

When I visited my parents a couple weeks ago, I went down to the basement to look for something (their basement is full of wonderful, and some not so wonderful, treasures!). While I was down there, I saw some old (partly rusty but still usable) metal shelves that weren’t being used. My parents had actually […]

A Perfect Pair…er, Pear

Remember how in the Thrift Shop Challenge, we found this cute little pear? Well, it was perfect for us because we were looking for cheap knick-knacks to paint white for our mantle and other decor areas, and because Hubs loves pears. (Not in the way I love birds, in that he’s drawn to all sorts […]

Just Some Pot(s)

I’ve got pot on the mind today. Or rather, pots, but that doesn’t rhyme as nice. It does sound less controversial, though, so I’ll go with that I guess. Correction: I’ve got some pots on my mind. It’s 70 degrees and sunny where we are today, and I’m itching to get outside and do some […]

Which Came First, the Nightstand or the Cabinet

Alright guys, remember back when I said I had the winter project blues because it was cold out and I didn’t know which projects to take on? Well, I’m leaving this up to you to help me decide which project should I take on first (meaning right now)? First, my nightstand: A couple years ago, […]

Mini-Makeover Kitchen Edition #2

Earlier I shared about how we did a little mini-makeover on our kitchen pot lights. Since we don’t have the budget right now to do the entire kitchen, we decided to break this one up and do it this way for awhile until we’re ready to replace the cabinets and counter-tops (and maybe add on a bigger […]

Mini-Makeover Kitchen Edition #1

Hey! Want more kitchen-mini-makeover madness? Read this post! When we moved into our house and started to plan what projects were “must do right now” on the list, the lights in the kitchen seemed pretty high up on the list. In fact, replacing the counters and painting the kitchen cabinets was also pretty high on […]

If you give a lamp a makeover…

I thought I’d take a quick break from all this Christmas crafting to tell you guys about another easy project I did for my office. Since it’s the room I spend the most time in during the day, I wanted it to feel “done” pretty early on in the remodel process. Now, that didn’t mean […]

The door project

When we moved into our house, I hated every single door, for various reasons. Some were too small, some were too boring, some were painted an ugly color (hello, front door!), and others were just really damaged. Slowly, we’ve been making changes to get rid of/update all these darn doors, and right before our housewarming […]