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Countertops Are Ordered!

Tonight’s post is late (there’s a lot going on around here and I’m super swamped with work right now) but super exciting. Why? Because our countertops are ordered! Yup, we’ve now officially paid for our counters, Wyatt has gone to approve the slabs they’re using, and the guy has been here to take official measurements. […]

My Summer Wardrobe Secret

I’m blogging over at the Salvation Army Family Store Blog today and wanted to share my summer wardrobe secret: I wear cardigans all year long.   Pop over there to check out some of my favorite recent finds for summer, and a steal of a deal I found for the upcoming colder months. (You can […]

Sponsored Post – Flipping Out for Flip the Script

The giveaway has ended. Congrats to HS, our 6th commenter! This post is #TargetSponsored but the words and opinions are all our own. Psst! Read all the way through for a chance to win a $50 Target giftcard! A couple months ago, we introduced you guys to the idea that Target has a pharmacy. Today, I’m here […]

Sponsored Post: Accessorizing the Best Wedding Gift

This post is #Sponsored by Target on behalf of their #TargetWedding program, but the words and opinions are all our own.  It’s wedding season again, and that means shopping for wedding gifts! Always a fun challenge, right? This year, Target asked us to create our ultimate wedding gift using some fun items from their registry. […]

Splurging and Saving

Recently, we had a semi-scary experience. Our credit card got denied when we tried to pay for some recent car repairs over the phone. Yikes. There’s nothing that really compares to the feeling of simultaneous panic and embarrassment when someone says, “Uh, do you maybe have another card you could put this on. It’s been […]

Thrifty Vacation Style

As a little bonus on this Friday afternoon, I’m sharing all about how I saved some serious cash while still shopping for some fun new vacation styles on the Salvation Army Family Store blog today. I got to share a little bit about our recent Florida vacation… And…I got to talk about saving money while […]

A Little Update But a Big Purchase

~ This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. And, we won’t recommend anything we’re not personally a fan of!  Well, there’s no turning back now. We have officially ordered our […]

Scrub-a-dub-dub—We have a new rug!

With all this talk about hardwood flooring, I’ve realized that we’ll soon be in the market for a living room rug. (Don’t even get Wyatt started on the removing carpet to add hardwood but covering it up with a rug concept. He gets pretty heated about it.) Unfortunately, rugs are VERY expensive. As in, seriously, […]

Some New Blues

A few weeks ago, Wyatt and I went to Westlake’s for a tool Wyatt needed to get for some project. And while he was shopping for that, I wandered over to the clearance section where I found three boxes I just had to grab and bring home with us. Actually, I only wanted to bring […]

The Chandelier Search

As we make baby steps towards finalizing our kitchen plans, I’ve spent some time thinking about the fact that we’ll need a great light to go over the dining room table. I mean, a great table, needs a great chandelier, right? Right. The current one has to go. ASAP. (In fact, this was one of […]

Tick Tock–We Got a New Clock!

Finally! After searching and searching and searching for a clock we both liked for the living room, Wyatt spotted this at Target last week and we both agreed it was the one. Of course, I was extra on board considering we had a Cartwheel discount and an offer of a $10 gift card with a […]

My New Baby—er… Bag

Psst! There’s a giveaway going on! You can enter a handmade DIwYatt item! Enter here! Yesterday I hinted at Hubs’ Valentine gift to me. And even though it wasn’t necessarily a Valentine’s specific present, I was still super excited to open it on Friday when it arrived on our doorstep. It’s our new camera bag! […]

Sponsored Post: It’s Target Registry Time And Time For A Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Target on behalf of their #TargetWedding program, but the words and opinions are all our own.  And winner is posted below! Did you win? Guys, it’s that time again. Nope, not Tool Time, wedding time. Several of our friends and family members got engaged over the holiday season and we’ve […]

Fun Fashion Finds

Yes, it’s cold out. Yes, they’re still expecting us to get a bunch of snow tomorrow. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun inside, right? An example of that fun is a new little side project I’ve taken on–being a volunteer featured blogger for another blog! It’s nothing major, and not even DIY […]

A Bird in the Dish…

Like I mentioned in Friday’s post, Hubs and I did a little shopping over the Christmas sale season. As part of that, we found this adorable dish at a candle shop in Silver Dollar City. Now, while I’m not sure why it was marked down on Christmas clearance (it isn’t red or green) or why […]

Sweet Stamps

Over Christmas, Wyatt and I did a little clearance shopping. One of the things I found was this adorable little wooden box to hold stamps. I know some might say it’s unnecessary, but I thought it was too cute to pass up! I consider myself to be someone who writes and sends more cards than […]

An Expensive New “Toy”

For Christmas this year, Wyatt and I tried to follow a new little gift giving guide for each other, in an attempt to take some of the guesswork and excess shopping out of the picture, at least for our own presents. I came up with a little rhyme to help us remember it, similar to […]

Target Toys…And a Surprise Giveaway!

Update: Giveaway is now closed. Our winner is Ashley S. Congrats! We’ll get your gift card sent over shortly! This post is sponsored by Target but the content and opinions are all my own. Questions, email us!  PSST! There’s a Target gift card giveaway at the bottom of this post, a bonus to the one […]

Some New Stuff for a New Year

We’ve done a little bit of DIY-related shopping recently and I wanted to share some of our new stuff as we head into this new year of blogging. We’ll try to post some updates on these things as we go forward, just so you can see how we’re liking/using/regretting any of these purchases. First up […]

Weekend Rewind: Expensive Progress Edition

Building wooden furniture and adding landscape are both pretty expensive projects so this weekend wasn’t a cheap one. However, as we look for prices on hardwood floors, kitchen counter tops, and custom cabinetry, I suppose I may have to rethink my definition of “expensive.” So, despite costing us a couple hundred bucks at Home Depot, this […]

Right on Target: A Bedroom for Both of Us

This post is sponsored by Target, but the opinions are all our own.  Today is an exciting day because we finally made more progress on our master bedroom! Target reached out to Hubs and I to talk a little bit about their #TargetWedding Registry program this year. The theme is Be Yourself, Together, which I think […]

Classy Corks

We aren’t big drinkers here in the Shipman household, but we do occasionally enjoy an adult beverage or two. And when we enjoy wine or champagne we always save the corks. In fact, I also always write the date and a brief description of what we were doing that night or why we were drinking. […]

Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

We finally got around to doing some shopping for our bedroom and had decent luck, all things considered. (We accidentally went to the mall during the tax-free weekend. Yikes.) We bought a mattress protector for our new mattress. Nothing fancy there, but it’s a necessity. (It’s to protect our new mattress, which we scored for […]

A Helpful Hose

While we were shopping for the bedroom, we happened upon these at Target: A little back story: we’d been looking into these expandable hoses for awhile when we went to a home show that a friend had organized. One of the vendors was selling the DAP version of the expandable hose and they gave us […]

Bargains Lately: Wizards, Funny Words, and Fun Facts

We went to a few garage sales over the weekend and had pretty good luck considering it’s pretty late in the summer to be garage sale season. Fun Fact: I’m known to get up early on Saturdays, just to go garage sale-ing. Hubs is not known to do this. Unless I make him.  Bonus Fun […]

A Makeshift Mug Holder

Technically, this won’t be used just for mugs. It will also be used for cans, glasses, remotes, newspapers, and whatever else Hubs needs nearby. But let me back up and explain. Hubs has been complaining for awhile now that he needs an end table on “his end” of the love seat. He doesn’t like that […]

Weekend Rewind: Country Pack-Rat Edition

Well guys, it seems like our house fills up a little more every time we make a trip back home to visit our families. For some reason, we ALWAYS come back with more than we left with. This time, our weekend included some garage sales, as well as a little bit of free finds from our […]

Bargains Lately: Garage Sale Treasures

I went to a bunch of garage sales this past week, and we found some pretty good stuff, guys! I wanted to share a little bit of our best finds with you all, for your own bargain-hunting inspiration. First up, books for $14.75. I know $14.75 sounds like a lot to pay at a garage […]

A Rad Rug

Sunday, Hubs and I went to a few stores to pick up some things for the house. On the list were items such as “curtain rods for bedroom” and “garden plants.” Not on the list: this rug. Still, when I saw it (at Target), I knew it had to come home with us. Or rather […]

Ikea On My Mind

Psst! Did you guys see the recap of our Texas Road Trip? Find the post here, and don’t forget to check out the video, which I am adding here again below for your convenience. 🙂 On our last day of vacation, we stayed in Plano, Texas, which happens to be only 5 minutes away from […]