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(Fake) Fall Leaves and Other Autumn Decor

When I showed you our fall mantle a few weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to add a few more fall leaves to the tree branches. At the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use fake ones or real ones, but I since decided that real leaves, though nice in theory, are really […]

Weekend Rewind: Trim Touch-Up Edition

This weekend, we relaxed, spent some time for friends, and then got productive. Sunday was a project filled day around the Shipman household. On Saturday, we visited some good friends. They’re in the middle of a trim painting project and seeing her freshly-painted white woodwork  reminded me of how dingy some of our own painted […]

Fun, Fancy, and Free: A New Chandelier

Last summer, we switched out our ceiling fan in the living room (which was all brass and light wood tones (not our style). We went with one that was a lot more modern looking. Some back story: Fortunately, my parents happen to like brass and lighter wood tones (it goes better in their 100 year old […]

(Re)Staining My Nightstand

Remember back when I tried, and failed, to stain the top of my nightstand a darker color? This was after priming it, painting it, then distressing it with sandpaper and adding an accent color. Here’s the post, for a reminder.  Well, this week, we finally finished it. I almost hate to even admit how we […]

Wacky Wicker

I’m linking this post up to John and Sherry‘s Spring Pinterest Challenge. I love them (although we’ve never met!), their blog, and their new house (congrats!), and  we are excited to share our adventures with their readers today! Last summer, when we bought the house, we quickly realized we had only enough furniture for about […]

A New Head to the Bed

When we purchased our Craigslist dresser, all those months ago, it came with a matching headboard. Since we’re not using the dresser (at all yet) in a bedroom, we didn’t really need the matching headboard. But we did have a guest room bed with no headboard, so I was excited to find a near-free solution […]

DIwYatt: More Than Doors

As spring has slowly started to arrive, we have been thinking about our garden plans and realized that there are a lot of animals that will likely want to snack on out plants. (We have moles, rabbits, and even a groundhog…) So, we were thinking about trying to make some raised beds.  The only problem […]

Painting Progress: My Parents’ Sunroom

It’s no secret to anyone, least of all to me or Hubs, that I come by my love of DIY and household improvement projects naturally. My parents have been living in, and loving, their 100-year-old farmhouse for 30+ years now, doing little updates all the time. This is my dad, hard at work in their well-stocked […]

A Place for Paint

When I visited my parents a couple weeks ago, I went down to the basement to look for something (their basement is full of wonderful, and some not so wonderful, treasures!). While I was down there, I saw some old (partly rusty but still usable) metal shelves that weren’t being used. My parents had actually […]

Stamp the Yard

Last week, John and Sherry introduced the Winter Edition of their Pinterest Challenge and I got super excited to sort through my seemingly endless pins of inspiration to find something to tackle right away. I wanted to do something that would be fast and easy, and didn’t involve major household work (i.e. something I’d need Hubs […]

Dreaming of a New Nightstand…

I’ve been thinking about how I should fix up the nightstand and I as pretty sure it would look good in red. Then, yesterday I saw this adorable nightstand at Hobby Lobby that would go great as a nightstand partner in our blue and red bedroom. However, it was $150 and I knew that was […]

If you give a lamp a makeover…

I thought I’d take a quick break from all this Christmas crafting to tell you guys about another easy project I did for my office. Since it’s the room I spend the most time in during the day, I wanted it to feel “done” pretty early on in the remodel process. Now, that didn’t mean […]

(Like) New Front Door

I hated our front door when we moved in. In fact, I hated all the doors in our house when we moved in. But alas, doors are changeable, and I didn’t let that deter me when we were falling in love with this place we call home. Still, the front door knob was THE FIRST […]

Microwave cart magic!

It all started when I saw this on Pinterest. I had that exact microwave cart in college, and I was almost entirely sure my parents still had it in their garage–my mom hoping I’d either someday come get it or throw it out. My dad was probably eyeing it for some project of his own. (What […]

Perfectly Striped Walls – The Secret

Lately, I’m crazy about painted stripes as a wall accent. I just love them. Yes, I know that if we sell this house someday down the road, buyers might hate them and I’ll have to just paint over them, but I refuse to live in a basic home until that day comes. I don’t want […]