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Some Unfinished Updates

This post contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our direct link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  While in the middle of this basement renovation, we actually ended up with a few other small projects also in progress. To be […]

Bedroom Style Shopping with Kirkland’s

A few weeks ago, Kirkland’s reached out to us to see if we wanted to do some style “window shopping.” Because I like to shop, and because I’ve been feeling totally stuck on finishing off our master bedroom, I was excited to spend a few minutes browsing their website for ideas. I wanted something that […]

Heads Up! (A Brief Interruption From Kitchen Progress to Score a Sweet Deal)

As promised in yesterday’s post about our cardboard kitchen cabinets, today is a totally non-related-to-the-kitchen post. For this post, we’re jumping all the way from one end of our house to the other–our bedroom! Yup, we bought a headboard this week. It was totally unexpected and totally awesome. To back up and tell the whole […]

Robot Invasion

Let me be the first to say that I’m not the most girly-girly a girl could be, but that I’m also definitely not all that tom-boyish in my design taste. I generally like classic looks, with eclectic, fun, funky, and sometimes feminine touches. We both like antiques and pieces with a lot of character. That […]

Great Drapes!

Sorry for the absence, guys. It’s been a crazy week. For one thing, I’ve been sick. For another thing, I almost crashed our blog on Wednesday night while trying to make some style changes. We’re still in the process of getting over both, but I have been well enough to finally turn my attention to […]

No Quilt Guilt!

For those of you that are loyal readers, you know that before we found our new Target bedding, which we talked about on Friday in this post, we were using a lovely quilt that was made by and given to us by Wyatt’s mom. Basically, she’s awesome and makes these super intricate, super awesome quilts. […]

Right on Target: A Bedroom for Both of Us

This post is sponsored by Target, but the opinions are all our own.  Today is an exciting day because we finally made more progress on our master bedroom! Target reached out to Hubs and I to talk a little bit about their #TargetWedding Registry program this year. The theme is Be Yourself, Together, which I think […]

Master Plan for the Master Bedroom

We finally got around to doing some shopping for our bedroom and had decent luck, all things considered. (We accidentally went to the mall during the tax-free weekend. Yikes.) We bought a mattress protector for our new mattress. Nothing fancy there, but it’s a necessity. (It’s to protect our new mattress, which we scored for […]