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Guess What Day It Is!?

How happy are people who just had their new kitchen cabinets delivered? Happier than a camel on Wednesday. Yup, it’s Wednesday, cabinet delivery day! (AKA: Hump Day Jump-over-the-big-boxes Day!) Sorry, I had to share that as it’s been running through my head all week as I waited for this day to come. The cabinets have […]

A Surprise Sink Shipment

Things are moving along in the giant kitchen remodel project…although not all things are moving along as fast as I’d hoped. On the one hand, we have a delivery date scheduled for our cabinets. It’s in three weeks. Yikes. That’s obviously on the short end of the 4-6 week estimate we received prior to ordering […]

Scrub-a-dub-dub—We have a new rug!

With all this talk about hardwood flooring, I’ve realized that we’ll soon be in the market for a living room rug. (Don’t even get Wyatt started on the removing carpet to add hardwood but covering it up with a rug concept. He gets pretty heated about it.) Unfortunately, rugs are VERY expensive. As in, seriously, […]

Tick Tock–We Got a New Clock!

Finally! After searching and searching and searching for a clock we both liked for the living room, Wyatt spotted this at Target last week and we both agreed it was the one. Of course, I was extra on board considering we had a Cartwheel discount and an offer of a $10 gift card with a […]

Some Lazy, Lucky, St. Patty’s Day Decor

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, I didn’t have time for any over-the-top decorating. And really, I think a few last minute, lazy touches of green is enough festivity right now. We have so much going on with planning our kitchen remodel that we really don’t have room for anything big and flashy. And […]

Where Our Other Chalkboard’s Been

As we go through the process of slowly upgrading a lot of hand-me-down pieces of furniture and freebie artwork, it seems like we’re constantly changing things in and out. All of this switching in and out leaves us with pieces that are in transition. Sometimes, those things get taken down to the basement for storage […]

Very Valentines

I shared our Valentine’s Day chalkboard already, but I finally got around to finishing up the rest of the mantle and I wanted to show you. I added a few items next to the chalkboard to fill out the mantle, trying to stick to the natural theme. On the right side, I have a vase […]

A Basic Bookshelf How-To

Although you can use bookshelves for jut holding books, like I do with this one: …there’s a certain art to decorating bookshelves for a more artistic look. There are a ton of tutorials online for this sort of thing, but here are the tips I like to follow when I’m decorating shelves. And I’ll certainly […]

It Just Comes Natural – Simple Valentine’s Day Mantle

I took our Christmas decorations down weeks ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet getting everything else put back where it belongs. Hence, my bookshelf currently looks like this: Ah well, right? Anyway, as I was prepping our Mantle for Valentine’s Day this year, I was inspired by this very natural-looking wreath from Target, which I […]

How to Whitewash Brick – Our Fireplace Makeover

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DIwYatt: Barn Wood Crate Lid

While we had the barn wood out for the Barn Wood Tree and Barn Wood Table Top, Melissa had the idea to replace my makeshift end table. It wasn’t really an end table, actually. We had been using an ottoman base from a garage sale with a 12″ square tile that we saved from the […]

Not-so-basic Baskets

While I was painting the glass bowl I used to plant one of my terrariums, I grabbed two plain, cheapo Walmart baskets we were using to hold random clutter in the living room and decided to give them a little upgrade as well. I have to say that this project hardly qualifies as a project […]

(Fake) Fall Leaves and Other Autumn Decor

When I showed you our fall mantle a few weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to add a few more fall leaves to the tree branches. At the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use fake ones or real ones, but I since decided that real leaves, though nice in theory, are really […]

Let the Fall Crafting Season Begin!

I’m not sure what it is about fall and winter weather that makes me want to grab my hot glue gun and yarn, but for some reason, I seem to be extra crafty for these holiday seasons. It’s not that July 4th and Easter don’t deserve crafts…and in fact, they certainly do…I’m just less likely […]

A Big, Bold Board: Our House’s Newest Chalkboard

Ok, I have a confession. I tend to take something fantastic, like chalkboards, and run with it until I’m crazy obsessed and overrun with an amazing collection of them. Take for example, my fondness for ceramic birds. Or my fondness for yellow and blue and gray… Or my overabundance of chairs… You get the idea. So, […]

Classy Corks

We aren’t big drinkers here in the Shipman household, but we do occasionally enjoy an adult beverage or two. And when we enjoy wine or champagne we always save the corks. In fact, I also always write the date and a brief description of what we were doing that night or why we were drinking. […]

Summer Will Have Its Flies

And its mosquitoes and ticks and chiggers and spiders and random little flying bugs that stick on me when I’m running and leave itchy spots. And its squash borers. Ick. Pretty much, summer means bugs. But it also means sunshine and pools and vacation and, generally speaking, happiness. So when I was searching for the perfect […]

A Makeshift Mug Holder

Technically, this won’t be used just for mugs. It will also be used for cans, glasses, remotes, newspapers, and whatever else Hubs needs nearby. But let me back up and explain. Hubs has been complaining for awhile now that he needs an end table on “his end” of the love seat. He doesn’t like that […]

Bright and Beautiful

I already showed you guys the sweet branch decoration I made for the mantle (Miss it? You can find it here.) but I wanted to share how the rest of the decor is looking now that I took down all the eggs for Easter. I have to admit that I had a couple casualties when […]

An Inside Spring

Yes, yes, there’s snow on the ground again. Yes, it’s frustrating and sad and a little ridiculous. But, let me take a few minutes to celebrate the fact that even though it’s cold outside, it’s spring in here. Easter, specifically, although I purposely decorated my living room in a way that will make it easy […]

“Egg”xtra Special: An Easter Garland

For those of you that have been keeping track, for the past several days, I’ve been sharing the various kinds of Easter egg crafts that my friend Elizabeth and I made. However, I haven’t shared any of the ways I was actually going to use those little cuties. Before the big Easter decoration reveal, I […]

Cutting the Curtains

Yesterday, Wyatt shared about his part in finally getting some curtains up in the living room, here. He also mentioned that I was having a bit of a struggle on what to do with the actual curtains since I didn’t like the look of just one panel on each window. Just not so spectacular, huh? […]

A Hanging Up Hang Up

Luckily, when we moved in, our house came with nice blinds on all the windows. Privacy wasn’t an issue, but the windows in our living room looked a bit bare without anything around them. We had been shopping around for the right pattern and color to fit the space and finally found some at Target […]

Green With Envy (Plus, how I finally learned to “tie” a bow…)

Well, our living room mantle is all decked out for St. Paddy’s Day. I went with a yellow and green and rustic look because I liked it, and because I was gathering items and supplies I already had from around the house and in my craft supplies. Plus, I can add a few other springy […]


Well, it’s time to take down the Valentine’s Decor (or maybe I should have done that already?) and move on to St. Patrick’s Day. Bye-bye, pink and red hearts… I’ve never really decorated for St. Patrick’s Day before. Not that I don’t like green. I just don’t have anything especially festive for this little holiday. […]

Fruit of the Room: Pinterest Challenge

As part of John and Sherry’s Pinterest Challenge, I spent my Friday night painting stamping away at the kitchen table with apples. Originally inspired by this pin, from here, You can check out this post, for the full recap of that adventure, which also included some paper stamping projects. In the end, I ended up […]

Blue Blanket Love

Last week, my parents visited during the day since we were having some furniture delivered while Hubs was at work. We went out to lunch (and had mostly heart-healthy salads) and then did some shopping. My dad hit up a few pawn shops and my mom and I went to Target. While we were at […]

In a Lovey-Dovey Kind of Mood

On Thursday, I showed you the cute little heart pillow I made. Then, on Friday I showed you this pear and hinted that I’d get a Valentine’s-themed-post up this weekend. Well, it’s Monday and you can see that didn’t happen. It turns out that being home with Hubs for the first weekend in a month […]

A Perfect Pair…er, Pear

Remember how in the Thrift Shop Challenge, we found this cute little pear? Well, it was perfect for us because we were looking for cheap knick-knacks to paint white for our mantle and other decor areas, and because Hubs loves pears. (Not in the way I love birds, in that he’s drawn to all sorts […]

I’ve Got a Big, Soft Heart

It’s time for a little living room update to share our Valentine-spirit. I’ve never really done a lot to decorate for this holiday because Hubs hates pink. Plus, we’ve never really celebrated this day that much so I don’t get too over-excited about it usually. Still, it’s nice to have a little something sweet around […]