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Duct Work

To take a step backward from the last kitchen update, here, we need to give you on update on a few more “behind the scenes walls” tasks we had to tackle before we could move forward. For starters, we needed to re-route HVAC vent that is coming up through the wall. You can see it […]

Starting on the Wall Removal

We began removing the pantry wall and doorway to make way for the soon to come cabinets. First, we needed to assess the situation, and since every situation is different, we won’t go into much detail about the work we did in the attic.  You should always work with a professional when you are going […]

The Cabinet Removal Begins

So we talked about removing the pantry and how it isn’t going as we originally planned. But Melissa is having trouble imagining the various plans we are thinking up. So we started the cabinet removal process with the cabinet on the wall we plan to remove. We started by removing the light that was mounted […]

Our Favorites From 2013

In the past 365 days, we’ve done a whole bunch of projects. And I know that winter can be a discouraging time with all the cold weather and not a lot of sunshine to do projects in (we currently have snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow!), so here’s a look back at some […]

DIwYatt: Sharpening the Mower Blades

So I noticed while I was mowing that the lawn mower was leaving a path of tall grass. Since getting the mower, I have only changed the oil, changed the air filter, and added gas. So I figured that it was probably time to sharpen the blades. It was perfect timing, because I had helped […]

Giving the Tomatoes a Trim

On Friday, we had to give our tomato plants a big haircut. It had been pretty windy all day and since they were quite a bit taller than their cages (they’ve gone crazy!) they finally fell over. Oops. Sorry for not being supportive enough, guys. (Warning, blurry cell photos below!-Sorry!) Not many of the branches […]

Why, wasps?!

When we moved to the suburbs, I had the idea that we wouldn’t have as many bugs and critters and other outdoor issues. Except maybe a dog that barks all night in our neighbor’s backyard or something. As it turns out though, we’ve had more icky insects here than I’ve ever seen where we lived […]

I Spoke Too Soon: Zucchini Edition

Guys, remember when I was all “Our garden is such an amazing surprising success?” (Like in this post.) Well, I spoke too soon. Today, when I was watering and harvesting and pruning, one of the zucchini vines broke off in my hand. It was completely rotted out at the base! After a quick check, the […]

(Re)Staining My Nightstand

Remember back when I tried, and failed, to stain the top of my nightstand a darker color? This was after priming it, painting it, then distressing it with sandpaper and adding an accent color. Here’s the post, for a reminder.  Well, this week, we finally finished it. I almost hate to even admit how we […]

Alarm Advice

Ok guys, the alarm is back at it. And this time, there’s no gas leak to blame. (Here’s how it all went down on Monday.) Here’s the situation: I was in the shower, Hubs was in the garage. The attic fan was on. Windows were open. Everything else about this night was normal. Until the […]

Choosing Joy

This morning, I had a hard time getting out of bed. Not because I was sleepy or tired, I was simply grumpy. And every time I sat up in bed, I was reminded by the view outside our window that spring had taken another step back. Yup, we had almost 4 inches of snow last […]

DIwYatt: Ceiling Fan Fixup

When we were first coming up with our “Master Plan,” one of the things that we definitely wanted to do in our living room and master bedroom was to update the ceiling fans to a more modern style. Yes, ceiling fans may not be the most “stylish” option, according to Melissa, but they are so functional, and […]

The Not-Already-Awesome Stuff

Yesterday, we had friends over for dinner and gave them the tour of the house. Since they were the only ones here, they got the extended disco version. Translation: The version where I tell them everything that’s “wrong” with our house that we want to fix someday. I realized about halfway through this tour that […]

Resolutions 2013 Style

We’ve settled on some resolutions for this year, a few more than last year, because this time several of them revolve around the house. 1. Take a vacation that’s at least a long-weekend long. Either two short trips or one long trip. We already have some money set aside for this, so I’m already getting […]

The Resolution Recap

Being as this is the first time I’ve ever made public New Year’s resolutions, this is the first time I’ve had to admit how well I actually followed them. That being said, I’m excited to share this list and work on finishing up our list for next year. Just as a recap to last year, […]

DIY Sweater Stockings

Last year, I made a stocking for Hubs by hand. It went pretty well, even though it took forever to sew since I didn’t have a machine. He had made mine several years before as a Christmas gift when we were dating. (I was still in high school at the time!) And while I love […]

The door project

When we moved into our house, I hated every single door, for various reasons. Some were too small, some were too boring, some were painted an ugly color (hello, front door!), and others were just really damaged. Slowly, we’ve been making changes to get rid of/update all these darn doors, and right before our housewarming […]

Thoughts from home

Last week, Hubs and I weren’t home. It was the first time being away from our (“finished”) house, and I have to admit how much I simply missed being here! Hubs was traveling for work and since I work from home and can technically work anywhere with an internet connections, I went with him and […]

Newlywed Resolutions–LAST CHANCE!

In case you didn’t know, there are only 8 more Wednesdays before Christmas. That means if you haven’t yet accomplished your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to do that. Here’s a sneak peak back at our resolutions: 5. Write at least five things that are just for me. I can worry about what to use […]

No more tears…

No this isn’t a commercial for some sort of extra gentle baby shampoo, but yes, I am talking about tears, the things that fall from our eyes when we are hurt or upset, not to be confused with tears, or rips in paper or clothing. The English language is confusing. Sheesh. But I did spend […]

Tears of Joy

Well guys, the big one year anniversary officially came and went without a lot of hoopla or fanfare. I had expected lots of joyous, silly celebrating, but we had none of that. And you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to celebrate again on Saturday in a […]

How we’re doing on “happily-ever-after:” The Anniversary Post

I can’t believe it. Really, I can’t. But it’s true. Hubs and I have been married for a whole year. Crazy, isn’t it? I mean, considering the fact that we dated for 6 1/2 years before we got married, so much more has happened in the past 366 days. (It was a leap year, after […]

How a broken radiator taught me to trust my husband more

Last week, my car overheated on the way to get the water switched over to our name at our new house. I told you guys all about it, so of course, because you are such loyal and awesome readers, that you remember ever tiny little detail about it. In case your mind is a little […]

What I learned from my Jimmy, who got too hot today.

Today I had to drive all the way down to Blue Springs to get the water switched to our name for the new house. Exciting, and also super frustrating since it takes all of five minutes for them to do it, and I had to drive an hour and 20 minutes round trip to do […]

Working girl blues

Well, as you guys know, I’m now working only from home every day. And I’m actually staying pretty busy, and making as much as I was during my internship days. (Still not as steady and secure as a “real” full time job, but I’m enjoying my time. Mostly. I’m certainly learning a bunch of things […]

The 10 Best Things About Being a Newlywed

I’ve had some time to think about marriage recently, and I’ve compiled a list that I thought was important enough to share with all of you. Ready? Let’s go. (Note: This list is not at all intended to be taken totally seriously, unless of course, you are a newlywed, or can remember being one, and […]

Chicago on my mind…Kansas City in my heart

This weekend, Hubs and I took a bus trip to Chicago with the Cauldron. (That’s the supporters’ organization for Sporting KC.) It was our first group trip ever, other than mission trips in high school, and our first bus trip. We traveled there with Wyatt’s brother, and some friends, but also a lot of people […]

Warrior Weekend

This weekend was a big one. I’d say it was a warrior-worthy mess of a weekend. For starters, Wyatt and I had a huge fight on Friday night. It was the most angry and upset I’ve been since we’ve been married. I don’t need to go into all the details, but we were able to […]


Well, guys, I’m a bit late posting, but it was a busy weekend so I hope you’ll forgive me. My friend, Elizabeth got married on Saturday and celebrating with them took most of our time this weekend, but, I want to finish up the A to Z blogging challenge today so I end on schedule. […]

“U”nderstanding Each Other

Hubs and I are different. A lot different. I am a 50% rational and 50% emotional. Usually the rational part wins over, but when it’s time to be emotional, boy, do I get emotional! Hubs is 80% rational and 20% emotional.* This can make it hard to communicate. Case in point? Last night, about 11:15pm, […]