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A Quickie Spring Outdoor Update for Easter

I meant to post this little update on Monday, but it’s now Thursday and the week is almost over again. I suppose I should be pleased the weekend is almost back around, but the week has flown by so much I still feel like I’m playing catch up with work projects. Anyway, I figured I’d […]

Weekend Rewind – Time Apart, Tulips, and Walktober Edition

I know we’ve been boring you with all our talk about tile, and I hate to say this, but there are still a couple posts coming on the subject, but one of them will be our reveal post (with all the grout and glory), but I wanted to take a break out of that and […]

No Longer In the Weeds

This post is only about not being in literal weeds. We are still in the weeds if you’re using that as an expression to describe our never-ending kitchen remodel or the amount of clutter on my desk. But, to get back on track, this is an example of what our front yard landscaping looked like […]

Finally, Some Flowers (And the cutest watering can ever)

With all the work in the garden and the kitchen, I hadn’t had much time to spend on planting any flower pots for our deck. Wyatt thinks potted plants are silly (spending money on something we just have to take care of all summer!) so he’s not one for pushing me to get busy on […]

Our New View From the Front

I already hinted at our new view yesterday, but it’s time for the big reveal. After about an hour more work last evening after Hubs got home from work, this is what our final result looks like: It’s a big difference when you consider just how far we’ve come in the past couple months (yes […]

Weekend Rewind: Expensive Progress Edition

Building wooden furniture and adding landscape are both pretty expensive projects so this weekend wasn’t a cheap one. However, as we look for prices on hardwood floors, kitchen counter tops, and custom cabinetry, I suppose I may have to rethink my definition of “expensive.”┬áSo, despite costing us a couple hundred bucks at Home Depot, this […]

Weekend Rewind: Rock Wall and Yip Yip Edition

Guys, exciting news: the rock wall on the front part of our house…is done! Well, done for now. Here’s the finished wall from the right side: It’s a legit little wall—and I’m proud of Hubs’ handiwork. And proud of his online bargain hunting skills that scored us these awesome second hand stones. The end isn’t […]

Some Front Porch Progress

We shared our Labor Day labors with you earlier this week, but here’s the progress we’ve made since then: It doesn’t look like it’s finished (it’s not!) but we’ve come a ways since we left off on Monday evening, especially when you consider we’ve only worked on it one night this week, and that Hubs […]

A Labor-Filled Labor Day

We worked outside all day yesterday. It may not have been the most relaxing way to spend the long weekend, but it was a little fun to celebrate the end of summer by tearing out a bunch of shrubs and landscaping on the front side of our house. We needed to fix up a way […]

Two Cheers for Tulips

I’ve already told you guys how sad I was when all my seedlings started to die. I’m even more sad to say I only have these left: I’ve dealt with it though, and I’m moving on, ready to buy plants to fill up our garden, in hopes that they grow better than these seeds did. […]