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More Middle-Of-The-Country Map Pins

I finally got around to adding pins from our Kentucky Wedding Roadtrip (watch the video recap, here!). The process is pretty much the same for doing this every trip, but for a recap of how we made this fun interactive piece of art, go back and read this post. First, I gather the supplies needed, and […]

Garden Growing Pains

This year, we’ve already had a few garden issues to try and overcome. After enlarging the entire area and adding a few new beds, we were left with a garden that looked like this: Then, we had an encounter with Yard Bird. For some reason, the three tomato plants we planted a few weeks ago […]

Weekend Update: Yard Bird Edition

This weekend, we had an adventure of the avian variety. On Friday evening, I looked out to the garden and saw large flapping wings inside our bird netting. I was shocked and angry at first, but after we went out there to check it out, we saw it wasn’t a bird trying to steal our […]

Weekend Rewind: Wet and Drywall Edition

This weekend, it rained. In fact, it’s really rained a lot lately. So much so that we’re having to spray the garden with the organic oil-based bug repellent we’re trying this year nearly every other day because it keeps washing away. But more on the garden later. Anyway, we spent a lot of time outside […]

Weekend Rewind: Mother’s Day and Mosquitoes Edition

This weekend was busy. Busy as usual, I suppose, but it was also really great because we got to relax and spend some time with our families. It was also messy, because really, the garage has been heavily used and little neglected lately. Ugh. We’ve just been piling stuff up out there, making a giant […]

Starting on the Wall Removal

We began removing the pantry wall and doorway to make way for the soon to come cabinets. First, we needed to assess the situation, and since every situation is different, we won’t go into much detail about the work we did in the attic.  You should always work with a professional when you are going […]

Heads Up! (A Brief Interruption From Kitchen Progress to Score a Sweet Deal)

As promised in yesterday’s post about our cardboard kitchen cabinets, today is a totally non-related-to-the-kitchen post. For this post, we’re jumping all the way from one end of our house to the other–our bedroom! Yup, we bought a headboard this week. It was totally unexpected and totally awesome. To back up and tell the whole […]

Weekend Rewind: Surprise and Social Edition

We had a busy weekend! And really, we didn’t do any work at all. It was an entirely fun time. (We’re stocking up on fun stuff now for when the crazy kitchen remodel begins, perhaps?) Anyway, on Friday, we had a surprise double date with some friends from church. The boys were in on the […]

New Pins!

This weekend, I made pins to add our Florida vacation to our map pinboard. I also added a few important pins to the middle of the country. Yea, we decided to go ahead and add pins for our house and our apartment. It helps keep things centered around what’s really important as we add pins all […]

Replacing the Dishwasher

So we told you about our dishwasher catching on fire, and we have been without one for the past month and a half. After a looking around at a few places, we found ourselves at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We found one that we were interested in, so we went home and did a little bit […]

Resolutions 2014—Our First Attempts

Well, guys, it’s the middle of march, which means we’ve had about 2 and a half months to get started on our resolutions so far…and it’s time for a little accountability… To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. So far, we have managed to choose […]

Our Favorites From 2013

In the past 365 days, we’ve done a whole bunch of projects. And I know that winter can be a discouraging time with all the cold weather and not a lot of sunshine to do projects in (we currently have snow on the ground with more coming tomorrow!), so here’s a look back at some […]

Sharing Some Garden Love

Recently, I submitted our garden project to Westlake’s Project of the month contest and surprisingly enough, we won their third prize for October! What a fun little addition to our blogiversary celebration! (Don’t forget to go enter our giveaway!) In our entry, I basically detailed all the steps we took to create our garden this […]

Weekend Rewind: Friends & Family Edition

This weekend we didn’t accomplish as much as would have liked around the house…however…we did have a great time visiting with friends and family. We also enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. On Friday night, Hubs went to the Sporting KC game. While he was gone, our friends Matt and Elizabeth arrived for a visit. They […]

An Eco-Edge: (Yet Another Garden Project)

Remember how I told you we had a productive day on Sunday? Well, one of those projects included reusing the edging that we took out of the bed in the front of the house. Where did we put those, do you ask? Why, we put them in the garden! Way back in the spring, we […]

Garden Update: Still Growing Strong

It’s been awhile since we did a garden update for you all, and since I recently did some fall planting out there, I thought I’d take a minute to share how things are going. The cucumbers seem to be infested with white flies, so we’ve begun battling them…although I’m not all that committed to the […]

DIwYatt: No Junction!?

Note: Prior to working on anything electrical, turn off the corresponding circuit breaker! I took down the light in Melissa’s office in preparation for hanging her new chandelier. Upon taking it down, I noticed immediately that there was no junction box. It was obvious because all that was left was the wire sticking out of […]

Bargains Lately: Wizards, Funny Words, and Fun Facts

We went to a few garage sales over the weekend and had pretty good luck considering it’s pretty late in the summer to be garage sale season. Fun Fact: I’m known to get up early on Saturdays, just to go garage sale-ing. Hubs is not known to do this. Unless I make him.  Bonus Fun […]

Why, wasps?!

When we moved to the suburbs, I had the idea that we wouldn’t have as many bugs and critters and other outdoor issues. Except maybe a dog that barks all night in our neighbor’s backyard or something. As it turns out though, we’ve had more icky insects here than I’ve ever seen where we lived […]

And The Garden Is Finished!

Finally! We finally finished the garden, guys! It’s been planted for awhile now but we have been waiting to get the mulch down around the raised beds. Finally we’re done mulching, too! I also added a few of these pots, with some leftover marigolds (and the ones I transplanted from underneath the fast-overtaking-the-entire-bed zucchini. (It […]

Weekend Rewind: Reunion Edition

This weekend, Hubs and I traveled to our hometown for a quick, low-key five-year high school reunion (for me, he’s already been out of high school for 7 years…). We knew it was going to be a small group (we didn’t have a big class and only a few seemed interesting in meeting up at […]

Surprising Success

The garden is, by far, the most surprising success we’ve had at the new house so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed so many of the projects we’ve done, and I think pretty much everything has been a success, in some degree…but the garden…we just never expected that after only a few weeks […]

Planting the Berries (Finally)

Ok guys, I can now say the garden is officially planted. Not done, but planted. We still need to add the mulch that is going on the ground around the boxes to keep us from having to mow or weed-eat around everything. But I’m celebrating the mini-victory that we have everything in the ground. Yesterday, […]

Weekend Rewind: Country Pack-Rat Edition

Well guys, it seems like our house fills up a little more every time we make a trip back home to visit our families. For some reason, we ALWAYS come back with more than we left with. This time, our weekend included some garage sales, as well as a little bit of free finds from our […]

An Update: Resolutions and Running

So, in case you guys missed the announcement hidden in this post, I figured it was time for a little bit of an update. Also, it’s June, so we need to do a Resolution Update since we’re now halfway through the year. We’ll start with that and get to the announcement later. I know we just […]

Bargains Lately: Garage Sale Treasures

I went to a bunch of garage sales this past week, and we found some pretty good stuff, guys! I wanted to share a little bit of our best finds with you all, for your own bargain-hunting inspiration. First up, books for $14.75. I know $14.75 sounds like a lot to pay at a garage […]

DIY Pinboard Travel Map Part 2

This is Part 2 of our DIY Travel Pin Board Map. For Part 1 of this project, read this post.  Wyatt already showed you guys the interesting part of this project. He talked about building the frame and getting the map to be “pin-able,” but I wanted to do a “quick” post about how we […]

Growing The Garden

We added a few plants to the garden this past weekend so we’re another few steps closer to getting it all the way planted and ready to go. We stripped out the sod from the back end of the garden, which was anything but fun. They’ll be a post about that later, so I won’t […]

Sweet Strawberry Success

It’s official. We’ve had a (very tiny) harvest already in our garden! Ha! Yes, I know that one little strawberry, which Hubs and I shared, isn’t all that significant when you consider how much work and sweat and planning has already gone into the garden this year. (You can read more about it here and […]

Planting Progress!

We did it! Last night, one year from first seeing our house, we planted the garden. Yup, the garden we’ve been talking to you guys about for months now. It all started with my attempt to get a head start on my seeds inside, which didn’t end well. (You can read about that here.) Then, […]