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Updating my Office – A (Small) Home Office Makeover

I’ve been working on a small home office makeover for awhile. Really, I’ve been cleaning, but I’m going to pretend it was a full revamp, okay?It’s looked like this for WAY too long this year. But since I also added some furniture, I’m going to pretend it was more than just cleaning. It was also […]

My Messy Desk Dilemma: A Revamped DIY Desk Organizer

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Sweet Stamps

Over Christmas, Wyatt and I did a little clearance shopping. One of the things I found was this adorable little wooden box to hold stamps. I know some might say it’s unnecessary, but I thought it was too cute to pass up! I consider myself to be someone who writes and sends more cards than […]

An “In-the-Meantime” Makeshift Update with Mod Podge

If you’ve noticed we haven’t had much major progress around here lately, rest assured that we have also noticed. In fact, I’ve noticed a lot. And I’ve noticed loudly. In short, I’m impatient. We have several big projects (think a major kitchen renovation and new flooring) in the works, but those all require a hefty […]

Another Little Office Update…

First of all, I’m sorry if you guys ever feel like the updates we post on here are too boring and too basic to count as DIY progress. But sometimes, while we’re working on several “big” projects (like our landscaping project) and a few really big projects (like planning our deck and our kitchen,) we […]

Finally Finished: Chandelier Makeover Part 3!

You’ve now seen the first two installments of our chandelier makeover. First, we painted the dingy brass. Then, Hubs had to add a junction box. We also had to shorten the chain since it was on a lot longer in the living room where my parents had it. Hubs used his wire strippers to do this. […]

Fun, Fancy, and Free: A New Chandelier

Last summer, we switched out our ceiling fan in the living room (which was all brass and light wood tones (not our style). We went with one that was a lot more modern looking. Some back story: Fortunately, my parents happen to like brass and lighter wood tones (it goes better in their 100 year old […]

Wake-up, Make up: The Office Revamp Reveal

I already hinted at my office makeover… …but today, I’m showing you the whole thing. After painting the garage sale frame yellow, I grouped it with some already-yellow frames we had, which was good…but it seemed to be lacking a little, so I went looking for more.  I found two possibilities in my stash of […]

Some Freebie Frame Fun

I shared my messy office with you last week and hinted I was working on redecorating a bit. As part of that process, I painted up this garage sale frame I picked up for 50 cents: It went from red to–you guessed it–yellow. And then I added this print, you might recognize it from our […]

Right Now…a Glimpse Into My Office

Guys, I’m feeling like I should make a confession…My office is currently a disaster! (For those that knew me when I was growing up–Mom, Dad, Sis–this may not seem like a surprise, but really, I try to keep our house pretty neat.) But…right now… it looks like this is there: My desk is a disaster! […]

Hang On and Hang Up

Have you guys seen any great gallery walls lately? They seem to be really popular right now and I knew I wanted a couple of them in our house. I had so many beautiful wedding photos to hang up. Plus, we had a lot of walls to fill and lots of small frames is WAY […]

Project: No-More-Procrastination

So, I know we all decided, rather diplomatically of course, that I should fix up the nightstand before painting the filing cabinet. However, this is my last week of being less busy at work so I wanted to take advantage of the time and actually tackle a project I’ve been putting off for awhile. Ok, […]

Which Came First, the Nightstand or the Cabinet

Alright guys, remember back when I said I had the winter project blues because it was cold out and I didn’t know which projects to take on? Well, I’m leaving this up to you to help me decide which project should I take on first (meaning right now)? First, my nightstand: A couple years ago, […]

If you give a lamp a makeover…

I thought I’d take a quick break from all this Christmas crafting to tell you guys about another easy project I did for my office. Since it’s the room I spend the most time in during the day, I wanted it to feel “done” pretty early on in the remodel process. Now, that didn’t mean […]

The Yellow Desk

  It all started with this board on Pinterest. See, I saw a blue piano and a coral dresser and I was in love. Then, I saw a yellow pantry door and knew I was in trouble. I had to have a bright-colored piece of furniture in my house as soon as possible. I just […]