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Hand-me-down Happiness

One of the biggest blessings most young families are given is the gift of hand-me-down furniture. It’s wonderful to help fill empty rooms and prevent everyone from having to sit on lawn chairs or canoes in the living room. But, the bad part about all that free furniture is that it doesn’t always perfectly suit our […]

Our Guestroom Makeover on a Budget – Cost Breakdown

It’s been a little bit longer than I’d hoped it would be since I shared our guestroom makeover reveal, here, but I’m finally ready to share the cost breakdown of what we spent on this room for all the projects we completed in that space. I just shared the cost breakdown for our nursery, here, […]

The Guest Room is Ready – Reveal Post (For Now)

I already shared a little this week about our guest room when I talked about making that space welcoming for friends and family. So, I figured I might as well go ahead and do a “reveal” post for that room. It’s not really done since we still have some furniture tweaks we’d like to make […]


I’ve talked about making our home welcoming for guests a few times. I know I specifically mentioned it in a post about our bathroom awhile back. You can read that here, if you’d like a refresher. With the basement guestroom, I’ve been focused on little ways to continue that idea. I want our home to […]

Putting Up The Puffs (LED Lights for the Guest Room)

Not sure if you guys have heard of these “puff” lights, but I hadn’t until a couple weeks ago when a friend at church installed one in her new office. I laughed a little when I first heard the term puff light at first because I was picturing this: In reality, the one we installed […]

Our Guestroom Headboard Reveal

Ok, we’ve been teasing long enough, it’s time to show you our handiwork in transforming our guest room from something that was basically just a storage area for hand-me-down furniture, to a room I considered sleeping in myself the first night it was finished. For a refresher on how we built and upholstered the headboard […]

DIY (Nearly Free) Upholstered Headboard Using an Old Hollow-Core Door

For the basement guestroom, I was really hoping for a nice upholstered headboard to add some texture, color, and “fancy” to the room. But, I wasn’t willing to spend big bucks on one. We are using two twin beds down there, pushed together to make one big king bed (or pulled apart for any non-couple […]

Fresh is Best: Painting the Basement Guestroom

A few weeks ago, I talked about painting the nursery a fresh, light gray. Similarly, we finally got the new basement guestroom painted. We used the exact same color because we got the paint for free (BOGO) and I figured it would be a nice, fresh, blank slate for the guest room. And, since it’s […]

The Ever-Evolving Mess

With so many projects going at once around here, there’s ALWAYS a mess somewhere. Usually, that mess is in the basement and the garage. Sometimes, we need to use those spaces as, well, what they are supposed to be used for. Which means, we need to clean those areas. And that means the mess gets […]

Weekend Rewind: Progress (Thanks in Part to my Parents)

This weekend, we worked. And by worked, I mean we painted… moved in some furniture… painted that furniture… cleaned… painted some more… painted more…   replaced a door… painted just a little more… oh, and painted a little more… Basically, we had a progress-filled weekend. Wyatt and I worked on getting the ceilings in the […]

Making a Makeshift Guest Room…Again

We have big plans, you all. Big plans. Big plans for before the baby comes. But, until we start to make some progress on said plans, I’m not sure they’ll get done before the baby gets here. I think we just need momentum. Right now, our momentum is pulling us toward the couch at the […]

In Case You May Have Noticed…

This week has been all about realizing I’d forgotten to tell you guys about a particular step we took in the kitchen project. First, I filled you in on all the little-shown but big-time spent projects Wyatt’s had to tackle in the kitchen. Things like wiring and plumbing. I also realized that if you were […]

A New (Old) Frame for a New (Old) Map

I think I mentioned one of our favorite Christmas gifts several months ago. It’s an old topographical map from our little suburb area from Wyatt’s brother, and we really liked it. It came rolled up, but it has also been folded several times, so there are a lot of wrinkles and creases. Plus, since it’s […]

Cleaning Out the Guest Room Closet

Last week, I shared about my efforts to finally tackle our hallway coat closet. That project ended up making a mess in the gust room because I robbed the storage drawers from that closet to use in the entryway. So, the next day, I tackled the guest room and was finally able to make that area […]

The Guest Room Got Dress(er)ed Up!

While we’re busy decking out halls and dressing up the house for Christmas, I took a few minutes to spruce up our guest room with the new dresser! What? New dresser? Have you forgotten the little Craigslist encounter we had all the way back in January? Well, that dresser is finally finished. For now, that […]

Raising The Curtains

I had a few minutes yesterday to work on the curtain situation that was going on in our guest room. The new Ikea drapes were taking over the entire room and it was time to stand up and put an end to it. Ok, so they weren’t taking over the entire room…but they were too […]

Baby Steps

Nope, I’m not pregnant, we’re talking about progress here., specifically we’re talking about slooooow progress. Like most of our rooms, our guest room is in transition. As a reminder, here’s how it looked when we bought the house: And here’s what it looked like at our housewarming party last fall: We hadn’t purchased any of the […]

Great Crates!

As part of the long, drawn-out process of growing-up the guest room, I’ve been trying to find some sort of new bedside tables without breaking the bank. Here’s how it looked after adding the headboard. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy…so we went to option two, DIY! I’d had the idea to […]

A New Head to the Bed

When we purchased our Craigslist dresser, all those months ago, it came with a matching headboard. Since we’re not using the dresser (at all yet) in a bedroom, we didn’t really need the matching headboard. But we did have a guest room bed with no headboard, so I was excited to find a near-free solution […]

Headboard Head Start

We’ve now had two weekends full of sunshine and warm weather, and I’ve used both of those weekends to encourage Wyatt and I to get some things done around the house that we can’t do when it’s wintering outside. (Yes, I just made “wintering” into a new kind of verb. It means, loosely translated from […]