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Resolutions 2014 – Halfway Point Progress

We’ve officially made it to the middle part of the year, so it’s time for a little accountability update on how we’re doing with our goals for 2014. To see our initial post about our plans for this year, read this post. You can see our first quarter update, here. 1. The kitchen/flooring/stairway project. You’ve only heard […]

Weekend Rewind: Wet and Drywall Edition

This weekend, it rained. In fact, it’s really rained a lot lately. So much so that we’re having to spray the garden with the organic oil-based bug repellent we’re trying this year nearly every other day because it keeps washing away. But more on the garden later. Anyway, we spent a lot of time outside […]

DIwYatt: The Upgraded “No-Bird” House

Now that our berry bushes are beginning to bear some fruit, it’s time to put the bird netting back up. If you remember last year, we put up some PVC poles and wrapped the netting around it. You can read more about how we created a Bird Barrier last year. You can see how the netting is really […]

Splurging and Saving

Recently, we had a semi-scary experience. Our credit card got denied when we tried to pay for some recent car repairs over the phone. Yikes. There’s nothing that really compares to the feeling of simultaneous panic and embarrassment when someone says, “Uh, do you maybe have another card you could put this on. It’s been […]

Let’s Get Going on the Garden!

In our weekend update post yesterday, I already hinted a little bit at what we worked on out in the garden…adding dirt and mulch…but we also added plants! But before we did that, we had to weed. We had totally neglected this earlier in the spring because we knew we weren’t ready to plant, but we […]

Weekend Rewind: We’ve Officially Gone Crazy Edition

This weekend was a great one…really, but it made me realize something about myself. I’m crazy. Crazy for tackling a kitchen remodel on our own (it’s going well, but it’s still madness, I think.), crazy for ordering our cabinets and then having to walk around them in giant boxes in our living room for several […]

Weekend Rewind: Mother’s Day and Mosquitoes Edition

This weekend was busy. Busy as usual, I suppose, but it was also really great because we got to relax and spend some time with our families. It was also messy, because really, the garage has been heavily used and little neglected lately. Ugh. We’ve just been piling stuff up out there, making a giant […]

Sweet Little Seeds

I showed you my seed starting project just yesterday, but I’ll admit the planting actually took place several days before that. Several days meaning… this are what those little seeds look like now. And, in fact, I’m in hopes of getting these little sprouts into the garden later on this week, or maybe this weekend…depending […]

Starting Seeds for Success

At least, we hope we’re starting seeds for success. As mentioned last week, we’ve been busy around here, both in the kitchen, and in the garden. Last year I started our seeds…WAY too early. I thought it would get warmer earlier…but it snowed in May last year…so I ended up having to keep the seedlings […]

DIwYatt: Recycled Pallet Garden Boxes

Yesterday, Melissa showed you the garden progress we made over the weekend. She’s excited about expanding the garden this year, and she has been wanting some new planting beds to help with that. To get to that point, I recycled some free pallets that my dad picked up on his way home from work. Like she […]

Getting Back Into the Garden

Now that it’s almost May, we decided it was time to start getting the garden in shape for the spring and summer seasons. Last year was the first year we had a garden, so it was a huge experiment. I thought we were starting at a pretty decent size, but I knew we could handle […]

Sharing Some Garden Love

Recently, I submitted our garden project to Westlake’s Project of the month contest and surprisingly enough, we won their third prize for October! What a fun little addition to our blogiversary celebration! (Don’t forget to go enter our giveaway!) In our entry, I basically detailed all the steps we took to create our garden this […]

Garden Gloom, Winter’s Doom

Alright, so winter isn’t really a bad thing. I realize with winter comes Christmas, and Wyatt’s birthday, and other awesome things…but I thought I’d share a few photos of how our garden ended the year. After a few nights of covering everything up with sheets to protect it from the frost, we had a hard […]

Some Sneak Peeks…(Pumpkins, Peppers, Pew and Prints)

Last night, we had a hard freeze. The garden, which has suffered a bit despite its blankets on a few frosty nights, was finally doomed for the season. Still, we went out and harvested every last bit of goodness we could before the cold set in. Here’s a peek at the spoils. (There’s also a […]

Raising the Raspberries

Guys, how many times have I said…”The garden is finished!” only to come back in a week or so with another project or update we’ve done out there? I’m probably starting to sound like the girl who cried garden, huh? (Here, here, and here for examples of this nonsense.)  But, here I am again…with another […]

Weekend Update: Busy Nothing Edition

This weekend was one of those that seems busy at the time and then when I look back on it I feel very little sense of accomplishment. I find I connect strongly, at those times, to this quote from Jane Austen: “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” In fact, last night, Hubs had […]

An Eco-Edge: (Yet Another Garden Project)

Remember how I told you we had a productive day on Sunday? Well, one of those projects included reusing the edging that we took out of the bed in the front of the house. Where did we put those, do you ask? Why, we put them in the garden! Way back in the spring, we […]

Garden Update: Still Growing Strong

It’s been awhile since we did a garden update for you all, and since I recently did some fall planting out there, I thought I’d take a minute to share how things are going. The cucumbers seem to be infested with white flies, so we’ve begun battling them…although I’m not all that committed to the […]

Stuffed Zucchini Boats: A Summer Garden Recipe

It’s been a very long time since I’ve shared a recipe with you all, and that’s not because I haven’t been cooking (I still make dinner at home nearly every night) and it’s not because I haven’t been making up recipes. It’s because I wasn’t sure recipes really fit into the “theme” of our blog […]

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

As a matter of fact, our garden is growing quite nicely, thanks for asking! It’s time for a little check-up, so you guys can see how we’re doing-garden-wise. We recently gave our tomato plants a trim and they’ve been growing like crazy since then! We love that we have several yellow and red cherry tomatoes […]

Easy, FUN, DIY Pickles

As anyone who has been following our blog even half-heartedly this summer knows, we are kind of, sort of, obsessed with our current garden project. We’ve even been posting #DailyHarvest pics on our Istagram accounts. (Mine, Hubs-he’s new so not many posts yet.) And there’s been quite a few posts on the topic. Here, here, […]

Weekend Rewind: Kid Edition

We had two visitors this weekend after a quick trip back to Sedalia for a wedding on Saturday. And boy, did they keep us busy. We worked on a couple of projects, one of which you’ll read about later on this week. We grilled out and had corn on the cob for the first time this […]

Giving the Tomatoes a Trim

On Friday, we had to give our tomato plants a big haircut. It had been pretty windy all day and since they were quite a bit taller than their cages (they’ve gone crazy!) they finally fell over. Oops. Sorry for not being supportive enough, guys. (Warning, blurry cell photos below!-Sorry!) Not many of the branches […]

Weekend Rewind – Birthday Edition

On Sunday, I turned 24. (Which, to me, feels a lot older than 23, which by comparison, didn’t feel that much older than 22. Does anyone understand the way I process these different ages or is it just me?) Anyway, we had a busy weekend, with not a whole bunch of time to celebrate, but […]

I Spoke Too Soon: Zucchini Edition

Guys, remember when I was all “Our garden is such an amazing surprising success?” (Like in this post.) Well, I spoke too soon. Today, when I was watering and harvesting and pruning, one of the zucchini vines broke off in my hand. It was completely rotted out at the base! After a quick check, the […]

And The Garden Is Finished!

Finally! We finally finished the garden, guys! It’s been planted for awhile now but we have been waiting to get the mulch down around the raised beds. Finally we’re done mulching, too! I also added a few of these pots, with some leftover marigolds (and the ones I transplanted from underneath the fast-overtaking-the-entire-bed zucchini. (It […]

The Secret to Weed Barrier and Mulch

On Monday night, Hubs and I finished the garden…at least we finished phase one of the garden. That means we finally laid down the weed barrier we bought months ago, and added the much needed mulch. As I talked about earlier (in this post) when we stripped the sod to make the garden bed in […]

Surprising Success

The garden is, by far, the most surprising success we’ve had at the new house so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed so many of the projects we’ve done, and I think pretty much everything has been a success, in some degree…but the garden…we just never expected that after only a few weeks […]

Our #DailyHarvests

We are head over heels excited about our garden. It has been so so so much work to get going but we’re just now starting to see some fruits of our labor. Literally. I hope you’re as excited about or interested in all this garden stuff, too, since it’s been the bulk of our spring […]

Planting the Berries (Finally)

Ok guys, I can now say the garden is officially planted. Not done, but planted. We still need to add the mulch that is going on the ground around the boxes to keep us from having to mow or weed-eat around everything. But I’m celebrating the mini-victory that we have everything in the ground. Yesterday, […]