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Hand-me-down Happiness

One of the biggest blessings most young families are given is the gift of hand-me-down furniture. It’s wonderful to help fill empty rooms and prevent everyone from having to sit on lawn chairs or canoes in the living room. But, the bad part about all that free furniture is that it doesn’t always perfectly suit our […]

Our Guestroom Headboard Reveal

Ok, we’ve been teasing long enough, it’s time to show you our handiwork in transforming our guest room from something that was basically just a storage area for hand-me-down furniture, to a room I considered sleeping in myself the first night it was finished. For a refresher on how we built and upholstered the headboard […]

An “In-the-Meantime” Makeshift Update with Mod Podge

If you’ve noticed we haven’t had much major progress around here lately, rest assured that we have also noticed. In fact, I’ve noticed a lot. And I’ve noticed loudly. In short, I’m impatient. We have several big projects (think a major kitchen renovation and new flooring) in the works, but those all require a hefty […]

Time for the Table!

Guys, we finally did it. We officially started on the new kitchen table. I mean, we haven’t purchased the supplies yet (that’s the next step!) nor have we started stripping the wood, but we did set everything up and make a mock-up of how it will look when it’s finished.   (Sorry these photos are […]

DIwYatt: Rolling Garage Cart

Since Melissa decided on keeping the metal shelf in the garage, we figured that adding wheels would make it more functional.       We also gave it a face lift by switching out the drawer front. We just so happened to have some wheels that would work perfectly, the only problem: they were in […]

Decisions, decisions…

Here’s the deal, guys. A few weeks ago, Wyatt and I picked up this little shelf/cabinet thing at a garage sale for $5. It’s a bit dirty and worn…and yes there’s a few stickers on it right now. But we have 2 replacement drawer fronts (they’re green instead of blue) so the sticker residue isn’t […]

To Bling, or Not to Bling…A Question for You!

Ok guys, today I need your help. How? Well, it’s simple. All it takes is a simple vote, by way of comment at the bottom of this post. What are we voting on? Well, remember Chester and Mr. Professor? When we picked them out, Hubs was really in favor of changing out the hardware on […]

Mr. Sandman

I’m usually in charge of all the sanding around here. Not because Melissa can’t do it, but because I hate to paint. And she says it only seems fair that if she’s doing all the painting, I should be doing all the sanding… Anyway, I got to work last Sunday working on the Craigslist dresser […]

Headboard Head Start

We’ve now had two weekends full of sunshine and warm weather, and I’ve used both of those weekends to encourage Wyatt and I to get some things done around the house that we can’t do when it’s wintering outside. (Yes, I just made “wintering” into a new kind of verb. It means, loosely translated from […]

An (Even) Nicer Nightstand

By now, I’m sure you guys have seen my nightstand transformation from this: to this: I definitely love this little guy’s design. Also, I found out via my aunt that it actually did belong to my great-grandparents. In fact, she remembers the exact furniture store where my Great-Grandma bought him and where he sat in […]

Icky Sticky

Sticky residue from labels that don’t come off cleanly is the bane of my existance. Seriously. Nothing ruins a new book… or a new door… or a new cutting board…or a new apple… like a sticker that just won’t let go. Seriously. Why can’t manufacturers (or produce suppliers) figure out that the stickers are ruining […]

Meet Chester, and Mr. Professor

We have news, guys. Big, strong news. We brought two handsome men into our home this past week. I’d like to introduce you to Chester: And his brother, The Professor: We finally found the bedroom furniture we wanted. It’s big enough to be super functional with LOTS of big drawers, but it’s not too masculine […]

Out With The Old

Our new bedroom furniture is being delivered in a couple days (Woot woot!) and that means we have to make some room for the new stuff. Which means we have to get rid of the old stuff…although, if you know us very well, you know we don’t get rid of much of anything around here. […]

Our First Encounter With Mr. Craig

Last night, Hubs and I finally had a late-night rendezvous with Mr. Craig. Who’s Mr. Craig? Well, he’s the man with the list. And I’ve been trying to arrange a successful hookup for the past month. Finally, last night, at about 6:30, we nailed down a time, place, and a purchase price. Then, Hubs and I hopped in […]

Table Time!

I wanted to give you guys a bit more information on the kitchen table sneak-peak I gave you last week in this post. The plan is to take this dirty, dusty pile of a hot mess: Into something that looks a little like this: Or this: In actuality, it will likely end up in a […]

Dresser Success

So, remember when I complained and complained about wanting a new dresser for our bedroom so we can start making some progress in there? Well, big news, we found one! Actually, we found a dresser and a chest that match. It’s not a full bedroom set since the bed and nightstands won’t really match, but […]