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Fall Fun—Free Printables!

Be sure to follow all our other projects, here! We hope you enjoy our little corner of Blog Land and stop to look around a few other pages, like our DIY Foam Cooler Ottoman, Ruler Growth Chart, our Kitchen Renovation, all my other free printables, and our ever-popular fireplace transformation! In the past, I’ve shared a few free printables with […]

A Big, Bold Board: Our House’s Newest Chalkboard

Ok, I have a confession. I tend to take something fantastic, like chalkboards, and run with it until I’m crazy obsessed and overrun with an amazing collection of them. Take for example, my fondness for ceramic birds. Or my fondness for yellow and blue and gray… Or my overabundance of chairs… You get the idea. So, […]

An Eco-Edge: (Yet Another Garden Project)

Remember how I told you we had a productive day on Sunday? Well, one of those projects included reusing the edging that we took out of the bed in the front of the house. Where did we put those, do you ask? Why, we put them in the garden! Way back in the spring, we […]

How I Stay Organized (A Work From Home FREE PRINTABLE!)

***I have an updated version of this printable, in a bunch of new colors, available HERE! And, see all our free printables offered HERE! Enjoy!*** As a writer who works from home (or from coffee shops or other free wi-fi locations), I use a to-do list regularly. I have trouble balancing things that need doing […]

Some Freebie Frame Fun

I shared my messy office with you last week and hinted I was working on redecorating a bit. As part of that process, I painted up this garage sale frame I picked up for 50 cents: It went from red to–you guessed it–yellow. And then I added this print, you might recognize it from our […]

A Makeshift Mug Holder

Technically, this won’t be used just for mugs. It will also be used for cans, glasses, remotes, newspapers, and whatever else Hubs needs nearby. But let me back up and explain. Hubs has been complaining for awhile now that he needs an end table on “his end” of the love seat. He doesn’t like that […]

Mirror, Mirror…on the stove…

On Friday, I received a special delivery from our local FedEx man. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should back up a bit and explain. I like to enter contests. In fact, I usually enter several a day, in some form or fashion. I love to enter contests that aren’t based on random drawings though, […]

A Frame Swap

A few weekends ago, we had a garage sale. One of the things my mom brought up to sell was an old picture that had hung in the stairway of their house for probably 18 years or so. It’s cute, yes, but no longer matches the hallway (they redid that area of the house when […]

DIwYatt: Lighted Porch Post Caps (A Free Fix)

So Melissa told you about Almost Lighting up the Night last week. And I came up with a free fix. We have this box of scrap wood in the corner of the garage that we use for things like propping things up in the grass to spray paint them. I decided to use some of it […]

Dumpster Diving Diva

Ok, so the title is a little misleading because Hubs was also involved in this dumpster diving escapade, and we all know he’s about as far from a diva as you can get. Still, it has a nice ring to it, so I’m going for it.  Here’s the back story: Our neighbors are doing a […]


Well, it’s time to take down the Valentine’s Decor (or maybe I should have done that already?) and move on to St. Patrick’s Day. Bye-bye, pink and red hearts… I’ve never really decorated for St. Patrick’s Day before. Not that I don’t like green. I just don’t have anything especially festive for this little holiday. […]

(Not) Too Cool For Spool

Last Saturday, there was a little snow on the ground, (Compared to today, when there is a LOT of snow on the ground.) but Hubs and I braved the not-very-scary conditions and headed out to Raymore (about a 40 or so minute drive from where we are) to get a free, that’s right, FREE, giant cable […]