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Freebie FriYAY – September Sun Free Fall Printable

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a free printable with you all for #FreebieFriYAY so I spent a few minutes designing this fun free fall printable for you in honor of the beautiful September day we had today. I’m going to add it to our clipboard gallery wall (which you can read about, HERE), […]

Free Summer Popsicle Printables – Freebie FriYAY

As I’ve said before, I’m certainly not a designer, but I like to pretend to be sometimes, and in honor of summer starting this week, I thought it would be fun to create a free summer printable with popsicles. I made them in four different colors and sayings so you can download your favorite. Or all four! […]

Freebie FriYAY – Mercies Are New

It’s been awhile since I shared a #Freebie FriYAY with you all so I wanted to pop in with this one before I start the weekend. (sorry for the bad cell photo-this is the darkest corner of our house, apparently.) This week has been one of the best I can remember in a long time. […]

Feebie FriYAY – Loved & Lovely

Today’s #FreebieFriYAY is a reminder I need to hear daily. Or hourly.  Because I often don’t feel loved. Or lovely. Motherhood isn’t exactly the most glamorous job out there. I mean, unless you think yoga pants covered in baby drool and smeared vegetable puree, stained nursing tanks, old stretched out t-shirts, and three-day old hair […]

Freebie FriYAY – Pride & Prejudice Print

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back with another #FreebieFriYAY print to share with you. If you look a few posts back at my potted plant update, you might see a little glimpse of a fun print I made around Valentine’s Day. Even though that holiday of lovey-dovey mushy-gushy stuff is over, I have left the print […]

Happy FriYAY! (Another Freebie For You)

Last week, I started my Freebie FriYay series, where I give you guys free stuff on Fridays. Woohoo for free, right? Today, I’m offering another one of the prints I created for our blue and gold winter clipboard wall. (For the sources to the awesome gold prints I shared there, click here.) This time, it’s […]

Freebie FriYAY – Do Stuff Today

Today marks the first of a fun series I’ve been wanting to start for awhile – Freebie FriYAY! In non-excited “girl speak,” that means you get something free on Fridays. Woot woot! (Sorry, I relapsed into excited girl speak again. Oops. #SorryNotSorry? Ok, enough with the silliness and on to the details! I’m not a […]

New Clipboard Prints for Winter

Last week I shared our simple winter mantle with the new chalkboard quote. (If you missed it, click here.) Today, I’m FINALLY getting around to sharing the prints I picked for the clipboard wall this month. I don’t switch these out every month, but I try to do it every now and then, just for […]

Giveaway Number 6!

Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. It’s the second to last day for our blogiversary giveaway week and today is especially in honor of Wyatt’s birthday today—some books he picked out as being awesome enough to share with you all! But first, some stats… Search terms are always an interesting statistic in my mind and […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 5!!

Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. It’s DAY FIVE! Can you believe how fast this week of giveaways is going? I hope you’re keeping up because we have some awesome prizes to give out! One interesting fact about out blog is that 75% of our readers are in the U.S., 10% are in Canada, and […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 4

Giveaway ended. Winner will be notified. We’re on day four of this awesome giveaway week and I am having lots of fun sharing cool prizes with you all! I’m also having fun sharing some fun little details about our blog. So far, we have 869 posts published here, although some of those were migrated over […]

Fiverr Update: It’s Almost Over!

UPDATE: The promotion for a free gig is over, but you can still purchase regularly, here.  It’s time for the last update about the #FiverrHustle business challenge I’m doing. So far, I’ve had a great time completing orders for you all, but there are still many freebies left to give to my readers, so don’t miss […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Numero Tres

Giveaway Ended. Winner will be notified. It’s Day 3! We did a lot of work on our house before we started blogging, but our kitchen was the first big project we’ve shared start to finish. There are currently 131 posts on our site about our kitchen. (Not all of them are remodel related.) You can […]

Blogiversary Giveaway Number 2!

Update: Giveaway Closed. Winner will be notified. Welcome to day 2 of our week of blogging anniversary giveaways! Another fun fact about the three years we’ve been blogging here is that our most popular post is, BY FAR, our DIY growth chart ruler. It’s been viewed 63,342 times, more than twice any of our other tutorials. […]

Happy Belated Blogiversary to Us! (And you–WITH A GIVEAWAY!)

Giveaway closed. Winner will be notified. Thanks! EDITED: If you aren’t interested in this particular print, as cute as it is, the prize can be subbed for any print/frame combo, here, up to $30.  I’m a little late getting this post up, but we’ve now been sharing our lives and DIY adventures with you wonderful […]

FREE “Bee” Thankful Printable

Earlier this week I posted my free FRIENDS-themed Thanksgiving printable. (Trifle anyone?) If you missed it, go find and print it here. Today I wanted to share something a little more traditional, but not super traditional. I was inspired by all the “Be Thankful” signs I’d seen floating around Pinterest, and wanted to create one […]

Because I Like You…and Christmas – FREEBIE ALERT

PROMOTION HAS ENDED. HOPE YOU GOT YOUR CARDS! 🙂 I don’t usually post deals and other such things, but because this is so awesome, I had to share with you all. You can get 35 TOTALLY FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS right now from Minted. Here’s how. 1. Register for a new Minted account which will automatically place a $25 credit […]

Babies Don’t Keep ~ FREE PRINTABLE

Hi guys, sorry we’ve been totally MIA. We’re soaking up the time and enjoying our little one as much as we can, and he’s keeping us busy, too. Now that Wyatt is back at work, I’m on full time momma duty at home, not to mention I’m starting back to work myself as I try […]

My Hospital Packing List – FREE PRINTABLE

***Pssst! Because you’re awesome for stopping by our site, you can get some awesome freebies (like a customized version of this printable, custom photo Christmas cards, and awesome party invitations!). See this post for more info!)*** Well, all the expert sources, blogs, books, and advice from well-meaning family members agree–you should start packing your hospital […]

Oh, Baby! Free Pregnancy Countdown Printable

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’ve been sick a lot of the last 8-10 weeks. And my motivation is lower than low. As in zero. So, I haven’t done much of anything that can be qualified as progress, unless you count laundry and occasionally paying bills or unloading the dishwasher. Nope. I […]

DIwYatt: A Handy Cord Hideaway

Yesterday, Melissa shared our new TV stand. See how neat and tidy the inside of the box looks? So much nicer than if there were cords and cables and such running everywhere. I made a small cord hideaway for the new entertainment center with leftover wood from the kitchen project and the floor. The basic […]

Sponsored Post – Seeing Better With Sunglasses

***Psst! There’s a giveaway going on at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss your chance for some free glasses!  *******Also, don’t miss the giveaway going on here until Nov. 16,  for $40 in giftcards in honor of our blogiversary! This post is sponsored by Firmoo Eyewear. I received a free pair of glasses in exchange for […]

It’s Blogiversary Time Again! GIVEAWAY ALERT!

Winner has been chosen! Congrats, Lauren! This week marks two years of this little blog and we are super excited to celebrate with all of you! I’ve been wanting to do some updates to our design, so be on the lookout for those coming up in the next few weeks. Life’s been crazy around here […]

To-Do or Not To-Do: Free Printables for You!

Before, I shared my personal daily to-do list with you guys, HERE. Since then, I’ve revamped my design and had more printed up into little notebooks to help keep track of my daily tasks. I use these everyday and have found them to be really helpful for focusing my time on the most important tasks I have to do […]

A Second Chance at Some Snaps

Giveaway ended! Winner has been notified. Hi everyone! Since it’s Thursday, and since our last giveaway ended, and since I’m feeling lots of love toward your guys, I’m doing a “second chance giveaway” today! Basically, if you didn’t win our big sponsored Snapea prize yesterday, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll choose […]

(More!) Cute (FREE) Kitchen Prints

Because I had such a fun time sharing my new kitchen printable with you all a couple weeks ago, and sharing my blogger friend Lindsay’s free kitchen conversion print, I wanted to continue to kitchen printing-palooza by rounding up as many of my favorite kitchen free printables as I could into one big post for you […]

An Updated Souvenir – DIY Lettered Wooden Sign

Remember back to a couple of weekends ago when we had a garage sale and officially declared ourselves crazy? After we closed up shop, my mom and I sorted out several items to donate or throw away, one of which was this sign, purchased as a souvenir from Rocky Mountain National Park in 1983 by […]

Weekend Rewind: My Stud Finds Some Studs

This weekend involved finding some studs in our house. Luckily, I have the right tools for that job, including my very own stud! And his studfinder, of course. In the guest room, we finally got around to hanging a painting we received as a gift from some new friends at church.  We’re really lacking on […]

Weekend Rewind: A Lot of Lamp Edition

This weekend we took things easy. We slept in. We had pancakes with friends. We played a game. We went to church. We went out to dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday. And we also took a few lamps from my parents’ basement in hopes of giving them new life. Up first is this super […]

It’s Our Blogiversary Giveaway!

This week is our blogiversary and since we kicked off this blogging journey with you all by offering a little giveaway, we thought now was a good time to offer another one! We haven’t received many questions yet, so unless we get some more, we may scrap that idea and try to find another way […]